Top 5 Best Palm Router Reviews 2020 [With Buying Guide]

best palm router

Don’t you just love working around wood? People would love to know more about power tools that are wood engaging for a person who does. One of those tools is a router, categorized as a hand tool that an operator uses to hollow out on fairly hard material; wood or plastic. A palm router gets its name from the operation mode that a worker uses it in. The worker manipulates it as a handheld unit. It is commonly used in home improvement and construction activities that revolve around wood, mostly cabinets. There is more to that as long as you are creating units out of wood.

If you are well versed with wood-related tasks either as a DIY enthusiast, a professional, or both, you cannot have failed to come across a palm router or router. This is a tool that will never disappoint with its power, speed, and versatility. You can mainly use it for intricate surface designs and cleaning up edges. The best results are parallel to the best tools, a palm router in this case. The material you work on will determine the router bit you need to obtain.

Top rated 5 Best Palm Router Reviews 2020

Bosch palm router


  • It has a precise depth adjustment system that is easy to operate.
  • The motor is quickly moved from base to base.
  • Created from durable material.
  • Has a guide to making smooth straight edges.
  • Easily interchangeable with other bits.
  • The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold.


  • It is quite hard to make bit adjustments and the side guide.
  • The edge guide does not stay in place.

The Bosch PR20EVS is a machine that leaves precision and control into your own hands. It owns an ergonomic palm grip design that offers a soft grip that makes it easy and comfortable to handle. With a horsepower of 1.0, a variable speed motor of 5.6amps running from 16,000 to 35000rpm. The performance is high enough to take on the basic tasks assigned to it.

They are versatile by providing an enhanced router bit capacity with a fixed base that can hold bits with a diameter of up to 15/16 inch. Changing bits is fast and comfortable, where you use one or two wrenches or even a spindle lock. The depth adjustment system gives room for precise and easy micro and macro adjustments depending on the task's nature.

Has a quick Clamp system that ensures that the motor is easily moved from base to base. The router is made of an aluminum rugged, fixed base that can withstand the wear and tear of time, making it durable. Has a straight edge guide- Leads the router to form clean and smooth consecutive edges on a table, chair, or cabinet.

DEWALT palm Router


  • Easy to choose the correct router bit speed for any task.
  • The ergonomic design offers a firmer grip while working.
  • Has dual LED light for easy visibility.
  • The adjustment ring makes it easy to adjust.
  • Less router vibration.


  • It does not come with a storage case.
  • Difficulties when changing bits.

This is among the best routers that DEWALT Company has marketed so far. It comes with the inclusion of marvelous features that put the user into consideration. It can perform a wide range of flush trimming, shaping wood, bevel cuts, rounded edges, and many more.

The variable speed control helps you in choosing the most appropriate speed for the task at hand. You can preset the speed and tune on the router at the same speed. Additionally, the soft starting motor will help to maintain the motor speed during routing. It offers an ergonomic design whereby the grip is entirely made to control the router better, ensuring optimization and accuracy. The grip area is situated close to the working surface.

Has an adjustment ring that is useful in adjusting the router. The designer thoughtfully included the dual Led feature, which works well with most woodworkers. You can now keep a keen eye on any task you are working on. Has a ¼ inch router collets- this ensures that the bit's shaft will come up with better bit contact.

Makita palm router


  • It has a fair depth adjustment system and depth scales that are easy to read.
  • The slim figure makes it easy and comfortable to hold.
  • Easy to keep up with the constant speed with a speed control feature.
  • Created for various routing purposes.
  • A removable base allows different applications.
  • Made from aluminum material that makes it durable.


  • It is only the fixed base that accommodates template guides.
  • You need to purchase a guide for using a plunge base.

The base is made from heavy-duty, durable aluminum making it suitable for a longer lifespan. The variable motor speed runs from 10,000- 30,000 rpm efficient for popular jobs. This offers the router a high-performance capability.

Has an electronic speed control that maintains the same speed under any load. It has a slim figure that makes the grip firmer, preventing slipping from your hands, therefore easy to handle. Comes along with a smooth Depth adjustment feature, and a quick-release clamp locking system ensures easy adjustments and base removal.

The fixed base design is built conveniently, which allows high visibility for improved performance and handling. The base is removable, allowing easy and quick installation of other bases. The fixed base also allows the installation of template guides.

4. DEWALT palm Router- best wood router for beginner. 

best dewalt palm router


  • Optimizes the bit speed.
  • The dual-LED and clear sub-base ensure easy visibility.
  • An extended sub-base increases contact with the workpiece.
  • It is quick and easy to remove the base.
  • Has improved longevity due to aluminum construction.


  • The spindle end bearing may become loose.

The dual LED light and a clear sub-base clear off any obstructions when cutting by ensuring easy visibility. The variable speed control is responsible for maximizing the bit speed for different operations. The soft starting motor includes an electronic feedback system available throughout the task period maintaining the motor's speed under a load.

You can make comfortable bit changes due to the large spindle locking mechanism that requires less pressure. It makes the process of changing bits convenient and single wrench. The adjustment ring also helps to improve on controlled bit changes. The release tabs that attach the base to the body are spring-loaded; removing and installing bases is an easy task.

The base and housing of the router are constructed from string aluminum, therefore, improving its longevity. Has a more generous workspace made possible with an extended sub base's availability allowing contact for efficient worker control?

best cordless router


  • Simple and quick to make significant changes.
  • The adjustment ring makes it simple for the router bit depth movement.
  • Easy visibility due to a clear base and LED.
  • Has an electronic brake that slows down the motor speed during turn off.
  • It is easy to make speed adjustments to the router.


  • Not good for big projects.

The dual LED lights are responsible for easy visibility, and the fixed base also adds to the advantage. The variable speed control is responsible for maximizing the bit speed for different operations. The spring release clamp is easy to adjust and fasten, causing bit replacement easier and quicker to promote the router's use for various applications.

It is easy to make base removal, which also a result of the spring release clamp. The router also has an electronic brake that slows down the motor's pace immediately you hit the switch off button. This is, in some way, prevents damage and ensures your safety.

The soft starting motor has an electronic feedback system that is on for as long as you are routing responsible for maintaining the motor's speed under a load. With the variable adjustment ring, you can now easily and quickly move the router bit's height depending on the task you are performing.

How to Choose the Perfect Palm Router - YouTube 

What is the RPM rating?

To expound on the meaning, RPM stands for revolution per minute. However, this is not the actual determinant of a router's speed. It gives a measure of how many times a router drill bit spins around in a minute. According to the laws of physics, a larger bit is likely to slow the RPM. Keep in mind that different bits work well with different speeds for best results and safety purposes. Most palm routers reach an RPM of between 8,000 and 30,000.

What is the horsepower speed?

The horsepower speed is what is often marked out as hp. This is a crucial determinant in the performance rating of any palm router. Most palm routers have hp of 1 and 11/4 because they do light-duty tasks. If there is a difference in hp among different palm routers brands, it would be minimal. For bigger routers, mid-sized and full-sized the hp goes up to 3 since they serve better in more massive tasks.

Do you need a cordless model?

Yes, you do. Cordless models tend to be the most convenient and efficient types of routers. This not only applies to palm routers but also other router machines. They are the best option to pick whenever detail and size are concerned. They maneuver excellently around the wood and still afford to stay in decent shape. Although they are small, they can hold more weight due to the inbuilt battery and have a higher cost than the corded routers. They will do the job on the spot as long as the battery is fully charged. To improve its performance, you can use a battery with greater Ah.

How long does the battery last?

As mentioned above, battery packs are included in cordless models. Like most battery-run devices, the running time is estimated in Amp-hours (Ah). This means that the performance of a cordless palm router is dependent on the battery. A greater Ah rating means that the battery will last for more extended hours, depending on the task at hand. For optimum performance and running time, larger Ah batteries will be of more outstanding service to you. For instance, a router can do 20 ft routing per Amp-hour.

Does it have a soft start motor?

If you are wondering what a soft start motor is, I will gladly explain. This feature allows you to start your router at slower speeds to avoid any kickbacks in case your grip is not firm. A router that lacks this feature is bound to start at maximum RPM as soon as you hit the switch button. So how it works, you simply preset the speed before turning the router on. Then immediately, you tune your palm router the soft start gradually and steadily turns up the motor to the preset speed.

Does it have an ergonomic design?

Ergonomic designs in almost every product represent better handling and a better outlook. In this case, ergonomic designs in palm routers ensure that you get a firmer and consistent grip when working on your workpiece. The pistol grip runs up from the fixed or plunge base. There are routers with a fixed base that comes with two knobs that help to steady your router. Simultaneously, others have a D-handle base that spells out the perfect description of ergonomic, providing you with a pistol grip.

How to Use a Handheld Unit

Palm routers typically operate at high rotational speeds; therefore, any wrong move can lead to machine kickback. Below are the most crucial steps to follow when routing.

Move-in the right direction.

This is a mistake that most craftsmen make when handling routers. The correct direction means that you are moving against the router bit rotation. The friction between the router and the direction you drive will build up a conflict that ensures full control.

Use clean bits.

The quality of the router bit you are using sets apart good woodworking results and botched ones. Regardless of the router or skills you have, a low bit will ever display bad cuts. The bits' materials are HSS and carbide, whereby carbide has the best quality and lasts ten times longer than HSS. On the other hand, HSS tends to get dull pretty fast, resulting in wood burning.

Clean as you work.

Clean off the dust that usually accumulates when drilling. You can simply blow off the top debris with your mouth as you march on. This is to ensure that you gain clarity of what you are doing, especially when designing pieces that call for meticulous details.

Practice first.

Before you begin the actual routing process on the workpiece, it is best to test the palm router. This ensures that you have mastered the art of moving in the right direction and that your router bit is clean. You can try it on leftover wood pieces just to be sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are palm routers any good?

A: Yes, they are for less complicated tasks. I would not say that they occupy a niche in power tools when performance is in the picture. However, I would also underscore that they are the most convenient option when handling is involved. They are lightweight; no wonder they are handheld units. They are not aggressive compared to mid-sized or full-sized routers since they run on motors with a max of 11/4 hp. They are famous for trimming edges and detailed designs. Therefore we highly recommend them for beginners and light-duty tasks.

Q: What is the best handheld palm router?

A: I. Dewalt D26200 ¼ inch Compact Fixed Base Router. It is small, light, and compact, therefore easy to maneuver and control for intricate work and places that are hard to reach.

II. Makita RT0700CX4 240V Router/ Trimmer. It has a wattage of 710 and can generate an RPM of between 10,000 and 30,000. They are great for working on delicate tasks.

III. Katsu 101748 6MM 1/4 inch Electric Hand Trimmer Wood Router. Are compatible with other parts from major manufacturers, and best apply in small tasks.

IV. Merry 1365 6MM ¼ inch Electric Hand Trimmer Wood Router. The wattage is 510, and an RPM of 28,000 that is good for basic jobs and inexpensive.

Q: What is a palm router used for?

A: Rounding up edges is useful for tables and benches, preventing skin scratches and clothes' tearing. Round edges are better than straight ones for a clean, smooth finish.

Bevel photo frames - you can use a palm router to create beveled edges from wood pieces.

Carving in signs or designs can use a palm router to help you cut in signs or logos into the wood and have signature crafts.

Mortising door hinges.

Doing window cuts.

Trim wood.

Shape wood.

Drilling clean holes.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

Palm routers are the best whenever it comes to convenience and fun. I believe that as compared to other routers, they are the easiest to work with because they are light in weight and come in different grip style modes. The only difference is that palm routers offer a narrower scope as far as the router bits choices are concerned.

If you need a decent balance between control and power, the palm router can perfectly fit your requirements. This is an impeccable fit for any beginner in the woodworking experience for its highly appreciated convenience. From now on, you can disregard debates when you are buying palm routers since you can easily choose from our listed options.

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