Top 6 Best Pin Nailer Reviews 2020 [With Buying Guide]

best pin nailer

It takes time to find the best pin nailer with the sheer number of such devices in the market. If you are looking for discrete and efficient nailing, you require a potent pin nailer too. This article will provide the most reliable models of the universe today. Much as they may have one or two drawbacks, these models are the best choice for your fastening work. They combine accuracy with and power to perform the task with ease and grace.

You might prefer a brand nailer or other types of nailers, but it isn't as accurate as an authentic pin nailer. Knowing when and how to use a pin nailer versus other nailers like the brand type is a little bit like learning when to use a kayak or a boat when fishing. In your entire woodworking task, a pin nailer will be suitable for window beading, making image frames, and decorating the trim. Pinners are perfect when combining two lightweight pieces of wood. Pins will usually become invisible once you paint or treat the surface since they lack heads.

Apart from woodworking, pin nailers can come with handy operations since they are highly versatile. Besides, they are the best tools for art and craft since they are pneumatic powered. However, these models differ in size, type, and features. That means not all pin nailers offer the same functionality. Your choice should be a result of comprehensive research and information. Our guide will cover all the best pin nailers with relevant information that will aid your preference.

Top 6  Pin Nailer Reviews 2020

Metabo HPT Pin Nailer Kit - Best 23 Gauge Pin Nailer


  • the material of the pin nailer is of a high quality.
  • Ideal for both the professionals and the beginners.
  • Very potent even for the notorious hardwoods.
  • The aluminum design makes it durable.
  • Safe to use.


  • You will have to remove the no-mar edge to get the pin far enough.

Metabo HPT is a perfect 23-inch pin nailer for producing virtually invisible holes. It boasts several features that make the model the best in the market for ages. The Metabo comes with a narrow nose, which is excellent for performing small tasks in confined spaces. This pin nailer gives you versatility and power while still one of the most effortless pin nailers to use. Furthermore, the depth adjustment of the tool is quite surprising for flush drives on all the surfaces.

You can use this pin nailer for a variety of services. These applications include paneling, small molding, cabinets, and the picture frame assembly. One of the pin nailers' best features is that it self-adjust to almost all the fastener sizes without having to do it manually. Therefore, the gun is an excellent choice for beginners. You just need to put some new pin, and there you go.

Its remarkable lightweight structure makes it super for long tasks, even those that need overhead support. It is durable and with aluminum blended with steel structure. Besides, it comes with some dual trigger for safety and an accurate position of fasteners.

Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer


  • The capacity of the magazine is high.
  • It is a lightweight model.
  • Comes with additional accessories.
  • Large housing shield to protect the body.
  • Adjustable depth for flexibility.


  • The pin nailer is not ideal for beginners.

Hitachi NP35A is one of the most famous pin nailers in the market today. It comes with two-no-mar tips. You can add one tip to the base for the convenience of the handle. This tip comes with the device from the industry. These two tips will protect delicate wood structures from denting or getting scratches when operating the nailer. Besides, the tool comes with a broad plastic shield to safeguard the body from the metal nailer colliding with the working piece, which might end up causing some accidental marks. The Hitachi fires a whole 23 gauge making it perfect for performing your woodworking tasks.

Another essential spec about the tool is the excellent depth adjustment. You can adjust the pins' depth to fit into the varying length of the materials you are working on. To make it possible, the nailer comes with a hex bar wrench, which helps on the magazine's edges. Remove the wrench and make loose the dual screws at the top of the nailer and then move the plate vertically downwards to adjust the depth of the pin for a better finish. Furthermore, the nailer comes with a reload indicator with orange color for easy recognition when the nail quantity is low to avoid empty firing situations.

NuMax SP123 Pin Nailer


  • It is inexpensive.
  • It does not leave a hole after operations.
  • Outstanding design that is worth your money.
  • Comes with handy accessories.
  • It can take longer pins.


  • The depth adjustment could have been easier.

NuMax Pneumatic is one of the big names in the pin nailer industry today. This model is one of the lightest as well as most of the most affordable on our list. It comes with a 23 gauge headless for the pins and features a durable aluminum body design. The ergonomic grip handle is another feature that makes the pin nailer an incredible choice of superiority. The tool also comes with a hook belt, which is reversible, and a modified trigger for 100% safety measures in case of accidental firing.

Also, the lethal design makes this nail gun perfect for several applications such as crafts, small image frames, and tracking decorative trim. Being a Pneumatic pin nailer, it may not be the most lethal and powerful pin gun out there, but it is the right choice for the money. Besides, its magazine can take more pins at once, saving you time and effort.

Also, it can reload faster than some of the potent models out there. That is the reason why the model is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts. It is easy to operate and quick to learn. Furthermore, you will not have to buy some additional accessories since all the tools are in the package.

PORTER CABLE Micro Pin Nailer


  • Potent motor.
  • Takes longer pins.
  • Ideal for several applications.
  • Comes with a dual-stack ring system to reduce friction.
  • The maintenance cost is low.


  • It has no depth adjustment system.

If you want to find an excellent 23-gauge pin nailer that can take longer nails, then you should consider having the Porter-cable pin gun. This pin nailer can take from 5/8-Inch to 1-3/8- inch. With such length, you can use this pin gun for several applications. The model will offer you an extended maintenance period without having rusts or stains on the work surface. It weighs only a few pounds so that you can carry it to your workshop. The aluminum body offers durability and a feeling of a beautiful structure, such as never been seen before.

Another essential feature of the pin gun is the reversible belt clip, which allows you to get all the accessories when you need them. This pin gun is perfect for cabinet makers and installers. Besides, it can do better in the hands of the furniture makers and the mantle builders. Also, it is ideal for the super fastening of the clamping usage without any limitations.

Take your time while at the shop and look at the design of the nailer. It is so pleasing and perfect. Unlike other models, you don't need to add oil to the working surface. Most noteworthy, it comes with a stack ring system, which helps to minimize internal friction.

BOSTITCH HP118K Pin Nailer


  • The magazine is more significant than the previous models.
  • It has a rear exhaust.
  • Include a dual trigger system for safety.
  • Lightweight model.
  • The accessory kit is rich in design.


  • It does not have the no-mar tips.

Unlike the earlier version, BOSTITCH HP118K is ideal for taking longer pin nails. It is reliable during operations and would work better in terms of flexibility and durability. The capacity of the magazine of the model is awe-inspiring. It can take up to 2000 pin nails under normal conditions. Speaking about the magazine's automatic adjustment, it is still unclear whether the manufacturer will sacrifice price for additional features. Meanwhile, the pin nailer comes with a dual trigger system, which is not a surprise since the feature is shared with other models too.

The HP118K includes the rear exhaust to help prevent the oil from debris when in the workstation. However, it would be helpful if you do not rely on the model's cleaning system since it does have no-mar edges. Another vital spec of this pin gun is the adjustable power switch, which helps control the depth. Though it is still unclear whether switch controls have, the depth adjustment mechanism is quite impressive. Besides, the dimension and the size of the HP118K is moderate and compact.

Freeman PP123 Pneumatic Micro Pinner


  • It comes with an extended warranty.
  • Includes a reversible belt hook.
  • Incredible pin size selector.
  • Durable design.
  • The right choice for reducing fatigue.


  • No assurance for safety.
  • It jams often.

Freeman Pinner is the perfect model to beat when getting the best bang for the money. It is lightweight, effortless to operate, and comes with an extended warranty. As compared to other models, it does not come with a more extended range of pins since it takes pins from ½" to 1 inch, which is not that bad. Also, it comes with a reversible belt hook, which is fantastic, and a pins size option switch. This pin nailer comes with an aluminum design and a perfect body to keep the work on.

The trigger system of Freeman works so well for safety. However, one has to rotate it to the side, which might end up compromising your safety. Typically, the switch is either on or off, which is not a desirable situation to be in. You can count the device on all types of applications due to the number of accessories in the package. Moreover, it includes a comfortable grip handle, which helps to maximize control and reduce fatigue. Besides, the pinner is versatile to perform most jobs for your workshop.

Customer Rating

Speaking about the customer ratings, all the pinners in this list have more than four stars. But how and why is customer rating relevant to the purchase of a pin nailer? First of all, the customer rating is the road map of the right type of pin gun. Besides, the customer rating is the customers' genuine feelings about a particular product; its operations, quality, price, etc. Everybody wants to know how the other person says about a specific product. Since we cannot include all the reviews on the list, we can only mention the rating, a simplified method of customer reviews.

So which is the pin gun with the best rating? Well, all the pinners in the list are good, but the Hitachi NP35A and the Metabo HPT tends to tie for the crown. The two have a perfect rating of around 4.2-4.6 out of the average of five stars. Most noteworthy, these two pin nailers command a considerable portion of the market today regarding quality features and functionality. Furthermore, they don't often jam like other models. Besides, you can buy any of the two pinners at an affordable price.

Buying Guide

Before taking the step to buy pin nailer, remember you are almost to choose that will benefit your projects for a long time. Therefore, you need to make a sober choice. If, in any case, speed is a vital factor, then indeed, a pin gun is the perfect solution.

What to consider when buying a pin nailer?

  • Fastener length. The acceptance capacity of a pin nailer deeply lies on the fastener length. The perfect size of a pin should start from ½" to 1 inch. If a pinner can offer bigger than that, then it is the right choice.
  • Magazine capacity. Sometimes it might be a slow process. An ideal pin gun should have the ability to hold more than 100 micro pins before a recharge. Also, it would be better if a pin nailer comes with an indicator. Get yourself a pinner that takes less time to reload.
  • Rear exhaust. Cleanliness is not an option in a workshop. A rear exhaust will make sure that the air and oil do not stain on the system.
  • Control depth. You will not need the PSI on the air compressor if your pin nailer has the depth adjustment system.

How to Choose a pin nailer - A beginners Guide - YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who makes the best pin nailer?

A: The Hitachi and the Metabo might be the best manufacturers when it comes to pinning nailers. These two companies are known the entire planet for producing the Hitachi NP35A pin nailer and the Metabo HPT Pin Nailer, respectively. Besides, the two manufacturers have the relevant experience and skills to develop more innovative pinners than their counterparts. Also, the two companies have a wide range of capital to support several technological programs.

Q: What is a pin nailer good for?

A: Basically, pin nailers are suitable for delicate tasks such as trimming pieces and furniture. Finish carpentry might be the primary task of any home renovation, and in all these tasks, you will require a pin nailer. A pneumatic finish nailer is perfect for baseboards, crown, and door or window casing. Pin nailers might perform the same tasks with the brad nailers, but in structure and applications, the two are dissimilar. Pin nailers are small and more delicate in their jobs. However, you may need to use the pinners with some sort of wood glue to reduce the internal friction more often.

Q: Does Dewalt make a cordless 23 gauge pin nailer?

A: Yes. The Dewalt announced its new brand or 23 gauge pin nailer recently. This model comes with DWFP2350K, which many sees as a better version than the previous models. According to the manufacturer, the new pin nailer came to address the problems with the earlier versions. In terms of quality, no one can beat the Dewalt. Experts say that the new model might be the planet's best 23 gauge pin nailer with a jam release mechanism. Also, it can take up to 2-inch nails becoming the best choice among the heavy-duty pin nailers.

Q: Are electric brad nailers any good?

A: Yes, the electric brad nailers are useful but lack the power to do heavy tasks. However, most electric brad nailers are free from jamming and come with ultimate portability. To some extent, these models might come with better features than the pin nailers, but both can perform parallel tasks. Most professionals tend to prefer the electric brad nailers because of their fine depth adjustment. Besides, they are easy to operate, and they include batteries, which makes the work easier. Some of the electric brad nailers come with led lights making them a perfect choice for dark lovers.

Q: Will a brad nailer shoot pin nails?

A: Yes. Brand nailers shoot 18 gauge nails, which might be relatively more substantial than some pin nailers. However, all the pin nailers in our list shoot 23 gauge nails. That does not conclude the debates that pin nailers are better than the brad nailers. Most of the enthusiasts prefer both types of nailers to give a project a better finish. Most people get the wrong results when working with a brad nailer because they don't use it for proper applications. Larger brad nailers have a size of 5/8 inches and 2 inches, which means they might be larger than the pin nailers.

Final verdict & recommendation

Choosing the right tool to perfect the work is directly proportional to the results. You can count any of the nailers in this list in terms of affordability and performance. More so, pin nailers of 23 gauges are the best in the nailer family. Besides, why should you make a blind purchase without any adequate information about the pinner you are eying? You don't need to. With this review, you can comfortably do your best without worrying about the warranty since performance is the primary guarantee. Check the information carefully under each pinner, and you will get the model you are looking for.

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