Best Hand Planer Reviews 2020 [ #1 Worth Buying ]

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top 10 Best Hand Planers Reviews 2020

A hand planer is one of the few tools mostly used by artisans. This is a very basic tool in designing items in the wood industry. You will probably be asking yourself what this tool is used for. Well, if you have never come across this device, then this article will be of great importance to you. In most instances, a hand planer is often referred to as the star of the hand tool of woodworks. This is basically because it makes marvelous changes and finishes to the wooden workpiece.

Most people tend to fall in love with this tool. One of the most exciting parts about using a hand planer is that it produces mild sound. No one would wish to work with a tool that tends to cause noise pollution. Additionally, their bodies are made out of material that is ideal in traditionally woodworking.

There are a good number of categories of hand planers. Starting from electric to traditional. Choosing the right tool to suit your needs depends on your preferences and use. Hand planers are like a novelty product in the current generation. This hand planer technology has simplified all the hard work done by the use of old fashioned ways into this new craft. With the right set of planers, you can elevate your work and enjoy an immense sense of satisfaction. In this article, we will be taking insights and discussing the best hand planers available. It's just awesome. Check them out!

Top 5 best Hand Planers Reviews 2020

1. DEWALT DW680K Power Hand Planer 

DEWALT Hand Planer


  • Offers a heavy-duty cut focus with a depth of 2.5mm.
  • Designed with durable blades.
  • Comes with a powerful 7Amp motor.
  • Has an ergonomic handle design for comfort.


  • Its cord tends to be short.
  • No dust bag is included.

This electric hand planer starts as off as our best selection. This the best planer designed mostly for tough jobs. It can cut depth in the wood of up to 2.5mm. This planer allowing you to handle sanding jobs fast. With this planner, you won't use more energy; rather, you will use less time to complete your tasks.

Moreover, the product has a powerful motor rated 1500rpm. This unique feature facilitates the running of the blades faster and smooth to provide fine finishes all the time. On top of it, it comes with a high-speed reversible carbide blade that works on sharpening steel blades to handle all kinds of jobs that involve framing and edging.

The planer has a comfortable handle with an even balance that helps distribute its weight. It is calibrated depth that allows you to achieve accurate results. The exciting part about using this planer is that it takes less effort to keep it in place when running passes.

Makita hand planer


  • Has a perfect depth adjustment.
  • The planer comes with stable well-housed blades.
  • Its light-weight and durable.
  • The tool has plenty of grunts.
  • Has an easy blade system fast for blade installation.


  • Its cords tend to get in the way while using it.
  • It tends to be pricey.

Makita KP0800K Corded electric planner is our second top pick. It has unique features that you would probably fall in love with. Everyone got some planer for themselves. Just take time and go through this planer's features'. To start it off, this is an ideal electric planer. It comes with a weight of 10 pounds.

The planer has a 6.5Amp motor that delivers more output power for fast material removal during work. Additionally, its high power to weight ratio weighs about 5.7lbs.On top of this, this planer comes in a precision aluminum base for accuracy in planning. It can plan up to 3-1/4 wide and 3/32 deep in every single pass on the wood.

For high effective performance, the plane is equipped with double edge carbide blades that give you smooth finishes. More to these unique features, the plane has an easy blasé setting systems for fast blade installation. The two-blade cutters on the plane offer 17,000 RPM. There is less difference between this plane and the top pick. Both tools are perfect, but one tends to be simple to use.

WEN Electric Hand Planer


  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The plane offers an ability to cut effortlessly and effectively.
  • Has an attractive design that is well built.
  • It's easy to operate.
  • The plane works fast to remove the material from the wood.


  • The plane tends to be heavy.
  • Does not come with a dust bag.
  • At times it might seem difficult to swap the blades.

WEN 6530 Planer is a perfect tool for your money. This is just because the plane is impressive, ideal for any home user, and comes at an affordable price. Additionally, it's ideal for an average task.

The plane has attractive performance features that will catch your eye. It's among the most searched electric planes. With this uniqueness, the plane offers a wide range of tasks, such as customizing a frame to door repair. Moreover, this tool gives you all the confidence to accomplish work tasks.

This plane is made out of durable material to ensure it serves for a longer period. Moreover, it has a cutting depth of 1/8 inch. It also offers a depth adjustment that is versatile and clearer, thus giving a professional and accurate planning result.

porter cable hand planer


  • Its two surfaces on the foot to plans effectively.
  • The plane is easy to use.
  • It's a good value for money.
  • Has a dual double blade that gives efficient cutting.
  • It's a fast and aggressive type of a plane.


  • The plane tends to be too aggressive.
  • This tool is too big for some users.

If you are looking for an aggressive and powerful planer, then this is what you can consider. The porter-cable plane can slide effortlessly across soft and hardwoods. On top of its amazing features, it comes at a friendly price.

It gives you an accurate depth cut of 5/64 inches. It's made out of aluminum material that gives little resistance while working. Uniquely, the plane has a dual dust port feature. This expels chip efficiently and prevents them from clogging. Its motor has a driving cutter of up to 16500 RPM. This gives the plane an ability to cut through hardwoods easily.

To its most attractive part, is that it comes with a dust bag for a collection of chips. The durability of its material is a plus for the plane. It is molded to about 11.5 inches long, which gives you better control of the tool while at work.

Bosch hand  Planer


  • It's an ideal planer for smaller jobs.
  • It gives you a fast stock removal and smooth finish.
  • Lock-off release button helps prevent accidental starts.
  • The ball joint swivel enhances ease of the positioning of the tool.
  • Poly micro-V material enhances belt durability.


  • The plane tends not to work well on hardwoods.
  • Has a poorly constructed shoe that might last for a short time.
  • The plane is a bit heavy.

The planer is suitable for those who need to work on doors or other surfaces evenly and quickly. It's a power plane with 6.5Amp and a speed of up to 16500 Rpm. This is the best speed for fast material removal, hardwoods, and smooth finish.

Additionally, the plane delivers convenience, powerful performance, and security with the help of an outstanding planer guide system. The tool also features a lock button that helps prevent accidental starts.

It features a dual mount guide fence with a protective shield for steady planning of door edges. On top of that, its plastic overshoe prevents the marrying of door faces. The planes handle is optimally angled for forwarding motions and has a soft grip that offers comfort.

Buyers Guide

Well, you have now gone through features varieties of electric hand planers in the market. Always keep in mind that you should go shopping with the right information and tips. It is not easy deciding on the right tool to pick. Below are some essential aspects to consider while purchasing electric planers.

Pick the right planer

I recommend that you should ensure you get it right. This is where everything begins. Ask yourself a couple of questions. For instance, what are you going to use the tool for? Do you feel like you won't buy a big or small tool? What exactly do you want to achieve with the tool? After a couple of questions, you probably can decide on what type of plane you can consider buying. If you are having problems with getting it right, you can take time and do some research. Ensure you get it right.

User patience

Well, with the use of electric planers, I must admit that to gain quality, it starts with user patience. Understandably, you are in a hurry to complete your task loads, but always keep in mind that patience guarantees the best results ever.

You can get the best electric planer worth dollars in the market, the best that gains the talk of the sellers, but still, get poor results just because you let it hurry to plane on surfaces just because you were running out of time. It is easier to read than done. However, that's not the case; electric planers are capable of providing the best results ever. What we have to keep doing is take your time and let the plane work effectively. Patience brings out the best.


It all starts with you being truthful about what kind of work you are getting to do. It's wrong to claim that planers featuring more power and top speed are the only ones that provide effective smooth results. This only weights the final results that were done by a plane. Additionally, the depreciation of the plane is of great importance.

For instance, small underpowered tools just work well on softwoods but might have difficulties getting traction on denser hardwoods. Moreover, if your tool doesn’t do a lot of tasks, it will last longer. Buy a quality hand planer that has more speed and power so that you can handle even tough projects without affecting the performance of the tool.

How now the power

While using the planer, you will probably want it to cut at the same rate the entire you are working. The results you get on your projects depend on the ability of the user. Therefore, ensure that you buy a tool that provides you with reliable performance. It will ensure that you have the best results and experience with it.

Using a cordless plane is trendy in the current generation, but as the cordless battery loses its lifespan, it tends to get slower. For this reason, I recommend a cordless planer as compared to battery one due to its consistent power output. However, the cordless one has its advantage. They tend to be more comfortable to use, and you can carry it with ease. Imagine having messy cords fixed on to tools at your working place!

Of course, this leads to like planned easier work at your workplace. Think of the much time you will have to spend changing batteries. Finally, follow your instincts and get a tool with a long power cord of about 6 feet.


Bear in mind that users' patience brings about effective, attractive results, the comfort of the plane should be considered. Get a tool that you feel good while using it. In most cases, comfort depends on the handle. Generally, many hand planers are portable and this makes them comfortable to use. Avoid buying heavy tools because they will be hard to use.

Remember that when you are fatigued, you will achieve poor results as you tend to care less about the work in motion. You should also know that electric planers produce waste.

Managing the chips from wood is essential to keeping a safe working environment. It feels good to have a planer that directs the waste to a particular place instead of spraying everywhere. Besides, having a clean environment is a plus to comfortability while working. It's easy to clean directed waste that sprayed ones.

Precision features

Since consistency is an essential tool in planning wood, you will be probably thinking of controlling many things. This includes building a fence that stays firm in a place. Besides, think of what will happen with a poorly constructed fence? This means that it will not stay in place and it can affect your results.

This greatly applies to gauge depths. For instance, quality depth helps guarantee a steady plan to suit the desired depth of the user. Besides, keep in mind that poor quality depth gauge needs frequent checking. On top of that, look if the hand planer can cut great chamfers.

On the other end, you can find yourself in a dilemma to choose between features. Always consider going for a tool that has features that will suit your workload.


By nature, planers are considered as rough tools. The work they do requires them to be in contact with working surfaces always. This is quite different from other tools that are used in this type of industry. In cutting, we involve too much heat, and also wear and tear. Of course, you wouldn't want to buy a tool that wears off easily. Get something that lasts for a longer period. Models with cast metals tend to retain their original shape. Save yourself from the hustle of purchasing new planers now and then.


In most cases, we all buy a product that suits your budget. However, have you ever thought of investing and buying a product with the best performing values? For instance, WEN 6530 electric planer is our choice for the best money planer. Additionally, it wasn't chosen because its least expensive rather, it offers the best dollar performance. This should not be the final decision on price and values. It should enlighten you on the features you want, how much money you want to spend and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is an electric hand planer?

A: First, an electric hand planer is one of the tools that is mysterious and not in the spotlight as much of the tools. Therefore, an electric hand planer can be described as a tool used by artisans. Similarly, it's a tool used to take off small amounts of wood by a process known as shaving off. In most cases, this tool usually has two or three to achieve a smooth and remove a maximum amount of material that is removed from a single pass. It usually cuts at a depth of 1/8 inches and 3/32 inches.

Q: Can a hand planer be used as a jointer?

A: The best answer I would recommend is yes. This is because woodworking jointers and planers are used to mill the wood. They can also be used to build furniture or correct other dimensions. If you have a workshop and you don't have a jointer to square up an edge of the wood, then you probably should consider using a hand planer. It will give you a similar service in line with the work the jointer would have done. Additionally, if the wood is large to fit through, you can use a planer to flatten it.

Q: How do you hand a plane with wood?

A: There are a few basic steps to follow on this. First, hand planes come in several varieties. Always make sure that you choose the appropriate hand plane for your job. Secondly, ensure that the head of the plane is sharp. This is achieved by sharpening it. Then you move on to adjusting the knob of the plane to achieve an accurate depth. After this, you can begin to plane the surface of the wood to make sure it is smooth. Avoid cutting along the grain and, finally, check the accuracy of your planning.

Q: How do I adjust my hand planer?

A: A plane should be adjusted before beginning the cutting process. Start by turning the plane upside down to about the eye level. Turn the brass burled nut until the plane iron appears just beyond the bottom of the plane. Then make a lateral adjustment by moving the blade to one side or the other until its parallel to the bottom. Lastly, try the plane on a piece of wood to see how it cuts, and you can adjust if you feel you need more adjustments. For rougher cuts, ensure you set the plane deeper.

Q: What is the difference between a block plane and a bench plane?

A: Bench planes are mostly used in a woodworking bench. They are often held with two hands with the front hand-rolling a knob and the backhand gripping a handle. The block planes are designed to be used by one hand and an easy fit in a tool pouch. Its blade t a standard angle is set at 20 degrees and a low angle block plane at 12 degrees. This does not apply to bench planes. The blades are angled at 45 degrees and are positioned with the bevel side down.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

First, Dewalt De680k was the best pick of an electric hand planer. Despite this tool offering waste management, it stands up at is more than 3 pounds lighter than the runners up Makita KP0800K. The other three also have shown great features. Planes are among tools that have simplified the tasks for most of the people. Finding the right electric planer that suits your needs is not an easy task. I hope you found this electric hand planer review useful in evaluating these tools. It is essential to consider all points carefully so that you find that perfect tool.

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