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King Canada Belt Disc Sanders

Looking for something useful to complement your workshop and make most of your work easier and at a reasonable price? I would recommend you to get the bench sander that gives you maximum efficiency and functionality. The bench sander ensures there are no splinters on the wooden surfaces. The bench sander also helps you smoothen out rough surfaces with ease. Considering its modern design, it has excellent and long-lasting materials that do not have intricate designs.

The bench sander comes packaged with the manufacturer's instructions that guide you on how to use it in instances where you might be new at using the machine. Once you get acquitted with the device, it is no longer a hustle to use it. 

The bench sander is one of those complementary machines that we tend to ignore in our workshops. Although it is said to be an additional tool, trust me, it comes in handy in many scenarios. You can use this tool on different surfaces around your home, workplace, or wherever required, but it also depends on the brand you get to acquire. No matter how great your work looks without an excellent finishing by smoothening it out, it will seem like a reckless piece of work. You can also work on the smoothening and finishing of a wooden article that you might have bought, with the bench sander you do not need a carpenter to do the work for you.

Top 5  Bench Sander Reviews 2020

1. Porter-Cable PCB420SA with 8" Disc Bench Sander, 4"x 36".

Porter-Cable PCB420SA Belt with 8 Disc Bench Sander 4 x 36 - Power Disc Sanders


  • It is mighty.
  • It has easy to change the belt.
  • It comes with a sandbag.
  • It has a large disc sander.
  • It has a cast iron base to avoid vibrations.


  • It is quite large, tending to take up more space.

The sander makes use of the standard 4” X 36” sanding belt and 8” sanding disc. With an 8" diameter sanding disc, you have a larger sanding surface area to work on, but only half of the diameter can get used. For the sanding disc and belt, there is a separate aluminum work table with a miter gauge that provides a flat leveled surface for use, and both the sanding disc and belt can both tilt to 45 degrees.

It has a powerful induction ball-bearing ¾ HP motor that provides enough power for small and large sanding operations on some materials. It ensures you have the flexibility that is required to handle different sanding jobs. The belt tension control lever that is extremely easy to use provides fast belt changes.

Along with the belt processor comes a residue sack that enables you to change to working with your wood of choice since the belt processor can be easily adapted. The Sanding belt can tilt vertically up to an angle of 90 degrees. The underside that is unsupported helps in sanding curved items. To keep the sander stable during use and help reduce vibrations, it has a cast iron base. 

There is also the single knob belt tracking adjustments that are there to ensure there is proper alignment. The dust collection system provides your area of work that is clean, and it has an adjustable port. It also helps you cut out your wood at the preferred angle without necessarily making a huge mess.  

2. Rockwell Belt/ Disc Combo Sander.

Rockwell Belt Disc Combo Sander - Power Combination Disc And Belt Sanders


  • It has a quiet motor.
  • It has an adjustable belt tension.
  • The belt is easy to change.
  • It has a high cast-iron frame.
  • It can make a 90-degree movement.


  • It does not contain a dust collection system.

The Rockwell sander features a belt that can turn from 0 to 90 degrees vertically and also horizontally during sanding. For this sander, you can also change the strap by just flipping a lever, and the belt pops up you can then remove the old belt and place the new belt. It is just a simple process making this sander another top choice of the best bench sanders in the market.

The belt comes with a belt tension adjusting mechanism that helps you control the tension over the belt. It has a 4 inch by 36-inch belt and a 6-inch disc sander. The disc sander comes with a platen that can adjust from 0 up to 45 degrees to sand beveled corners. With a powerful motor, the sander quickly gets the job done flawlessly and without a struggle. It has a quiet and smooth effect on it in such a way that you cannot even tell that the motor is running even when you are close to it.

It has a 4.3 amp and 3600 RPM motor power. It has an excellent iron cast construction making it long-lasting. Its parts are flexible, making it great for sanding purposes where you can easily maneuver the roles. It also comes with a miter gauge and an Allen key.

3. 4” x 36” Belt 6” Disc Sander Belt/ Disc 

4 x 36 Belt 6 Disc Sander Belt Disc - Power Disc Sanders


  • It is quite easy to use.
  • It has a silent running motor.
  • Reaches curves for smoothening with ease.
  • It has high sanding efficiency.
  • It is long-lasting.


  • It cannot handle cumbersome objects.

I highly recommend that you get yourself this great quality sander that comes with a lot of great features. It has a miter gauge that will help out in sanding different angles of your curved piece of work without any strain. It also comes with the great feature of an adjustable belt that ensures you sand both inside and outside curves smoothly, creating the finest curves.

It also has a cast aluminum table that can tilt to an angle of 60 degrees to give you extra versatility. This combination of sander also comes with a safety switch. For great smooth work, which is what you aim to achieve, it has a mighty motor with 3.5 amp.

Additionally, to have a high motor, the motor is silent, and you have to enjoy the noise-free working environment. For fast and easy stack removal, its 6-inch disc sander is the best at this. You also need to get an excellent quality sander that lasts for an extended period, and for this reason, the sander is reinforced with a steel motor housing to give you the best quality. To achieve maximum efficiency in your woodwork, the design of this sander goes a long way in ensuring you have satisfactory work.

4. Craftsman 1/3 HP Bench Top 4” X 36” Belt/ 6” Disc Sander

Craftsman 1 3 hp Bench Top 4 x 36 Belt 6 Disc Sander


  • It has a removable paddle switch.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It comes with a dust collection system.
  • It has a powerful motor.
  • It has a durable aluminum table.


  • Its iron table is not entirely stable.

This disc sander features a flat leveled cast iron table that is quite accurate and can adjust from 0 up to 45 degrees. The sander has a quick spinning disc that uses less time to get the work done. To give it an acid-free look and long-lasting feel, it gets coated with a corrosion-resistant aluminum work table. The aluminum work table gives you a 45-degree angle adjustment. 

With a smooth sliding miter gauge, you get assured of having done a great job that you can enjoy. Its belt operates both vertically and horizontally and at any angle in between at 1100 FPM. It has a dust collection system that leaves your work area free of dirt. Its dust collection system ensures you collect dirt from both the belt and the disc.

The dust collection chute is quite wide, with a measurement of 2 inches wide, providing you with an easy cleaning design. It has an easy to use and change belt tension control that ensures fast belt change on the go. With a unique belt and disc design, you have a highly versatile bench sander. For exact cutouts, it has a great quality miter gauge. You get ensured of extra safety and security with the removable paddle switch feature. Also, there is the locking rocker switch, which helps in preventing use by unauthorized people or even children.

5. RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt with 5” Disk Sander, 1” X 30”, BLUE

RIKON Power Tools 50-151 Belt with 5 Disc Sander 1 x 30 Blue


  • It does not quickly bog down.
  • It is very stable on level ground.
  • It has separate dust ports for the belt and disc.
  • It is a small footprint sander.
  • It has a solid massive base.


  • It is quite noisy.

If you are looking for a bench sander that best suits your small domestic projects, this bench sander will come in handy. I recommend this sander for small projects since it has a small motor that is very reliable for light duty activities. Even with a small motor, it is quite sturdy with a horsepower of 1/3 HP, 2.3 amps, and 120 volts, 60 HZ. This Rikon power tools bench sander has an ON/OFF switch for safety to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

A small footprint ensures that it does not take up a lot of space in your workshop. With its lightweight and compact making, it has minimal issues while moving it around. Working on wood and steel by taking proper care and maintaining this sander accordingly it gives it a longer lifespan. Adding to its extended lifespan property, the sander is for carrying out tough tasks, but that does not overpower it since it has sturdy materials.

The bench table can get rotated from 0 to 45 degrees angle, giving you the required versatility. It has a dust collecting system that has a 2-inch dust port with it. There is also the belt tracking knob that is a feature found on this sander.

Buying Guide

Sandpaper Grit Size

Selecting the right size of sandpaper to be used on your sander is very important. You should get to know how coarse your sandpaper should be considering the project you want to take on and the type of bench sander you are required to use. The larger the sandpaper grit size, the more the edges it has, and the sandpaper is smoother.

To acquire a perfect attractive smooth finishing, I advise you to get a 220 grit. On bench grinders, you do not require a sandpaper grit higher than the 220 grit. If you are interested in a coarse or heavy sanding job sandpaper grit, you can go ahead and acquire the 36 grit sandpaper. If the task at hand requires you to go 'through the grit,' you start using the lower grade grit slowly moving on to a higher grade grit. It helps to remove the scratches from the former grit layer.


I have listed my top bench sander models recommendations to help you out when it comes to an understanding of every bench sander's purpose. Before going out of your way to getting yourself a bench sander, you have to know the type of brand that will meet your needs. Nowadays, many different models serve different purposes, but the differences are on a small margin. For example, for small tasks, you can decide on a lightweight bench sander model. For more substantial sanding tasks, you can acquire the best model that excellently suits your tasks.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do you use a bench belt sander?

A: Being avid do it yourself woodworker; this is one of those questions that you are prone to ask. Unlike other portable sanders, this sander is stationary, where you place it on your workbench to use it. Here are the steps you are to follow to achieve the best outcome of your work.

  • Apply pressure

You are required to apply even adequate pressure while you are using a belt sander. The material is applied to the belt sander since this sander is stationary, unlike other sanders where you place the sander on the content.

  • Sand along with the grain

To reduce the chances of damaging the surface, always sand with the grain of your wood, giving it as much contact as possible.

  • Move your material around

Of course, you are looking forward to the perfect outcome of your job, and acquiring this, you have to move your content on the belt evenly. It helps in avoiding depression or a flat spot that might give you dissatisfactory work.

  • Ensure your grinder and sander are secured

Safety is a critical consideration when working with machines since they cannot look out for you; it is you who has to look out for them. The tool has to be secure on the bench, and your bench grinder and belt sander require to be secured.

  • "Gang sanding."

In instances where you are working with a lot of boards, ensure you clamp them together and apply them to your mounted bench sander. It gives you a better finishing and saves a lot of your time.

  • Check your speed

As you turn on your belt sander, ensure that the bench sander is moving with a pace you are comfortable with before you place your material on it. For softwood use low speed and higher speed for hardwood.

Q: What is a combination sander used for?

A: A combination sander puts to use the belt sander and the disc sander.  These two are most usually in woodworking processes. The combination sander combines functions that let you do belt sanding together with disc sanding all in one unit. The disc sander is used to curve out edges perfectly, and the belt sander sands the wood or material that is in use. The combination sander properly sands materials and gives you the best piece of work.

Q: How fast is a belt sander?

A: Sanders of different sizes move at different speeds. It gets triggered by switches that start up the sanders. Sanders can move very fast or very slow, depending on the power of the motor.

Q: What are a belt and disc sander?

A: A belt sander is used in shaping and wood and giving it the perfect finishing and shaping other materials. Belt sanders can be handheld where you move the sanding belt over the content or mounted on the bench where the material gets moved over the sanding belt. The belt sanders are for use during the first stages of sanding activities. The belt sanders trim scribed line, sanding rough materials, and leveling surfaces since they can handle coarse objects. A disc sander can get used to increase speed in the sanding process. The disc sander, as it is named, uses a disc sander to smoothen out surfaces of wood. The disc sander also performs linishing that is improving the flatness of a material.

Q: What is the difference between a belt sander and a belt grinder?

A belt grinder has a slot for a rotating disc at the end, and it can use different designs of rotating discs. Some are to be used with metal while some get used with wood, others for polishing, or for cutting. Meanwhile, belt sanders are of belt-shaped sandpaper that moves with a pair of drums.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

The product review I have provided you within this article are some of the best brands you can acquire in the market. I hope that this review will be an excellent guide to providing you with the information you require. I have given you all the required information on the best bench sanders you can now confidently go ahead and acquire your sander.

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