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best band saw reviews

In today’s world, band saws are used to cut a variety of materials. Some of the most common ones include wood, metal, meat, fish, among many others. There are lots of reasons why most people prefer this tool type to other alternative cutting tools. For one, it is very convenient, versatile, and makes your work a lot easier than you can imagine. It is the go-to sawing machine in many industries and for lots of amazing reasons. One of the most notable ones is its thin, flexible blade, which allows you to cut through thick woodblocks and even create curving cuts through such blocks. You can achieve with it things that you can never achieve with a circular or table saw.

The precision level is high, and the tiny kerf of the blade ensures that it takes off the littlest amount of materials when it saws through anything that it can be used on. That means it saves your material and gives you exactly what is needed without wastages. This guide provides you with the best band saw reviews fine woodworking. So if you want to know the different uses of a band saw, the different types that are there, and the best models available on the market, this guide provides it all. Whether you are a carpenter, construction worker, or simply a hobbyist, you will find these reviews and guide very helpful. Please go through it to find out some of the strengths and weaknesses of the most common and reputable brands on the market today.

top 10 best Band Saw 2020 - [Table]

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Top 10 best Band Saw Reviews in 2020

You are about to find out which band saws for fine woodworking rules the market. Remember, with so many models on the market these days and new ones continuing to be produced; you may be left in a state of a dilemma trying to settle on one most suitable power tool from the great variety. It is not that difficult to decide if you know what you need and looking for. We have researched all through the internet, practically used the tools, and analyzed other consumer reviews to develop some of the best models that exist today. These are ten of the best, and they will impress any carpenter, constructor, or hobbyist looking to change his game and get a little more severe with project executions.

The good thing is that most of these machines can be used for various projects, and they, therefore, enjoy a great level of versatility. Buying any of these will be a won deal for you in several ways. Whether you want to create a piece of high-end furniture or something more straightforward, with the right band, saw you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that woodworking is one of the most original forms of art. As much as skills and your hands' work are equally important in creativity, you need to understand that the part played by proper power tools and equipment is undeniably vital. Check out every one of these band saws and pick what best suits your desires, serves your needs, or just what you can afford.

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw


  • Triple filter dust ports.
  • Safe for you and anyone around.
  • Durable and dependable.
  • Features a dual speed setting.
  • Spacious cast aluminum work table.
  • Wen 10 inch band saw.


  • Poor construction.

You need a band saw with excellent qualities but still reasonably priced; WEN 3962 two-speed band saw with stand and worklight, 10" fits the profile well. Finding a tool that represents both good quality and reasonable pricing is not always that easy. It does a pretty good job and competes against the more expensive tools of its kind. This saw runs at two speeds, allowing you to be in full control and choose the speed you need for each cutting application. You get to choose from 1520 feet per minute and 2620 feet per minute speeds. That way, it also gives you options to choose from, allowing you to customize your project execution even better.

The table is lovely too. It is spacious enough to allow for better and easier cutting applications. Made of cast aluminum, the table is strong and able to withstand constant use. You will especially love the fact that you can bevel it up to 45 degrees. It ensures that you get the right position for the best cutting results. Also, it gives you different angled surfaces, which increases convenience. It is run by a 3.5-amp motor and is strong enough to handle most cutting applications. It can create cuts up to 6 inches deep.

SKIL 9 Band Saw - Power Band Saws


  • Dust port to help maintain a clean work area.
  • Sharp angle and height adjustment.
  • Articulating LED work light.
  • Very versatile.
  • Ergonomic design offers superior performance.


  • The wheels are loose.

Skil 3386 9 inch band saw is one of the loveliest band saws by the reputable brand SKIL. You can get your wood cutting projects completed within the stipulated time with this high-quality power tool. This band saw is exceptionally reputable for its accuracy. It is built to give you the most accurate cuts. It has a rip fence that ensures that every cut you make with it is straight and precise. You are highly likely to love this tool if you are trying it for the first time. It rarely disappoints, and that is why most carpenters and other woodwork professionals love it.

This band saw also provides excellent visibility, which makes it very convenient even in low light situations. The nice headlamp above the table is to be thanked for this. It uses a powerful 2.5 motor, which offers a fantastic no-load 2800 SFPM. Another of its strengths lies in its ribbed aluminum table that is wide enough to make your work more comfortable. The table can be tilted from 0-45 degrees. The tilting feature makes it more versatile, allowing you to make angular sawing. Close to this is the table adjustment that provides a quick height and angle adjustment.

POWERTEC BS900 9 Inch Benchtop Bandsaw


  • It features a patented blade guide.
  • It provides users with quick adjustments.
  • Excellent for various wood-based projects.
  • It Delivers precision cuts.
  • It is suitable for cutting irregular shapes.


  • The motor is small for heavy-duty use.

Improve your carpentry tools collection by introducing this powerful band saw to your workshop. This is an innovatively designed power tool with lots of unique new features to show off. Among them is its patented blade guard system, which allows you to make quicker and safer adjustments to your blade's cutting depth. Also, it's half HP; the 2.5-amp motor makes it suited for an assortment of wood-based projects. The motor, which offers up to 1725 rpm, is partly the explanation for the saw's superb general performance. It greatly reduces chances for mistakes and reduces wastages of material, energy, time, or resources in general.

If you are looking for a simple, basic, and affordable band saw, the POWERTEC BS900 might just be it. It works pretty well for light to heavy-duty projects. You will also love its compact and lightweight design, which makes it portable as well as sturdy for stress-free use. It makes work more accessible and more engaging for you further with its small blade tracking window that is very easy to view. It helps you to track and align blades so easily. The window also allows you to monitor the internal operations of the blade and wheels. There is a 2-inch dust port included to help make sure that your workspace remains clean and visible at all times.

DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw


  • Cordless design contributed to its versatility.
  • Features a hanging hook to put it in between tasks.
  • Highly portable.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • There is a lock feature.


  • Smaller cutting width.

Are you looking for the best portable band saw? Then there is a well-known brand called Dewalt that make some great power tools, and it has done it again in this. It is powerful and portable, a combination that makes it a great option for those who would want to use it away from the workshop more often. It makes that possible and simple for you. I love the LED light. It is bright and illuminates the work area perfectly, making it possible to make very accurate cuts. The light also allows you to continue with your work when darkness creeps in or in dark spaces. It comes with other accessories, including a blade tracking wrench and a TPI blade.

With a centered handle position, it offers incredible balance. Together with its superior ergonomics, you will experience less user fatigue with this band saw. The integrated hang hook allows you to hang it every time you are not using it or in between cutting tasks safely. The hook also helps prevent damages to the base or front handle. This band saw makes things easier for you through the tool-free blade changing lever, which works by loosening blade tension to allow blade change to happen stress-freely. Likewise, the back handle has a soft grip and is ergonomically superior such that it provides comfort and flexibility for better handling.

DEWALT Portable Band Saw


  • LED sight light allows you to see the cut line in a low light environment.
  • Multi-position bale.
  • Integrated hand hook for the safer placing of the tool when not in use.
  • Variable speed dial.
  • Industry best 10-amp motor.


  • The blades are not the best

This is an all-in-one or one-stop solution. It has lots of very important features and can, therefore, be used for a variety of cutting tasks or projects. This also makes it one of the most versatile band saw models out there. It functions on an industry’s best 10-amp motor that makes it perfectly suited for tough carpentry projects. The motor uses controlled power to handle any job site application. Just like the previously reviewed band saw from Dewalt, this model also has a LED work light bright enough to make working at night nearly as possible as during the day.

This band saw is composed of several high-quality parts put together with leading technology and skills. This adds to its generally durable nature and makes it last for very long. The tool also features a serviceable steel shroud as well as rubber bumpers that provide a guard to withstand job site abuse. That way, these features also reduce cases of damage. Also, this tool stands out with its industry’s best 5-inch-deep cutting capacity. Since it is meant to be used to cut a variety of materials, you can adjust the blade to set it for each material to achieve optimal performance every time. It means each material will get the best cutting approach from the blade.

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Compact Bandsaw Kit


  • Cordless and convenient.
  • Reliable blade tension adjustment.
  • Suited for one-handed use.
  • Bright LED light for use in a low light environment.
  • It highlights the cut line for more accuracy.


  • Low torque and is slow.

Are you looking for the best cordless band saw for fine woodworking? This is pretty much it. The Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 is not your ordinary band saw. It comes with some enticing qualities that not only give it an upper hand against its competitions but also add great value to your woodworks. Being cable-free is just one reason many professionals love it, especially those you would like to be very flexible with their woodworks. You can use it away from a direct power source.

Besides, it weighs less than 13 pounds and would be easy to carry around to job sites away from the main workshop.

The Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 cut through a variety of wood types and some types of metal. That means you can buy it and enjoy various usages and save you the burden of purchasing different band saws for different materials. The motor is very powerful, offering up to 280 rpm. You can expect a lot from this. What makes it even better for optimal performance delivery is its quick blade tension adjustment. It has a conveniently positioned lever for that. There is a safety-lock feature that turns out to be very useful and required for safer operation.

Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw


  • Safety paddle switch.
  • It can be used to cut through a variety of materials.
  • Sturdy cast iron construction.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • A quality rip fence.


  • It does not have a headlight

You can tell that this machine is perfectly suited to deliver optimal performance even at a glance. This band saw has a steady and robust construction alongside a very convenient rip fence. Boasting of solid steel design, the Rikon 10-305 is a force to reckon with. Everything from its adjustability, general use, storage, safety, and more will impress any skilled carpenter. Its frame is made of steel plate and is way stronger than plastic frames found in other band saws. The above quality is a great contributor to its general durability. The rip fence is of exceptional quality and can be removed easily to do free handwork.

It functions on a 1/3 HP motor, which provides enough power to cut and operate on bowl and pen blanks. Similarly, it contains a large cast iron table that provides you with a sturdy work surface. You will be able to work comfortably without any inconveniences usually caused by narrow or smaller tables. Not to forget its micro-adjustable guidepost, whereby you can lower and raise the guidepost height by simply turning a handle. What sets it apart from other band saws the most is the safety paddle button that helps you have a more user-controlled experience.

JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit


  • The stand is included.
  • It has a blade guard.
  • There is a safety/precision window.
  • The frame is incredibly strong.
  • Dual speed motor performance.


  • Assembling this tool is pretty tricky.

You can upgrade to this band saw if you have a problem with your current machine. You can also buy it as your first if you need something more effective and convenient. The JET 14 band saw is every professional’s dream band saw, and for good reasons. It will give you the kind of performance you need to complete your projects on time and perfectly. This is a heavy-duty machine with a high-end touch that also adds to its reputable characteristics. With this band saw, you will get great value for the money. Everything about it would impress any professional or hobbyist looking to create perfect cuts.

It is massive, and that just represents how much it is created for severe cutting projects. If you are looking for the right band saw for large cutting projects, this is the real deal. It weighs about 260lbs and is large enough to handle such heavy carpentry tasks comfortably. Made from a sturdy and high-quality frame, this tool holds its ground steady enough to deliver as you would require it to. And unlike some other saws of its kind, it has a work table that can be tilted at 45 degrees to the right and 10 degrees to the left.

Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw


  • Easy to set up.
  • Heavy-duty cutting power.
  • Suitable for both wood and metals.
  • Computer balanced cast iron wheels.
  • Kit includes working accessories.
  • This is the best band saw for the money. 


  • Does not have a stand.

This one from Grizzly will surprise you in a lot of ways. It might look simple and too basic from a distance, but when you come closer, you realize that it is far more equipped for the task that you could have imagined. It is an accurate representation of technology, and the level of advancement that has been achieved in the band saw designing and construction. All ball-bearing construction makes this band saw not only unique but also very suited for optimal performance. There is so much that it can help you accomplish in your workshop. The precision-ground table also provides the sturdiness and flexibility you need to make every cutting task a success.

One of its most notable features, which also makes it unique, is the computer-balanced wheels and rubber tires. It gives you more control and makes you more in charge of the outcome. It also makes the machine more flexible. There is a lower and upper ball bearing blade guides for better cutting accuracy and dependable performance and an enhancement by the thrust bearings. Besides, this machine is simple structured and is therefore very easy to put together. If you are not well conversant with how to do it, hiring some help will still be okay.

Laguna Band saw


  • Minimal vibration.
  • A rip fence is included.
  • Run by a powerful motor.
  • Illuminated direct start switch.
  • Micro-polished table surface.


  • Tires wobble sometimes.

A Laguna in the house. This may be the last machine here, but it might as well be a 'save the best for the last' situation. This is among the best band saws on the market so far. If you are looking for an excellently innovative machine for various projects in your workshop, this one can impress you. With this machine in your tool collection, you will not be worried about anything as long as it is related to cutting projects. It is made from a pyramid spine with a made of steel, partly the reason for its sturdy and robust stature.

More of its strengths lies in its solid cast-iron wheels. There is no limit to the quality of work you can achieve with this tool if you use it well and employ the best of your skills and ability as well. It also gives you a table wide enough and of the right quality to depend on for perfection. You will also love the micro-polished table surface for what it is worth. You can also tilt the table at 7 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right whenever you need more convenience. It's two double blade tracking windows that make aid your work.

Different Types of Band Saws

The Horizontal Band Saw

This type of band saw is famous to most people; it's useful in cutting materials into smaller sizes and various other uses. The blade is horizontal and cuts down into the stock, and they are usually floor-mounted, which makes them effective in cutting larger pieces into smaller pieces. As great as they are, their one disadvantage, they are not great for creating detailed shapes or curves; they are still quieter and give precise and straight lines. They can be used to cut metal or plastics, which makes them highly versatile.

The Vertical Band Saw

The vertical band saw is useful in making complicated and intricate shapes and curved lines and cuts. The material moves against the blade, making it possible to make intricate shapes that most band saws cannot create, making them a valuable tool for craftsmen. These band saws can be used in many ways like contouring, polishing, and making straight cuts making them versatile and a good investment. If you are interested in creating intricate designs, you should consider getting one. You can also look at some extra features the band saw may have.

The Handheld Band Saw

These band saws are portable, light, and small, making them handy, significantly cutting irregular shapes and straight edges. They are used to trim small excess pieces off from material like wood, plastic, or metal by plumbers, builders, and woodworkers. Their portability makes them easily lovable.

Uses of Band Saw Machine


Band saws are great in cutting timber; specific band saws for woodwork are crafted well to suit the task. Unless you are quite experienced, you should use a fence to ensure you make accurate straight cuts, especially if your grip is not firm. Cutting straight cuts of timber is not the band's only function; it can cut decorative pieces like circles that you can sell or use for your home and are easy to use by both professionals and beginners. Wood band saws come in different types for use in timber mills and workshops or homes; they also have additional features useful in various tasks.


Metal band saws cut metal; you can use a wood band saw to cut metal; just make sure to change the blades before. If you are going to be cutting metal a lot, it would be a great idea to invest in a metal band saw, though, since they are more accurate and effective. Metal band saws have special blades that allow better control of the saw and reduce wastage. You can use the metal band saw to cut useful pieces such as planks and metal tubing out of metal. It would be best if you also bought a metal band saw that cutting metal is more challenging, so they have unique features like coolants to regulate temperature.


Meat band saws are the perfect tool for creating excellent cuts of steak. A special steel stainless blade is used to give cleaner cuts with minimal wastage. They are often used in butcheries and slaughterhouses to make small cuts of larger meat pieces, but you can keep one in your home if you have a love for cooking. If you are a hunter and prepare the meat yourself, you will love it; it makes your work much more accessible and simpler, a great relief after a day of hunting. There is a wide range of saws you can choose, including a floor standing one, whatever the type, just be careful not to use it on any other material, so it does not get ruined.

How to Use a Band Saw Safely/Band Saw Safety Rule

It is always essential to take the necessary precautions when dealing with power tools. If you do not regard your safety, there are so many risky situations that you can find yourself in, some of which may be fatal. For instance, if you have to make adjustments between cutting tasks, make sure you switch off the main source of power first before making the adjustments.

It is also important that you put on appropriate gear before you begin working with the machine. Protect your eyes, ears, fingers by wearing the necessary equipment such as goggles, ear pads, and gloves. Also, avoid long-sleeved clothes. Also, it is advisable to work in a well-lit area. Make sure there is enough light. Keep your hands away from the blades at all times. To avoid sliding, wear shoes with a rubber grip. Your hair should also be tied to the back so that they do not hang above your nose.

Buying Guides

If you need to buy a band saw, do not just go to the market without knowing what you what. You should know what factors to consider. Here are some buying guides that will assist you:

Know Your Purpose

Buy according to your purpose. When buying a band saw, you should understand the types of work or project you want to do. Why you need a band saw or even if your purpose is specific or general. You should also ask yourself how often you will be using the band saw. If you want to use it on light and small boards and cutting curves, then you should buy a smaller and lower-powered band saw, but if you're going to use it on thick boards, book matching panels, or making other thinner pieces, then consider buying a larger heavy-duty machine.

Size and Body

Look and observe keenly the place you want to put your band saw. Is the area small or big? Do you have any space to place your band saw machine? Please do not place your band saw in a congested place, so it is advised that you buy the size to fit in the room. If you need to travel with your band saw, you should consider purchasing a handheld saw that is compact and has horizontal blades. But if there is no need to travel with it, opt for whatever band saw you want.

Motor Power

It would be best if you also considered the motor power of a band saw machine. The motor power is most likely the heart of a band saw. Therefore, you need to choose a band saw based on its horsepower (HP). For example, if you plan on ripping smaller boards, doing lightweight and sewing actions like creating veneers, then a smaller and lower-powered band saw may work for you. But if you plan to rip a lot of thick boards or do projects that involve strong woods or hard metals, 1HP and above would be perfect.


A blade's teeth dictate so much about materials that can go into the feed and how they can go there. Teeth are measured in per inch wise that is teeth per inch (TPI). Blades with higher TPI are slower and provides slower operation while lower TPI is slightly faster. Slower processes also result in a rough finish. For general purpose use, you need a TPI of between 5-8, but you should opt for a18-30 TPI for hard metals. If you need a clean cutting, consider buying a TPI of 2 or 3.


When purchasing a band saw table, do not just consider its size. Some may consider larger ones, but you need to understand that small tables can be just as effective just like larger ones. Ensure that the table tilts or can be adjusted to the preferred position.

User Comfort

Buy a sawing machine that you are comfortable with and one that you can easily use with no struggles. You should be keen on choosing a machine that has extra features such as an auto shut-off and an overhead lamp. A comfortable band saw would be of great help to the user.


When buying any one of these cutting machines, you should make sure that it has a warranty. A warranty will help you to return your band saw to the seller if it gets spoilt within a specific period given in a warranty. Don't buy an expensive band saw with no warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Corded or Cordless? What Is Better?

A: Both corded and cordless band saws have their strengths and weaknesses, and it would not be easy to pick any one of them as the better option, but I will try. Corded band saws are great for power since they are generally the most powerful option of the two. However, the cord is also the reason why your movement will be limited when using it. Moving them from place to place is also more complicated than their cordless counterparts. Therefore, cordless can still come out as a better option since they are more convenient and more comfortable to use.

Q: How to Use a Band Saw?

A: Band saws are generally easy to use, and even first-timers can be guided through several simple steps before they can understand everything they need to know. To ensure minimum blade deflection, and to be able to increase the feed, remember to adjust the movable saw guide. In case of a vertical saw, adjust the upper saw guide. Another very important tip is to use the right blade for the right job. Also, you need to proper tension to your sawblade by regulating the adjusting handwheel. Avoid excessive tension since it can cause the blade to break.

Q: What is the best band saw for the money?

A: Grizzly G0555LX is pretty much it. This is one of the best models on the market and one that will give you great value for the money. It is not the cheapest nor the most expensive band saw, but it will provide you with a great deal for what it is worth. You can achieve so much with this simple but very effective machine. You just need to know how to use it and take good care of it at all times. That way, you will enjoy the best working experience with it for a more extended period.

Q: Are Rikon band saws any good?

A: Yes, they are. There are lots of amazing models created by this company. They compete well against similar power tools from other reputable companies such as Dewalt and WEN, among others. So if you are thinking of buying one of Rikon's many bandsaw models, there is nothing to be doubtful about. You can pick one that best suits your needs to help you achieve the most in your project execution or construction work. One of their most loved models has been reviewed here, and people who have used them will say that they are great power tools.

Q: How is the band saw size measured?

A: The size of a band saw is not difficult to measure. Its throat depth usually determines the size. The throat depth is simply the distance between the column and the blade. You get this distance; you get the size of your bandsaw. It is important to know the exact bandsaw size before purchasing it to ensure that you get the right tool for the upcoming project.

Final Verdict

By now, you should at least have a clue of what a good band saw looks like. These band saw reviews fine woodworking guide should help you make the right choice. You should always ensure that your safety is given priority. That would require you to choose a tool with the most and best safety features. You should also always do your best to keep safe users, and everyone or everything that may come into contact with the cutting machine and not supposed to be sawed. I hope this guide helps you achieve your band saw buying goals.

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