Top 10 Best Paint Sprayer [Updated for 2021]

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best paint sprayer

Color adds great flavor to the world around us. Think about it, what if the world was colorless like how water is, how would it look like? Boring, of course. There are multiple colors that we can paint on our surroundings, premises, and such, but how do we do this? It’s fairly simple; there are several ways you can accomplish this, the most common one being used is the ordinary paint brush. But what if you need to paint a very large wall or ceiling? Well, we have the paint sprayer for that!

Since a paint brush is not as versatile, there are several revolutionary changes taking place to meet the painters' needs. Among the advancements in the innovation of the paint industry is the invention of paint sprayers. A majority of the population loved the paint sprayer upon its invention, and it is still favored my most painters.

The reason for writing this guide is to help you understand this painting equipment, and as a painter, this article will help you compare the paint sprayers available in the market today. Knowing these as a painter, will help you make an informed decision regarding the paint sprayer to get that will help you complete your projects as desired.

Even in the line of the best paint sprayers, there are still many options to choose from. We narrowed down your choices to help you pick a quality model that will specifically suit your needs. Browse through this review of the top paint sprayers to help you get the suitable product for the job.

How Does a Paint Sprayer Work?

Before we review the top spray painters available in the market, it is important to know how it operates first in order to better grasp what sets a good spray painter from a bad one. An airless sprayer works by pumping paint at a very high pressure, up to 3,000 psi, through a hose and out a tiny hole in the spray gun tip. The tip breaks up the paint evenly into a fan-shaped spray pattern of tiny droplets.

top 10 best paint sprayer 2021

best airless paint sprayer


  • Performs a variety of jobs.
  • Suited for large projects.
  • Operation is easy and requires no professional skills.
  • Has a long hose that allows greater coverage.
  • Produces 55% less overspray.


  • Not useful on wet walls.
  • Prone to damage if exposed to a lot of heat or direct sunlight.

If you are looking for the best paint sprayer for all your painting needs, then the search is over because the Wagner 0580678 Control Pro 130 is the sprayer of your dreams. It is one of the best airless paint sprayers that has some of the best features that you will need your product to have. This spray has multiple key components that enable it to deliver every task perfectly and on time. The Control Pro 130 has well-designed features that allows for maximum efficiency and makes work more comfortable.

The excellent features, as well as its benefits, is exactly what the product is all about. The excellent rating it has on almost every site is a testament to its greatness. This product can perform a variety of tasks. It is useful in clearing all stains as well as achieving a professional finish. It utilizes a High Efficiency Airless (HEA) Technology that produces up to 50% less overspray and produces a softer spray pattern for improved control and a more precise finish. The tank can hold up to 1.5 gallons of paint, perfect for large painting jobs. The spill resistant lid prevents you from making a mess even when you move around with this product. The clean-up process is also very convenient; simply flush and rinse the system and it will be ready for the next paint job.

This product of the Wagner paint sprayer is perfect for projects such as vast decks, large home interiors and exteriors, large outdoor projects, and even basement renovations.

Best Electric Paint Sprayer


  • Suitable for a variety of surfaces.
  • Adjustable flow control for varying spray patterns.
  • Easy to use.
  • Greater reach with the long hose.


  • Certain skill level needed to avoid overspraying.
  • Needs careful storage to avoid damage.

There is no best way to improve your compound's appearance than spraying your home or any other project with Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max. The Spraytech is waterproof and easy to use. This sprayer has adjustable settings that allow the user to customize, set, and control pressure. This product is one of the elegant outdoor and indoor sprays that will surely accomplish any painting job you’re planning to take on.

Furthermore, this product is simple to use and easy to apply on a range of materials. The elegant coat of this product suits well in both interior and exterior projects. There is no need to worry about unpredictable weather conditions since its waterproof, thus increasing the product's service life. This product is portable and lightweight which allows for easy transport around your work site.

Best Handheld Paint Sprayer.


  • Covers large areas in a short amount of time.
  • Adjustable control for maximum versatility.
  • Easy and quick cleanup.
  • Suitable for both small and large projects.
  • Lightweight; easy to move around.


  • Requires knowledge on the basics of using a sprayer.
  • Needs precise usage to avoid over sprays.

If you’re looking for a high-quality and durable sprayer that will last for long, then the Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 is the best option out there. This product has two nozzles, namely the iSpray nozzle and the Detail Finish nozzle. The iSpray nozzle is ideal for spraying large jobs while the Detail Finish is meant for small projects and fine details. This machine is simple to use since you won't need other tools  during operation.

Furthermore, this machine has an adjustable flow of materials and spray pattern. In addition, it is capable of painting a wall 10 times faster than using manual measures. This product comes with new features that speed up the spraying process. It is the best product for both indoor and outdoor painting projects, making it an ideal purchase for homeowners.

Wagner spray tech 0529010 FLEXiO has another feature overlooked by many people; user comfort. It is 50% quieter and 20% lighter than most spray painters available in the market. If you want to beautify your compound or even want to make a project look appealing, this product is the right tool for the job.

Best Hvlp Paint Sprayer


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Works very well on various surfaces.
  • Requires no experience at all to operate.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • Might damage the product if not cleaned after use.
  • Not effective for large projects or work.

Every person in this era needs something attractive, and this is one of the best tools that could make that happen. The Wagner Stain Sprayer uses HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) air power technology to spray thin materials such as stains, sealers, urethanes, varnishes and enamels. In addition, it features a two-stage indoor/outdoor rated air turbine for a continuous flow of material and air, producing a professional fine finish whether staining your deck or refinishing your kitchen cabinets.

Furthermore, a three-position air cap adjusts the spray pattern for either vertical fan, horizontal fan or round pattern shapes to most effectively get the job done quickly and with the best even coverage. Material flow is easily controlled with the variable trigger and allows the user to spray ½-inch to 9-inch wide patterns and up to 4.9 fl. oz. per minute. The Wagner Control Spray sets up in less than five minutes and cleans up in less than ten. Package includes a Control Spray Double Duty Sprayer, 1-quart container, 1.5-quart container, and viscosity measuring cup.

Hvlp Paint Sprayer Reviews


  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Accomplishes small paint jobs in a short time.
  • Works well on different surfaces.
  • Large capacity for less frequent refills.


  • Not designed for large projects.
  • Motor at risk of failure when overworked.

When purchasing a Wagner paint sprayer, you need to consider a number of essential factors for the whole process of spraying and painting. If convenience and ease of operation is your priority among these factors, this machine is one of the simplest to learn and easiest to use among the Wagner paint sprayers. It takes a few minutes to set up and takes less than 10 to get all cleaned up thanks to the simple design and few parts to clean. The best thing is during the spraying process, you will not need any additional attachments. Just spray and go. This sprayer is highly durable built with high quality materials that are waterproof and tough. This makes it last longer even when exposed to varying weather conditions and free from rust during the rainy season.

This machine is excellent for decorating multi-storey homes and other projects. This product comes with a powerful spray gun that guarantees control and efficiency when spraying. It also has an adjustable spray pattern to suit the task that you are doing. Purchasing this product will surely be a wise decision.

Best Electric Paint Sprayer


  • Quick and easy to learn.
  • Large storage capacity to handle outdoor/indoor work.
  • Up to 70% efficiency compared to a brush or a roller.
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Beautiful and well-furnished results.


  • May have gasket/connection issues.

This model is one of the best paint sprayers internationally. To do your work perfectly in no time, all you need is the Graco Magnum 257025. Graco is a well-known brand which is one of the giants in the paint market. This model offers an adjustable pressure to give you the utmost control on paint flow suited to your project size. In addition, it includes the RAC IV Switch Tip that allows you to reverse the tip when clogged for continuous spraying.

Furthermore, the Stainless Steel Piston Pump allows you to spray paint unthinned at high pressures. Moreover, the flexible suction tube allows you to spray directly from the bucket. Clean-up is also a breeze with the PowerFlush adapter that connects to a garden hose for fast and easy cleaning. Lastly, it can support up to 50 ft. of paint hose to reach peaks and hard to reach spots without any problems.

In summary, this model is a powerful machine that is ideal regardless of the job you’ll use it with. It's the right choice that will be worth every penny.

Best Paint Sprayer For Walls


  • Cost-effective and worth your money.
  • Easy and straightforward to operate.
  • Complete projects fast.
  • Easy clean-up.


  • Not meant for extensive work.
  • Prone to damage if exposed to a lot of heat or direct sunlight.

The Wagner FLEXiO 890 is an indoor and outdoor portable paint system to speed up a wider variety of painting projects. It comes with the innovative iSpray nozzle for broad surface coverage great for spraying walls, decks, and more. The Detail Finish nozzle is perfect for fine finishing projects like trim, cabinets, and furniture. The X-Boost Turbine has the power to spray unthinned materials right from the can. It provides adjustable control, full coverage, and low overspray. The X-Boost Power Box houses the turbine, keeping the weight on the floor and out of the hand reducing user fatigue for long projects. Both nozzles, the 11.5-foot hose and the handle with integrated power dial on the handle fit into the Power Box for organized storage when not in use. Package includes a FLEXiO 890 Sprayer, Detail Finish Nozzle, and iSpray Nozzle.

I can assure you that this product is secure as long as you follow the right protocols. It's quite self-explanatory why it's recommended by many thanks to its versatility as well as affordable price. If you are familiar with Wagner, then you know that this another quality paint sprayer.

Best Home Paint Sprayer


  • Reduces overspray.
  • Comes with extra accessories for use.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight design to reduce fatigue.


  • Not meant for large jobs.
  • Replacement parts are hard to find.

The Wagner Power Painter Max with EZ Tilt and Optimus Dual Tip Technology is a two-speed hand held airless sprayer designed for the home owner to speed up painting projects up to 4 times faster than a brush. It uses high speed piston pump technology in conjunction with the tungsten carbide Optimus Dual Tip to provide a professional fan shaped pattern preferred for achieving the best, most even finish. You can spray material from either the 1.5-quart cup or directly from the can using the remote suction hose. Great for shutters, lattice, sheds, fences, garages, decks and houses. Sets up in less than 5 minutes and cleans up in less than 10 minutes.

This is a powerful tool without the hefty price tag. Ideal for homeowners who will be doing their paint jobs for the first time. It also comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor from date of purchase to offer you that peace of mind in case of a faulty purchase.

Best Paint Sprayer For Home Use


  • Cost-effective to purchase and use.
  • Easy to maneuver around using it.
  • Reduces fatigue, especially with the use of the stationary base.
  • Useable in a variety of materials and surfaces.
  • Does not need any expertise in using it.


  • Not meant for large projects.

The Wagner 0529033 Home Decor Sprayer is the machine for you when it comes to home renovations. This sprayer applies a fine finish with no brush marks, which is perfect when spraying furniture, crafts, home décor and more. The sprayer is versatile and can spray a wide variety of chalk paint, milk paint, and other decorative finishing coatings.

Furthermore, it also features several adjustable settings that allow you to customize your paint flow, including the pattern adjustment dial and the material flow control. The sprayer's design has comfort as its priority. Lastly, the stationary base keeps the weight on the ground, not in your hand, and the compact spray gun allows you to easily paint in small, compact spaces like the inside of furniture. It’s the perfect sprayer to have for your next refinishing, upcycling or crafting project!

Best Paint Sprayer For Furniture


  • Adjustable paint flow.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with different types of paints.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with high-quality nozzles that do not rust or corrode.


  • Complaints of thin and inconsistent paint.

The HomeRight Finish Max is an electric paint sprayer that is known to be very easy to use. It helps you apply paint perfectly to get smooth finishes without any brush marks. This is one of the best sprayers if you are painting things like furniture, trim, and cabinets, among others.

The sprayer is equipped with an adjustable spray pattern that lets you choose between the horizontal, vertical, and round spray. You can also adjust the material flow with a knob to quickly increase or decrease the paint volume output.

It utilizes a brass spray tip technology with a 2mm precision spray tip and nozzle. This helps you achieve a more superb and consistent performance compared to plastic counterparts. On top of that, the nozzles do not wear or corrode. The sprayer is also easy to clean with the help of the included cleaning brush. Lastly, it is usable on various materials like latex paints, milk paints, stains, enamel, primers, and much more.

How to Choose the Best Paint Sprayer

It is always the desire of any handyman to get equipment that is of value to their money. By saying so, I mean that we all expect the best out of the products we purchase. These are some factors that will help you identify a good paint sprayer.

Paint Capacity

The paint sprayer is customized to contain a certain amount of spray at a time. The volumes of the paint sprayers vary. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you consider the capacity when choosing a paint sprayer. This can be dictated by how big your project is; no one wants to stop after every few minutes for a refill; that is too tedious. Therefore, for larger projects, you will need more paint, and consequently, the more the paint, the larger the paint sprayer you will need; the opposite is the same when it comes to smaller projects.


The pressure is an essential consideration in the acquisition of a paint sprayer. The primary operating principle of any paint sprayer is pressure. It would also help if you got yourself a paint sprayer with the right amount of weight. Just like the paint capacity of the sprayer, the strength of the paint sprayer varies. Therefore, you need to consider the projects at hand to decide the paint sprayer that suits you in terms of power. For instance, the paint sprayer you will need to spray a house will be of higher pressure compared to that of a paint sprayer you will need to paint a chair or table.

Ease of Cleaning

No person in the world loves to waste time on unnecessary things. I am not saying it is unnecessary to clean your paint sprayer but come to think of it. Would you like to spend any more time cleaning your paint sprayer after spending hours doing a paint project? Of course not! Therefore, it would be wise for you to go for a paint sprayer that you can easily clean after you are done with your painting project. This will save you so much time that you could use on resting instead.

Wagner Paint Sprayer Guide

Because of a variety of paint sprayers produced by Wagner, the Wagner paint sprayer is  best used to spray certain items or perform specific projects. These are some of what the paint sprayer is suited to spray.

Wagner Product Series

FLEXIO series - out of the several series of paint sprayers, the FLEXIO model happens to be the most popular, and it is also the most potent paint sprayer. It is a perfect choice that can be used to accomplish various projects, whether small or big.

Airless - to eliminate the frustration that results from the use of substandard airless sprayers, this airless model from Wagner was designed. Having this model assures you a precise finish on all your painting projects.

Control series - this Wagner paint sprayer model is created for a more specific purpose compared to the FLEXIO model. It can be used for staining and trimming your paint with a uniform finish in a short span of time. This model is incorporated with an ergonomic design that ensure the sprayer does much of the work on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Paint Sprayer Is The Best?

A: Currently, the market is flooded with a wide variety of models for each product, and the paint sprayer is no exception. Therefore, it is essential to be well informed on a product and its quality before you step into a market to get yourself one. With paint sprayers, each manufacturer promotes themselves as the best amongst the competition, but what do the experts say?

When it comes to the best paint sprayer, the Wagner FLEXIO model is considered as one of the best.

Q: How to Use a Paint Sprayer?

A: Using a paint sprayer is one crucial thing that you need to know before getting your hands on one. When you first purchase the product, you need to go through the manufacturer's instructions and set up the paint sprayer. After that, you are good to go.

Follow these tips:

Be sure to adjust the nozzle on the direction you are painting, horizontal for up and down and vertical for side to side movement.

Using the adjustment knob, you can alter the spray pattern's width, and to regulate the amount of paint or stain coming out of the nozzle, the material flow control knob is there.

To familiarize with the adjustable settings, do a quick spray test on the included spray poster.

Always put the sprayer away from the surface by 8 to 10 inches, and the nozzle focused on the surface.

Q: Do You Have To Thin Paint For Paint Sprayer?

A: Thinning of paints in a paint sprayer is not that necessary though it is dependent on whether the model you have can accommodate unthinned paint.

Q: Can You Use Oil Paint In A Paint Sprayer?

A: Currently, there are various types of paints available in the market, including water and oil-soluble paints. It is possible to use an oil-based paint on the paint sprayer, but the following are some things you need to keep in mind to attain more vibrant results:

Be careful not to use the direct feed or the I-spray attachments; this keeps your PVC hoses stronger for longer. In addition, refrain from using the slot nozzle, it will give you poor results because of too much force being applied on a lightweight material.

Q: Difference between Wagner FLEXIO 570 and FLEXIO 590

A: There are a couple of differences between the Wagner FLEXIO 570 and the Wagner FLEXIO 590. Two significant differences are the difference in price and speed.

The 590 models can spray 8 gallons in an hour while the 570 model sprays 7.2 gallons an hour. The difference might be small, but it is significant when working with big projects. If the difference in speed doesn’t seem to matter that much to you, it’s better to settle for the 570 since it is also the cheaper option.

How to use a paint sprayer? - YouTube

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I hope after going through the above review on the best paint sprayers, you can figure out which one is right for you. We selected high-quality products that are designed to meet your needs. They are also easy to use and will provide consistent results. Feel free to check out the user reviews available on other sites like Amazon because nothing beats personal experience when it comes to product reviews. If you found this article helpful, feel free to check out my other guides here.

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