6 inch Jointer Reviews 2020 [ Reviewd By Experts ]

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6-inch jointers are the best tools when you want to straighten lumbers. Many woodworkers, especially the professional ones, love to have such devices in their workshops. It works well on both small scale and large scale business. A 6-inch jointer helps in flattening and squaring of oversize pieces and edges. The jointer makes your work easier, thus saves on your time and energy. However, be careful when in use and take good care of your machine.

There are different types of jointers. Choosing the best jointer can be overwhelming especially for the first time buyers. Jointers are designed for various purposes. Before you settle on any jointer, I suggest you identify what you want to do with it. Make up your mind on the use of the jointer as it helps you have good results and settle on a good quality 6 inch jointer. If it is your first time, start with the guide. The guide will help you get an excellent tool. However, if you are interested in a specific device, then focus on product reviews. The reviews will guide you, and you will settle on the right product. Let's now have a look at the 6-inch jointer reviews.

Top Seven 6 inch Jointer Reviews 2020

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6 Jointer - Power Jointers


  • It is durable.
  • The knife is easy to replace and adjust.
  • It has enough surface space.
  • The cutter head is integrated.
  • Has a firm support.


  • It releases too much pressure that moves the fence.
  • Tightening knobs are plastic.

The Porter-Cable PC160JT is a machine that allows you to choose any speed depending on the texture and size of the lumber.it is ideal for flattening, edging or even face jointing.it has a centre mounted fence that provides enough support for edge cuts. The device has two knives, 2-knife cutter head and jackscrew knife, with enough space to offer enough support of work. The blades are easy to replace and adjust.it is due to the inbuilt cutter head, thus saves on your time and energy. However, I prefer you sharpen the knives rather than replace them. Sharpening is much cheaper than replacement.

Speed range is of about 6000 RPM-11000 RPM hence enables you to make precise cuts. The cutter head can make 12000 to 20000 pieces per minute; therefore saves on time. You can work on up to 64-inch longboards. The speed control is just adorable.

The fence and depth cut are easy to adjust. You can adjust the fence and depth to suit your needs. Both of them are built from metal.it has a metric measurement system that has a free certification. It makes it easy to measure your wood without much struggle. It weighs about 40 pounds therefore easy to move from one place to the other.

Grizzly Industrial G0725-6 x 28 Benchtop Jointer


  • It is easy to use.
  • Fitted with a solid table.
  • Has a speed of 10000 RPM.
  • It has an inbuilt dust port.
  • It has a powerful motor of 11/2 HP.


  • Does not favour long pieces.
  • The instruction manual is not very clear.

Grizzly G0725 6 by 28-Inch Benchtop Joint is of a smaller design compared to others. If you have a small workspace, I recommend you to choose this device as it occupies less space .it is a powerful machine suitable for both large and small jobs. The 11/2 hp motor allows you to run more small errands with ease.

The machine offers a high speed of 10000RPM, thus works fast. The cutter head makes 20000 cuts per minute.it is fitted with a 45-degree bevel adjustment and has knives that are easy to replace and adjust. Its inbuilt dust collection system leaves your workspace clean.

The G0725 has a cast iron table of 6-1/4 inches by 28-1/2 inches.it is the most powerful .however, the jointer suits small tasks and works well on short pieces .in most cases, professional woodworkers use it to supplement their main jointer.

G0725 weights 81 pounds. The input side is adjustable although the outfeed table cannot be adjusted.it is fitted with 900, 1350 fence stops. It cuts in a depth of 1/8 inch, which is shallow compared to others.

With such a jointer, you are good to go. You will obtain a good outcome, be it on wood toys or furniture.

6 Bench Top Jointer 37-071


  • It has two knives.
  • The fence is adjustable.
  • It has a mighty motor.
  • Lasts long due to its iron construction.
  • Has a good cutter head.


  • It makes noise when in use.

The 6-inch benchtop jointer 37-071 is a tool with a powerful motor of 120 volts. With the great features, the machine ensures that you work in a comfortable environment, .it also enhances excellent results.

An added advantage of the machine is that it is durable. The durability is brought about by the iron construction.it also has two knives together with two handles. The blades lead to good cuts as they provide maximum cut depths. In addition to that, the fence is adjustable .you can, therefore, adjust it to a height of your choice.

Furthermore, the device weighs about 76 pounds.it tends to be the heaviest of the other machines. The cutter head has a diameter of 1-7/8 inches .it offers a 10000 RPM speed that makes 20000 cuts in a minute.

Cutech 40160H-CT 6 Bench Top Spiral Cutterhead Jointer


  • The machine favours both professionals and beginners.
  • The fence can be adjusted.
  • It is easy to adjust.
  • Contains push blocks.
  • Has a very powerful motor.


  • The guard has a poor design.
  • The stock is hard to push and requires frequent waxing.

The cutech 40160H-CT is a pocket-friendly device that is highly powered and user-friendly .it is a machine that you will never regret purchasing it. It comes with the fence and dust collector unattached.it should not stress you as they are straightforward to attach. The fence is adjustable; therefore, you can tilt it to a position you desire. The infeed and outfeed tables are also easy to level.

The machine has a good weight of 40 pounds and not too heavy. It also has a two-year warranty. It comes with tools for replacing cutter tips such as push blocks hence boosts its durability.

The powerful motor is also an added advantage. The engine has 120v power.it also has a 90-degree fence.

The tool is made from durable material; hence serves you for an extended period.it also makes it stand out as the best for heavy materials. I recommend you to purchase this machine if you deal with heavy materials.

It has an aluminum table that well suits spiral cuts. It seems to be the best. The cutech is suitable for soft and hardwoods.it cuts through them smoothly giving you good results.

Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer with helical cutterhead - Power Jointers


  • It works smoothly.
  • The base cabinet is made of steel.
  • Outfeed and infeed tables are adjustable.
  • The belt tension is easy to adjust.
  • It produces little noise when in use.


  • It tends to be heavy.
  • The parts need to be assembled.

The Powermatic 1791317K 6 inch helical cutter head is a silent machine that delivers excellent and accurate cuts. With its powerful engine, the tool works fast and saves on time. Cutters are made of carbide hence durable for heavy materials. The cutter head has a knife with four sides which offer smooth and accurate cuts. In addition to that, it has a steel cabinet. It weighs about 328 pounds.       

The infeed and outfeed tables are easily adjustable. You can adjust them to your desired height hence provides a comfortable working environment. The cleanliness of your surface is maintained due to the inbuilt dust collector. For maximum benefits, it has a helical cutter. The inserts have a 4-inch ground.

The machine has a five-year warranty and favours long pieces of wood due to the long length of the table. The steel cabinet provides enough precision hence good accurate results.

Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer 6-Inch - Power Jointers


  • Contains a dust port.
  • Offers clean cuts.
  • Has a powerful motor.
  • It is stable.
  • Durable.


  • The fence is difficult to set up.
  • The user manual must be improved.

The W1829 delivers 20000 cuts in a minute. Its cutter head has a speed of up to 10,000 RPM hence saves on time. It has two knives with Hss cutting heads that lead to accurate cuts.

The fence is easy to adjust as .it works well with those who need more than one angle in their projects.it is very easy to switch to a different angle.

This 6-inch jointer is durable as it is made from cast iron. The infeed table knob is easy to adjust. Therefore, you will have an accurate depth cut.

Nevertheless, your hands are safe. There is a pair of safety blocks to protect you. However, to be more reliable, put on safety gear before you work on your project.

The impeller gets dirt from the cutter head and moves it to the dust port.

The machine weighs about 80 pounds. It tends to be very heavy but is good on heavy materials as well. The 1 1/2 HP makes it suitable to work on many tasks.  Its vacuum features contribute mainly to the cleanliness of the environment.

JET - JJ-6HHDX 6-Inch Long Bed Helical Head Jointer - Power Jointers


  • It is a silent machine.
  • The infeed and outfeed tables are adjustable.
  • Base cabinet is made of steel.
  • Has four knives.
  • It offers a smooth run.


  • It tends to be heavy.
  • It requires more assembly.

If you don’t mind prices, then I suggest you go in for a JET-JJ JOINTER. The machine has all the features .it is a silent machine and provides smooth results. With the four-sided knives, the tool works well with heavy-duty.

The infeed and outfeed tables are adjustable hence more comfort when in use and make precise cuts. An inbuilt dust collector keeps the environment clean. 

You can tilt the fence in two ways. Either to a 45degree or 90-degree position. The helical cutter head design leads to good results. Those who do not change the table settings are well catered for due to the T-style table locking levers.

 The 66-inch long table makes it a great machine to deal with long pieces. Feeding adjustment is easy with the handwheel under the table. 

Buying Guide

The reason behind good outcomes is a good buy. There are several means of how you can obtain a good purchase. First of all, be sure of why you need a jointer. Jointers are mainly used for surfacing wood. They tend to be the best tools.

Check on the price of the jointer

Most people ask if jointers are expensive.it is advisable you settle on a jointer that is pocket-friendly as they have different prices. However, cheap things are not the best. Some do not satisfy your needs. I suggest you save so that you get a good jointer. A jointer that will serve you for an extended period.

Consider the features you need

Be sure of what you want before you make any purchase. Buy a machine with all the features you require rather than buying separate tools for certain features as it tends to be expensive. It saves on space and cost. Be very careful about anything you buy.

Frequently Asked Question 

Q: Who makes the best jointer?

A: Jointers come in a variety of types. Jointers have different manufactures. All jointers are good, but they serve different purposes.do thorough research before you buy any jointer from anyone. Some manufacturers tend to be fake. Look for a trusted manufacturer. You can consult from your friends to know where they found their jointer.it will prevent you from buying counterfeit machines and being conned as well. Check out for the jointer reviews as well as the buying guide. The reviews will help you settle on the right product that you will not regret afterwards. Watch out for con-men.

Q: Who makes the best benchtop jointer?

A: You all know how vital a benchtop jointer is. Benchtop jointers come in various designs.it all depends on you to choose one that suits all your needs. Sometimes it is very hectic to do this. However, you can go through the reviews to identify the best manufacturer.do not settle for a machine because most people have it.go for a tool that lasts long and is easy to use. A beginner with a good machine can be considered as a pro too. It's up to you to choose the best among the many machines.be careful before you select any.

Q: What size jointer should I buy?

A: Jointers are determined mostly by their knives length. The size of a material that a jointer can cut is determined by the length of the blade. For those who are interested in long pieces, choose a machine with long and wider blades, .it will enable you to work fast on your project. If you use a device with short knives, it will waste your time. You will also obtain inaccurate and poor results. Go in for a machine of the right size. Also, if you have limited space, choose a machine that occupies less space. You will be good to go.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

The six wood jointer reviews help you to choose a good machine. The six jointer machines are on high demand. Like who is that wants to be left out? The reviews give out detailed information on how the tool works. All the machines are good, but it all depends on your desires. The devices come with warranties and have potent motors.6 jointer machines are the best for all woodworks.

With the great features they have, they provide excellent and accurate results. The devices come in different types to suit different purposes. Both small and large woodworkers are favored. Before you purchase any machine, go through the reviews. Also, focus on the buying guide to avoid overspending. Have a great time in choosing your device.

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