Top 5 Best Electric Hand Planer Reviews 2020 [Guide]

best electric hand planer

What is a Hand Planer?

Are you wondering how professional woodworkers craft amazing products? Precision is one factor every great woodworker must ensure when working. This is where the electric hand planer comes in handy. An electric hand planer is a tool to flatten and create a smooth surface on a rough piece of lumber or timber. This makes it a must-have tool in the workshop.

Different companies manufacture planers in different sizes to suit a variety of tasks. This tool is broadly used in construction works and other wood related jobs. They are designed with a motor that provides sufficient power to flatten the roughest surfaces. Refurbishing old timber after being discolored is also possible with a hand planer. Well designed and lightweight, this tool will enable the user to modify their workpieces to better suit the projects they are intended for.

Clumped working environments have been considered in the design of this tool. The electric hand planer is compactly designed and comes with dust bags to eliminate residue from your workspace. When working on elevated surfaces where the hands are stretched, security could be an issue. To curb these, most manufactures attached a kickstand for improved protection. This prevents the planer from getting into contact with the wood surface when not being used. Another typical attachment is the edge guide that allows the blade to produce a straight and even finish.

The electric hand planer is one of the essential hand-held working devices for woodworkers and hobbyists. This review aims at enlightening any woodworker or aspiring woodworker on the best electric hand planer they can use in their workshop.

top 10 best Electric Hand Planer 2020 - [Table]

Top 5 best Electric hand planer reviews 2020

Wen Hand Planer


  • Effective for smoothening as well as removing chunks of wood.
  • Heavy enough to offer a stable working condition on any wood.
  • User friendly to allow beginners to have a smooth performance.
  • Ensures a dust-free working condition with the dust bag.
  • Can perform various tasks making it a great value tool.


  • Not meant for heavy-duty jobs.

If you are looking for a great electric hand planer for your workshop, the Wen 6530 6-Amp electric hand planer is exactly what you are looking for. It works well both for home and industrial use. It is the perfect tool for smoothening wooden members such as joists and beams. In addition, you can use it to fix doors as well as for repairing furniture. A powerful 6-ampere motor capable of making 34,000 cuts per minute (CPM) powers this planer. This helps smoothen any piece of wood regardless of material.

To ensure a dust-free working environment, the hand planer comes with a dust bag to eliminate dust from the work space. It has a kickstand that provides improved security by preventing accidental blade and surface contact while resting. Additionally, it has a rabbeting and fence guide to increasing the accuracy of cuts. It has sixteen positive stops that help fine-tune the depth of the cuts up to an eighth of an inch. A compact, lightweight design provides great portability for this tool.

Porter Cable Hand Planer Review


  • Comes with a heavy-duty 6-amp motor for planing large surfaces.
  • Has a dual-sided dust elimination mechanism to fit the dust bag on either side for effective dust removal.
  • Adjustable depth of cut at 10 intervals for maximum precision.
  • Has 115-inch aluminum cast shoe that ensures a high-quality build.
  • Allows the use of a double-sided blade for an excellent finish.


  • More friction due to the aluminum table.
  • Amateurs find it challenging to install the band saw.

The Porter-Cable electric hand planer comes with a powerful 6-amp motor that is powerful enough to cut through hardwood easily. The hand planer has a dual-sided dust elimination mechanism that allows you to fix a dust bag on either side of the device for a dust-free working environment. This feature also allows the user to move the dust bag away from the surface being planed. In addition, this makes the tool even for left-handed people.

The planer has a 10-step adjustment knob to fine-tune the planer for smooth and precise cuts. This adjustment allows it to shave off wood correctly on different-sized materials. Designed with an 11.5 inches aluminum cast shoe, the Porter-Cable planer boasts an incredible finish that looks fancy at the same time very sturdy.

This model is among the best 5 hand planers. Its package comes with cutting blades made of carbide, a dust bag, and an edge guide. The edge guide is essential when making accurate cuts. It has 3 chamfering grooves that enable perfect edge chamfering for various functions.

Bosch Hand Planer


  • Easy to use planer with great performance.
  • Suits indoor and outdoor tasks perfectly.
  • The planer has a powerful motor ideal for a wide range of jobs.
  • Works well on both soft and hardwood.
  • Comes along with a dust bag that ensures a dust-free working area.


  • Casing is poorly designed.

Bosch is another great and reputable brand known for durable and reliable working tools to fit your tasks. Their hand planer has a 6.5-amp motor that produces 16,500 RPM capable of doing heavy errands effectively. Its motor has a security lock to prevent accidental starting up of the machine. This planer offers a very smooth finish on both hard and softwoods. Additionally, it has a dual guide fence. The double fence has a protective plastic shield that enables the user to work on door edges safely.

The device has a built-in stand that elevates the planer to prevent the cutting blades from getting into contact with the surface when the tool is idle. The dual fence also prevents marred work bits. The package has some additional features, such as a reversible wood blade, a double guide fence, and a dust bag. It has a unique shape that allows easy access to the center of the working space. This planer is built with a poly micro-V drive belt for enhanced belt durability and a ball-joint cord swivel for enhanced ease of positioning the tool and cord.

Dewalt Hand Planer Review


  • Powerful hand planer from a reputable brand to get your work done.
  • Easy to install.
  • The 7-amp motor generates sufficient power for cutting even the hardest wood.
  • Has a depth controlling knob to make precise cuts.
  • A hand planer fit for light home and heavy-duty tasks.


  • Does not come with a dust collection mechanism.

For those new to DEWALT tools, DEWALT is one of the great companies that manufacture high quality and durable work tools. The DEWALT Hand planer is not an exception when quality and durability is to be mentioned. It has a more powerful motor than the prior models. This generates sufficient power for outstanding performance. It delivers a speed of 15,000 RPM. It is easy to sharpen the blades. This is enabled by the reversible blades made of carbide. This increases the performance of the hand planer, especially when smoothening battered frames.

Ease of use is another feature we cannot fail to talk about. It has a two-finger trigger to decrease exhaustion due to long time usage. This makes it an excellent tool for amateurs as well as professionals. It is made using highly durable materials for longevity.

Makita Hand Planer


  • Has a lock-on button that allows for continuous operation.
  • Ergonomically designed rear handles for comfort and enhanced grip.
  • A powerful motor to generate speeds of up to 17,000 RPM.
  • The stand has springs to elevate the base, which protects the blades when idle.
  • Can accommodate extra-large blades to suit hard jobs.


  • Does not come with a dust bag.

Makita is one of the greatest tools manufacturer that produces quality, durable, and reliable tools. The Makita KP0800K 3-1/4 inch planer kit boasts a powerful motor rated 6.5 amperes that generates power capable of shaving through the toughest materials. It has a lightweight, compact design that offers the user portability. This enables the user to use it on upright surfaces without getting fatigued quickly. In just a single pass, it runs through 3-1/4 inches wide as well as 3/32 inches deep. In addition, the blade is easy to attach, thus ensures fast installation.

The two-blade cutter head cuts at a speed of 17,000 RPM. The high speed greatly aids in precision and a smooth finish. It has an aluminum base for stability, which ensures high levels of accuracy. The planer is equipped with a double edge blade made of carbide for improved performance.

Ultimate Buying Guide

The best hand planer will depend on the function you intend it for. Various tasks will require different speeds and depths that come at different prices. Consider the factors below to get the best value out of your money.


When purchasing any tool, power is an important factor to consider. You need a device that will take on your tasks perfectly. The power you need depends on the material you will be working on.


The cost of the hand planer is another key consideration. The greater the specs, the higher the price of the device. Getting a hand planer that’s too cheap will cost you more in the long run if you will be sacrificing quality for a few savings. On the other hand, a hand planer that is too expensive might be too much especially if it will only be utilized in simple tasks.

Design and Build Quality

A hand planer is a great tool for any aspiring woodworker as well as professional woodworkers. The build is another important consideration and will be greatly influenced by the tasks at hand. Smoothening upright or elevated surfaces will require a lightweight planer to reduce fatigue due to the user’s arms being outstretched most of the time. However, if you will be doing most of your planing on a workbench, then it would be ideal to get bulky planers since the additional weight offers more stability as well.

Skill Level

Although most planers are designed to suit the general woodworking market, there are some that are more suited for beginners and some that are meant for the experts. A planer with a low skill floor is best for amateurs who are just starting to get into woodworking. Planers that come with edge guides and rulers make for a good entry-level planer. Consequently, planers with various adjustment levels and chamfer grooves are better suited for the professionals since they allow for more customization options.

Speed and power

When discussing cutting tools like the electric hand planer, speed and power are very important considerations. The power provided by the motor will determine the type of tasks that the hand planer will be capable of undertaking. A low power planer will be more suited for light duties but does not have the capacity to accomplish heavy-duty tasks while a very powerful planer will not be ideal for home use. The power output is determined by the rating of the motor. Power is directly proportional to the speed of a planer. A higher RPM rating means you get to accomplish the job quicker.

The above reviewed electric hand planers have motors with varying power ratings. Starting from 6 amperes, the motors provide sufficient power to accomplish the various tasks a hand planer is designed for. The higher the motor's power rating, the better the performance especially for heavy-duty tasks. For deeper cuts as well as cutting through hardwoods, you need more power. The 6.5 to 7 amperes rated motors for the hand planers are the best in this category. They offer power capable of higher blade speeds for faster and deeper cuts. They are the best for use hardwoods and massive surfaces.


An electric hand planer is a tool that is handheld. What do we look for when buying a handheld device? Comfort. This is a very important factor for handheld devices. The hand needs to be comfortable for efficiency while working. Working with a tool with rigid handles will cause blisters on your hands. Blisters are very painful and holding the device would be nearly impossible. A good hand planer will have handles that are reinforced with rubber to allow a firm grip.

The handle design is also very important. Ergonomically modified handles ensure the maximum comfort of the user. Comfort equals the level of control of the tool. The higher the level of the control of the tool, the better the results.


Customers, as well as woodworkers, love perfectly done and flawless work. The hand planer being a tool designed in modern times, is expected to have seamless outputs. To ensure the results are accurate and precise, some features are purposely designed to provide the most intricate of cuts. A guide fence is one of these features. The fence ensures that you perfectly work on the edges without fear of getting your hands hurt. Another feature is the dust elimination bag. It ensures that your environment is dust-free for maximum convenience while working. Depth adjustment knobs are handy when creating different thickness of cuts.


Durability is a significant consideration when selecting any tool for use. Excellent and reputable companies such as Makita, DEWALT, and Bosch are some of the best heavy duty tool manufacturers. They have significantly invested in the materials used in construction to ensure durability. The planer shoes are often made using aluminum, which offers excellent durability and stability for precise cuts. The handles are also ergonomically modified and rubber-coated. With these features, the durability of your electric hand planer is guaranteed.


The prices of these electric hand planers have been carefully computed to make them affordable without sacrificing quality. Getting a tool that combines high performance, accuracy, durability, and reliability, all in one pack typically goes for higher prices.

The price should never be the main reason why you don't buy yourself an electric hand planer. The unbeatable value it will bring in your workshop is priceless. They can make a varying selection of tasks like home renovations and preparing work pieces. This is a must-have tool in your workshop to perform both light and heavy-duty jobs effectively.

Customer rating

What better way to learn about a product than listen to the people who actually used it? Customer ratings should be taken into consideration because simply relying on what the manufacturer says will be a crucial error. Check out reviews from the product websites or e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is it worth getting an electric hand planer?

A: Many people wonder whether a small tool such as the electric hand planer works well. The short answer is, yes! The hand planer is an excellent tool that is a must-have in the workshop. The traditional hand-driven planer has been a trusted tool by woodworkers. The electric hand planer is a big leap forward from the manual hand planer. An electric hand planer lets you work through the hardest of materials and the largest of surfaces without any problems.

Q: What is the electric hand planner used for?

A: An electric hand planer is used for smoothening wood surfaces. The electric hand planer has three blades at the bottom that is attached to a rotating drum at the base. The higher the speed of rotation, the faster the rate of accomplishing work. They can also have a fence to ensure precise cuts, especially when working on the edges. They can be used for both hard and softwood depending on the design and power output of the motor.

Timber cuts by a chain saw or band saw produces rough surfaces. Let's say you are making a table; you would not want to shock your customers with a rugged tabletop. Use an electric hand planer to make smooth surfaces.

Q: How do you plan the bottom of a door with an electric planner?

A: Are you wondering how to avoid jamming your wooden door? Most of the time, you only need to even out the surface of your door. However, using sandpaper or a manual planer will be a bit too labor intensive. This is where an electric hand planer works best. First, remove the door hinges and lay the door on a working bench or simply incline it in a level fit for working correctly. It is importantly to note that wood expands on high humidity levels.

It would help if you scraped off a larger width than the required so that it can accommodate a coat of paint. Use the planer and paint once the desired thickness and smoothness is achieved. Afterwards, fit the door back to its hinges. Lastly, test how it opens and check if it opens seamlessly.

Final Verdict & Conclusion

An electric hand planer will make life easier in your workshop. It will save you the stress of having to use sandpapers to smoothen wood surfaces. Door edges will sometimes get jammed due to wood expanding from exposure to moisture and what you need to do is smoothen the surfaces. An electric hand planer is a great tool that combines high power, speed, and precision of cuts and shaves. They are cost-effective for anyone in need of a tool for smoothening surfaces.

At the end of the day, the best electric hand planer will largely depend on the type of job you intend it to do. The above listed recommendations are some of the best electric hand planers available in the market. These models are guaranteed to bring you value for your money.

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