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Creating Keyholes, rounded edges, hinge niche, and wood trimming. These are just but a few tasks that a plunge router can perform. Woodwork projects can be made eye-catching by this amazing tool. Have you always wanted to make decorative grooves in your home? I know it seems impossible, but yes, it's possible. The best plunge router is a miracle worker for creating grooves or even a set of grooves. Who doesn't enjoy seeing their home attractive?

Looking around your home, you'll find one or more things that wouldn't have been complete without the use of a plunge router. Think of cabinets, doors, beds, and many others. A plunge router is a necessity. Isn't it making furniture as other wood materials better and fancier? A plunge router would not be such a miracle worker without its features. Speed, machine power, hand grips, collect size, these and many more feature are what makes a plunge router a miracle worker.

plunge router

Plunge routers are of variable designs. This may end up getting you mixed up when selecting the best one. But with the feature, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of plunge router, you will never go wrong in choosing the best.

Power Plunge Routers


  • Easy to use.
  • Vast features.
  • Different options, plunge or fixed.
  • Versatile.
  • Accurate adjustment.


  • Dust accumulates on the shield.

It is the best-ranked plunge router. But why? Well, it has the potential to be used as a plunge router and fixed. This means that you can perform a wide variety of woodwork projects with it. How do I change from fixed to plunge router or vice versa in that case? Triton has a button that makes it possible for you to switch from one to another.

A micro winder makes it possible for you to have fine and uninterrupted adjustments in depth. You can be, therefore, be sure of accurate adjustments. The ideal speed for materials of a different kind is maintained by the variable speed and soft start. To enhance versatility, it has a quarter and half-inch collets.

To minimize dust intake to the motor, the triton plunge router utilizes the side air vents. With these features, the results will make you smile. No wonder the triton dual mode precision plunge router is highly rated. It is suitable for different materials. Why don't you get yourself one? You will enjoy the wonders it can perform as it serves you.

Horsepower Plunge Router


  • Allow quick set-up.
  • Inbuilt dust collection.
  • User control is maximized.
  • Versatile.
  • Variable speed.
  • Compact.


  • Plunge not smooth.
  • Can't be used in a heavy profession.

Setting up a plunge router may give headache at times. Dewalt dw621 2-horsepower plunge router contains pinion adjusters and rack that helps in the fast and right set up. Do you value quality? The good news is that this plunge router has a full-wave electronic variable speed motor and soft start that ensures constant speed, which in return allows you to have a final quality product. The result should always be in your mind if you want to select the best plunge router.

For dust collection, the activity is inbuilt and is conducted through the integral dust collection system. That makes using horsepower plunge router even more convenient. Variable engine speed can sustain speed, especially when cuts are not soft. This ensures zero burnings of fine wood. No one wants their wood messed with.

Horsepower plunge router also contains quarter and half size collets. For a single bit change, the horsepower plunge router has a spindle lock button. It also has innovative rubber-coated knobs. Are you looking for outstanding performance? Then your choice should be a horsepower plunge router. Easy peasy!

3. bosch plunge router-  best Plunge Router for the money.

Electronic Plunge Base Router MRP23EVS


  • Smooth plunge.
  • Comfortable grips.
  • Lockable power switch.
  • Enhanced visibility of bits.
  • Very powerful motor.
  • Easily mounted on a table.


  • Lacks dust shields.
  • Very heavy.

Bosch features the power switch situated at the handle. Well, it gets even more interesting. The power switch is lockable. Do you know what that means? Lockable power switch at the handle implies that there is enhanced control. Trust me, that's convenient enough for you.

Every plunge router wants a fine and smooth plunge. If you are one of them, Bosch electric plunge base router was specially designed for you. The grip makes it even more comfortable for you to make a smooth plunge. Bosch also features micro-adjustments that allow easier and accurate adjustments. The speed is variable; therefore, it is easy to regulate speed according to the type of materials.

A very powerful motor characterizes Bosch electronic plunge base router. You will have to enjoy its outstanding performance. With an LED light, bits are well visible. It is heavy, Bosch can be mounted on the table to beat this challenge. What an amazing plunge router that puts all your needs into consideration. Get yourself one at an affordable price.

4. Porter Cable Plunge router - 7538 Speedmatic 3-1/4 Hp 

PORTER-CABLE Router  Fixed Plunge Base Kit


  • Powerful.
  • Economical.
  • Smooth plunge.
  • Comfortable handles.
  • Can handle any type of wood.


  • Very heavy.
  • No dust collection system.

Want a pocket-friendly plunge router that will perform outstanding jobs? Look no further for porter-cable plunge rooter has got you. This plunge router is very powerful with two power buttons. If there is excess current, the main switch controls it, and the other one is a trigger button. This plunge router also has a soft start.

For the dust system, there is a fan under the motor which blows dust away. Porter-cable plunge rooter also has ½ size collet. Although it is very heavy, it possesses compelling features. For a plunge router, the heavier it is, the more powerful it is. With the depth gauge, it is quicker to change the plunge and depth profile.

One of its amazing features is the plastic screen. I mean porter-cable plunge rooter also cares about you. The plastic screen blocks the dust from spraying all over you. Who wants their shirt and pants messed up with dust? With a porter-cable plunge router, it is easy to change bits. Well, if you are in Mexico, you might as well look for a store and buy yourself this plunge rooter because Mexico is the home of Porter-cable plunge router.

5. porter cable plunge router 7539 Speedmatic 5-Speed Plunge Router

PORTER-CABLE Router  Fixed Base  11-Amp  690LR


  • It's convenient since it features an auto realizing collet.
  • The router is flexible as its speed and depth can be adjusted.
  • It offers high performance.
  • It's durable even for toughest applications.
  • Has a soft-star feature which maintains constant speed during work.


  • It comes with no spindle lock.

It has a soft start key. What is a soft start key? Well, this feature helps to reduce the force that tends to cause rotation at the startup of the motor. Furthermore, it helps the motor to maintain a constant speed and power during work. Besides, the device can adapt to five different electronic speeds.

The router is made out of aluminum material. This material is durable and helps to prevent the heat that tends to build up in the motor, which can cause damage. On top of that, the material can handle even the toughest applications. It allows the motor to run at 15 amp, which does amazing quick work for everything you feed it with.

It has a depth rod with six positioned turrets. These turrets are angled at a position where it makes it easy to adjust speed and depth.

6. Makita makita plunge router - RT0701CX7 Compact Router Kit

Makita RT0701CX7 1-1 4 HP Compact Router Kit


  • The products design is durable and flat for stability.
  • It's double insulated for effective performance.
  • Has inbuilt L.E.D that lights up the working area.
  • Features a powerful 15 amp that gives smooth routing.
  • Consists of ball bearing that are oversized for durability.


  • Its replacement parts tend to be hard to find.

Makita plunge router comes with a flat design. Well, this flatness makes it able for the device to be firm when changing bits. The tool is also double insulated so that it controls heat build-up while working. Lastly, you wouldn't want to miss out on the inside fan that is made up of labyrinth thus prevents dust from entering the tool

The powerfulness and effectiveness of features is a great thing to consider. This router comes with a motor delivery of 15 amp that gives you smooth routing. Nevertheless, the 2-3-4 plunge depth capacity ensures that the tool digs easily into the wood.

Easy to use and operate. It comes with inbuilt switches and cozy rubberized handles that offer comfortability at work. More to this, when it comes to measurements, the router has easy readability depth scales. You also don't have to worry about installation as it comes with an installation guide.

7. Bosch plunge router - 1619EVS 15 Amp 3-1/4-Horsepower 

Bosch 1617EVS Wood Router Tool Kit


  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Has micro-fine adjustments for effective work.
  • Provides comfortability with the handles.
  • Has soft start-up for smooth routing.
  • It has been enclosed in a durable material.


  • Replacement parts are a bit expensive.
  • The tool tends to be big and bulky.

It has variable speed with the best control. The horsepower router offers variable speeds of 8,000 and 25,000 rpm, respectively. Additionally, the 3-1/4 router gives you soft starts when you want to begin using it. Its friction is less on the hands, so you don't have to worry about blisters. On its optimal control, it's just superb.

It comes with micro-fine depth adjustments and a 2-inch sub-base that opens effectively for large bits. Additionally, its settings allow a smooth convenience of plunge actions when working. Besides, the router has additional items such as collet chucks, collet nut range, a user guide, dust bag, vacuum extractor, and a fine adjustment control extension that are crucial for its performance.

It has a great aluminum construction that serves for longer life. The handles are wooden and fixed on a base that offers comfortability when using the tool. The machine gives you an additional soft-grip handle at the plunge base.

8. DEWALT DW625 3-Horsepower Variable Speed Electronic Plunge Router

DEWALT Router  Plunge Base  Variable Speed


  • Features a motor of 15 amp that gives smooth plunges.
  • Has a variable and accurate bit depth setting.
  • It features a spindle lock button that facilitates single jerk bit changes.
  • Comes with a dust bag to ensure the site remains clean.
  • Offers ¼ and ½ collects that are versatile.


  • The handles are not comfortably designed.

In line with other routers, this tool features a 15 amp powerful motor that gives smooth plunges into woods. Besides, it produces a soft start and generates 3Hp.On top of that, it provides full electronic waves at variable speeds of 8,000 and 22,000 rpm, which plays an essential role in delivering an impressive finish on materials.

The router comes with a variety of unique, efficient accessories. First, it features a dust extraction adapter that helps to clean your working environment. Then it features a depth adjuster than enables adjustments. Furthermore, it consists of a magnifying scale and a micro-fine adjuster that enhances fast and accurate depth settings.

The spindle lock allows you to change bits while working easily. Additionally, the soft-start button ensures that there is no jerking even if you start the machine with high speed.

9. Craftsman 12-amp, 2-hp - best fixed base router

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181


  • The router provides adequate power for projects.
  • It's easy to use and adaptable in all kinds of work.
  • The router comes with a carrier bag and a couple of accessories.
  • Offers variable speeds.
  • The handles are designed to be cozy.


  • The router tends not to mount properly.

This best cheap router provides 6 variable speeds of 10,000 to 25,000 that are perfect for all kinds of material you are working with. Furthermore, the device is powered by a permanent motor of 12 amp and generates 2 Hp. This ensures an effective and smooth plunge and finishes on materials. For revolution per minute of different bit sizes, the machine offers an electronic feedback control.

Durable, designed machine parts. The routers' machine parts are well designed for effective use. For instance, the switch is fixed between the plunge base and fixed base to offer a variety of cuttings in the material.

It has a front deflector and a full view window to ensure clear visibility. The cozy well-designed handles prevent the friction between the machine and your hands to ease the workload. Additionally, the machine comes with its case.

10. Ryobi plunge router  - RE180PL1G 2HP Peak 10-Amp.

Ryobi RE180PL1G 2HP Peak 10-Amp Plunge Router


  • Well-designed handles are comfortable and offer protection.
  • Soft-start button prevents the friction that tends to be caused at the start of the device.
  • The micro-adjustable depth enhances its accuracy.
  • Has powerful, relevant accessories.
  • The router is versatile.


  • Its installation tends to be difficult with other materials.

The router has a powerful motor of 10 amp that gives a smooth finish. With the variables, they can be set to any level that suits your needs. However, while using different sizes of bits, the speed of the motor varies. The voltage readings are of 120 volts as the motor generates a 2Hp.

The versatility feature makes the router perfect for any routing job. The most interesting feature about this plunge router is that the depth can be adjusted to up to 2 inches deep. On top of that, it offers easy control while changing and adjusting speed. Keep in mind that you can adjust the depth up to any depth level that suits you.

The product comprises of relevant accessories that are on it. The handles have an ergonomic design to provide comfort while working. The accessories are also powerful to aid in cutting and drilling.

fixed base vs plunge router

Getting into a woodworking industry has some things you should probably know. Two types of routers are the fixed base and plunge router. Both routers are great, but you should consider the one that best suits for interests.

A fixed base router basically as the name suggests, it is locked at one position on the base, and the cutting bit cannot move. On the other hand, a plunge router is movable, thus considered complicated to use. On the fixed use, they offer more control. This comes about since you don't need much to adjust the depth as it locks manually. The plunge routers offer repetitive process while the fixed ones guarantee each bit an equal depth while routing.

Well, when it comes to cuts, the plunge routers are easily made deep vertical cuts as compared to the fixed ones. This is due to the flexible movements. The fixed, they have to be paired with the table for from usage. Another great interesting tip to differentiate the two is that with fixed routers, you can manually set and lock the depth, which a greater accuracy as compared to the plunge ones.

What Is A Plunge Router?

On the other, most people consider this router as complex to use. However, this is not the case, as we can agree that at times it might not be easy to use a device at first experience. Besides, it might seem difficult, but with time, you get used to it, and it becomes easy to use. With plunge, you need to adjust the depth of every bit you are using for accuracy. It also gives you a manual plunge option has it has two routers on both sides of the arm. This gives you more control over the router for a smooth experience.

How to Use a Plunge Router 

After getting a router, the next thing that you need to know is how to use the tool. You can read the manual that comes with your tool so that you can familiarize yourself with the parts of the router and how the tool works. The first thing that you should do is to set the plunge router bit. The bits come in various sizes and also shapes depending on the nature of your projects.

Next, clamp your router reviews wood on a stable surface because the machine spins at high speed. You can use a strong and stable worktable. After setting your wood, the next thing is to set the plunge router depth. You can even use a ruler to ensure that your results are precise.

Put your router into position. You can do this by pushing a button on the handle so that it can plunge into the material well. Next, plunge the bit into the piece and then use your two hands to position the bits. Once you have done that, press the start button and then press the plunger button that is located on the handle. Apply some pressure until the bit digs in the desired depth. Then, release the button and run the tool to the material.

Considerations for Professionals 

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional woodworker; you need to have the right tools in your workshop. Put your focus on the features of the product so that it can meet your needs. For professionals, you need to be extra careful when picking a plunge router. Choosing the wrong tool can end up affecting your work negatively.

Ensure that your tool is quality, and it will not compromise the quality of your work. Therefore, avoid cheap routers that can break down or shed many parts as a result of vibration during work. You should handle your projects perfectly and get professional results if you get the right tool.

Good Products for Professionals

If you are looking for a quality router for professional applications, then you need to have some crucial factors in mind. First, make sure that the tool you get is reliable. It should do the work it was designed for all the time without letting you down. Not only should you consider the price of the router, but you should also pick quality products from top brands to help you get a dependable performance.

Our reviews cover plunge routers from the best brands on the market today. You should also consider the kind of projects that you do so that you can acquire a tool with the right features. For instance, if you are handling ordinary projects like laying grooves or paneling, you need a tool that has additional features. For simple woodworking tasks, you might not require extra features. After all, you don't want to carry too many tools to your workplace, and you will not even use them.

Considerations for Home Users 

For homeowners, you also have to think about a few things when buying a plunge router. For instance, if you do not intend to use the tool frequently, then you don't have to invest in an expensive model. You can look for a basic tool that will get your jobs done. However, if you have a carpentry business away from home, then a tool with more advanced features is necessary.

Make sure you weigh your options and choose the best tool that gives you value for your money. Homeowners who engage in a few tasks around the house need an affordable router that has basic features.

Good Products for Home Users 

Routers for home use differ from those professionally in different aspects. For instance, in most cases, you will need to carry your tool to the job site. Therefore, you can consider a lightweight model that is easy to carry. If there is no need for buying professional equipment, then buy a portable model that you can use with ease anywhere anytime.

Additionally, I would recommend you to get a tool that is compact so that it can fit well in tight spaces. Investing in small routers can be the best choice if you want to reach tight spots without struggling a lot.

Tips When Buying 

Many features matter when it comes to buying the right plunge router. For instance, you need to check the variable speed. Of course, you want a tool that provides you with variable speed changes. A tool with different speeds gives you more control, and this enhances its versatility. This gives you the chance to handle almost any project at hand. You can change the speed setting from high to low, depending on the nature of projects you are handling.

Another tip that you should consider is an adjustable table. If you use the tool on a table, making depth adjustments should be easy. Additionally, you need a tool that provides you with a soft start. This makes the tool easy to use and minimizes the risk of injuries.

Lastly, when you buy your tool, make sure that you check everything well until you are satisfied. Look for any manufacturer defect like loose parts or screws, cracks, metal pitting, and any unsafe electrical system.


Buying a plunge router requires you to have a look at other options like the drill bit set the tool uses. Other essential things that you should consider is the attachments, guides, wrenches, and much more. If all these things are included, then that is a good machine. Look for a tool where the manufacturer includes a wide range of attachments and accessories so you will not have to buy them separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best plunge router on the market?

A: A plunge router is a versatile tool for any woodworker. There are so many models on the market such that it can be hard to know which one suits your needs. This is why we have researched the market on your behalf to provide you with quality tools that meet your needs. We have given you a list of top plunge routers from top brands like Porter Cable, Dewalt, and Ryobi, among others. All these are quality products that will help you handle your woodworking router reviews  tasks with ease.

Q: What is the difference between a plunge router and a fixed router?

A: When you are selecting the right plunge router for your workshop, you can either go for a plunge router or a fixed router. What is the difference between these two tools? A plunge router is a tool that allows you to preset the cutting depth. This gives you the versatility that you need to perform different kinds of tasks. On the other hand, a fixed base router allows you to keep the router in a fixed position. For instance, if you position the router to achieve a cutting depth of ¼ inches, the bit of the router will bulge past the base of the tool ¼ inches until you make the necessary changes to the depth.

Q: What is the advantage of a plunge router?

A: One of the major benefits that woodworkers will enjoy from a plunge router is versatility. It allows you to do a wide range of tasks as compared to a fixed router. Another benefit of a plunge router is that you can use it to achieve deeper routing as compared to a fixed router. Therefore, you might not need a fixed router because a plunge router can handle almost any task that needs a router. Plunge routers also allow you to do various home improvement projects like fluting, dados, inserts, rebates, and grooves, among others.

Q: What is the best router for a beginner?

A: If you are buying a router for a beginner, you might consider a tool with some basic features so that it can be easy to use. Once you are conversant with the performance of the tool, then you can invest in a high-quality model with more advanced features. I would recommend the Bosch MRP23EVS for beginner woodworkers. This is a quality tool that comes with excellent features to suit new users. Additionally, the tool comes at an affordable price, making it a good selection for beginner woodworkers.

Q: What is the best router for a router table?

A: Routers are versatile tools that you need in your workshop. The previous models were mostly handheld; however, the models available on the market today require mounting on the table to give you versatile operation. You need to select a quality router table that is convenient and easy to use. Some of the top brands you can trust with quality router tables include Bosch, Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Porter-Cable, just to mention a few. These top brands provide efficient tables with safety interlocks, and they are easy to adjust to suit your needs.

Final Verdict & Recommendation 

Plunge routers are versatile tools that provide accuracy and control. Investing in the best plunge router can be a great addition to your workshop. While there are many models to choose from, we have made your work easier by reviewing the top 10 recommended plunge routers. These are high-quality products with effective features that will help you handle your projects effectively.

From our topics picks, our number one recommendation is the Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router. This is the best-rated router on the market today. If you are looking for the best budget plunge router, I would recommend the Bosch MRP23EVS 120-Volt 2.3 HP. If you are searching for the best router for the money, PORTER-CABLE 7538 is the best option. Depending on your requirements, I'm sure you can compare the features and benefits of these products and choose the right product that meets your requirements.

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