Top 10 Best Table Saw Blade Reviews 2020 [Buying Guide]

best Table Saw Blade

A table saw is an important tool that helps you achieve precise and accurate cuts. This is a tool that you will not miss in any woodworking shop or in garages for people who love DIY. Achieve the right cuts go hand in hand with the type of blade that you have in your tool. If you have the wrong blade, then you are likely to compromise the quality of cuts that you get.

It is important to get the right table saw blade so that you can get the most from the tool. With the many variations of blades on the market, it can be quite daunting to figure out which one you need. We have prepared this Table Saw Blade Reviews to help you choose the right blade that suits your needs. We have provided you with quality blades that work well and they help you get improved performance in all your projects. Check them in detail so that you can determine the right one to choose.

top 10 best table saw blade reviews in 2020

Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II 10-Inch


  • Has 5/8 Arbors that offer great cutting abilities that ensure smooth well-cut edges.
  • Designed with reverse teeth to ensure clean and sharp edges.
  • The blade runs smoothly and quietly fit for hardwood.
  • It is one of the most accurate blades for cutting hard and softwood.
  • The blade performs artistic cuts nicely.


  • The quality of the blade is not the best.
  • Sharpening the teeth is not easy.

The Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker 40 tooth saw blade cuts through materials easily and with great precision. Some of the major advantages of this saw blade are Accuracy. As a woodworker, you don't want to mess around little measurements that may cause joinery problems. You need a saw blade that cuts each millimeter precisely.

The Forrest blade is an ideal solution tool to have in your workshop. The sharper the blade the higher the level of accuracy. The Forrest WW10407125Woodworker ii blade boasts very sharp teeth that get through your wood like a knife to a slice of bread.

Are you wondering where to get yourself a saw for detailed cuts in your joinery or woodwork shop? A saw that will slice hardwood timber with ease? The Forrest WW1047125 Woodworker ii blade has been designed to suit you perfectly. It is strong and has sharp well-spaced teeth to cut your hardwood timber perfectly.

Has 5/8- inch Arbors that is ideal in cutting artistic shapes as well as intricate designs. The Forrest WW10407125 Kerf blade is designed with reverse teeth that ensures very clean and well-shaped sharp edges on the bottom and upper surfaces. It also has a sand-free clean finishing.

Diablo D1050X Combination Saw Blade


  • Versatile in its functions to save on time.
  • The close-set teeth are perfect for cross cuts.
  • Has a gullet between the teeth for removal of chips.
  • A thin laser stabilizer to trap noise and vibrations.
  • Has Perma- shield nonstick coat to prevent corrosion.


  • The blade is thin for hardwoods.
  • It may drag a bit while working.

Wondering what is the best saw blade to cut across wood smoothly? Well, you got your answer here. The Diablo 10 inches with 50 teeth is a great saw for cutting wood with a smooth finish. For ripping and crosscuts it’s the best. Between every set of 5 teeth, there is a gullet. The gullet helps in the removal of chips while ripping.

The set of teeth has a closed set that is very essential when performing crosscuts. Where can you get such a combination? It has a thin laser-cut stabilizer that is essential in trapping noise and vibrations making its operation cool.

5/8 inches Arbor that ensures accurate and precise artistic and intricate cuts. The blade is free from corrosion, this increases its life span. The blade works perfectly with both hard and softwood materials. Diablo saw blade ensures smooth and clean-cut surfaces.

It produces sharp edges. Its versatility in performance enables you to switch different tasks easily saving time you would spend changing the blades. The saw is durable to last ages. The blade is protected using Perma- shield nonstick coat that offers resistance to excessive heat as well as corrosion. The saw will fit in different brands of miter saws and execute perfectly.

DEWALT best 10 Inch Table Saw Blades


  • It Has two blades, a 60- tooth and 32-tooth for crosscutting and general-purpose respectively.
  • Versatile in performance.
  • A heavy-duty blade that lasts long.
  • Computer balanced to minimize vibrations and to increase the accuracy of the blade.
  • Allows the user to perform intricate and artistic cuts perfectly.


  • The blades are not coated well against corrosion.
  • Blades might deflect when performing bevel cuts.

Dewalt is a great company that manufactures great and high-quality tools. The Dewalt 10-inch miter/table saw blade is not an exception. Are you wondering which is the best saw blade that can cut plywood, hard and softwood is? The Dewalt blade is versatile in its performance. It is designed to cut across softwood, chipboard, plywood, and hardwood.

This is a combo that you cannot get anywhere else. The blade is computer balanced to minimize vibrations as well as to maximize accuracy for great cuts. The blade is fitted with a thin kerf cut for efficient and smooth cutting.

The teeth of this blade are made using carbide to ensure that they last longer and maintain their sharpness. The blade is well- designed to allow intricate and art shaped design. This is made possible by the 5/8 inches arbor. The Dewalt 10- inch miter/ table saw blades can be easily used for the miter saws and jobs associated with it. It is also great for slide miter tasks.

The blade is heavy-duty to maximize the durability of the blade as well as suit the different tasks it is built for. A great pa k with 60- tooth for crosscuts and another 32- tooth for general purpose tasks pack.

DEWALT 10 Inch Miter Table Saw Blade


  • Versatile in its performance for efficiency.
  • Carbide teeth remain sharp for long and are durable.
  • The blade is computer balanced to improve its accuracy.
  • Incredible and smooth finish on the materials.
  • Well-spaced teeth for maximum precision in crosscuts.


  • The coating on the blade is not enough.
  • Slight deflection of the blades on intricate cuts.

The Dewalt 10-inch Miter/ table saw blade, a fine finish blade with a 60 tooth 2 pack is a great saw that exhibits an exemplary performance. Just like other Dewalt tools, it is high quality and durable blade for your saw. The blade has a very thin kerf for efficient as well as smooth cutting of wood. The teeth are well spaced to ensure fine and precise crosscuts.

The edges are smooth and clean. Versatile performance. You don’t need to change blades when working on hardwood switching to softwood. It is designed to work conveniently on hardwood, softwood, plywood, and chipboards.

The Dewalt 2pack blade fits well on either miter saws or table saws. Teeth of the blade are made using carbide. The material ensures two things; the accuracy of cuts since the blades remain sharp over a long time and ensures the durability of the blade. The finish of the blades is incredible, so smooth and sharp.

It does not miss any measurement to ensure the perfect delivery of the woodworker. If you are a woodworker and haven’t tried this blade you are missing a lot. Changing all blades all the time when switching materials. The blade is durable to last long enough for you to feel the value of your money.

IRWIN Marples 10 Inch Miter Table Saw Blade


  • Smooth cuts due to the laser tooth.
  • It performs bevel cuts and intricate cuts.
  • Versatile in its performance.
  • The blade is coated with nonstick fitted with an aluminum matrix for removing excess heat and ensuring easy cleaning.
  • Well-engineered blade for accuracy and precision of cuts.


  • Compared to blades with more teeth, it has coarse cuts.

The Irwin Marples 10 inch saw blade is a versatile blade that performs various tasks such as general purposes, crosscutting and ripping. The teeth are sequenced in a set of five and have a large gullet between the sets. The gullets help in removing chips while ripping wood.

Precision is one of the greatest factors that has been considered by Italy based Irwin company. The blade has a very thin kerf for precise and efficient cuts. The blade is well-engineered to ensure it is accurate as well as a reduced rate of vibrations. This improves its performance for greater results.

Professionals find the blade a must-have tool for flawless cuts. The blade is highly durable to increase its lifespan. The blade has a nonstick coating with aluminum matrix to remove excess heat thus allowing easy clean up as well as clean cuts. Teeth of the blade alternate right to left forming a knife-edged shape on either of the two sides for precise and clean cuts.

The cuts are smoothened using a lacer's tooth. Combined versatility with precision is a great deal for any woodworker despite the skill levels. The 10- inch blade with 50 teeth is ideal for cutting hardwood, softwood and plywood.

Concord Blades 10 Inch Soft Wood Saw Blade


  • A quality blade for performing crosscuts as well as ripping.
  • The blade has a smooth finish for presentable output.
  • Great in cutting both hardwood and softwood.
  • Has a thin kerf that allows a smooth finish of the cuts.
  • The angle of hooking the blade is lowered to maximize surface for quality cut.


  • The blade is not well protected from overheating and corrosion.

The Concord 10- inches blade is a general-purpose wood cutting blade that slices both hardwood and softwood. It is professional in its performance cutting hardwood to up to 3.5 inches. The teeth are made using carbide material. This ensures that the blade remains sharp over a long time. Carbide also improves the durability of the blade.

The Concord Blade is designed to be used for ripping wood as well as performing crosscuts. It works greatly on miter saws, hand saws, and chop saws. The ability to fit in different saws for various tasks makes it a versatile saw blade.

It has a high speed of up to 5,500 for efficiency in cutting. Which is the best general-purpose saw blade? The Concord Blades WCB1000T08HP is the solution to all your general-purpose cutting needs on abrasive wood, softwood, and hardwood. It has a thin kerf that offers a smooth precise finish accompanied by little waste.

The lower hook angle maximizes the surface quality assumed by the cuts. The angle also greatly improves the feed pressure required for great performance. ATB grind and a 15 degrees hook angle. You will feel the value of your money. Additionally, it also has a 5/8 arbor.

TWIN TOWN 10 Inch Saw Blade


  • Every blade has a unique identification code to avoid imitations.
  • Carbide teeth that are sharp and durable.
  • Designed with a thin kerf for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Made using Tungsten Carbide to prolong its lifespan.
  • A laser cut to trap noise and vibrations.


  • It is not modified to perform intricate cuts.

Twin- Town is a manufacturing company that comes up with great models of cutting tools. Quality is the greatest pillar of the company the Twin-Town 10 inches saw blade has a great quality. The blade is made from tungsten carbide. This makes the blade last long enough offering great performance. Carbide teeth do not require sharpening all times as it maintains the sharpness.

With the Twin-Town blade, you are assured of a lifetime of great performance cutting hardwood and softwood. It perfectly fits on both miter saws and table saws. This makes it versatile for use and eliminates the need to change blades while working on different materials.

It has a C4 construction. This makes it more resistant than others for durability as well as long life. The blade is designed with expansion slots to allow the blade to run in a straight circular motion. Twin-Town saw blade has very sharp carbide made teeth for accurate and efficient cutting.

Additionally, it has a laser-cut that traps noise and vibrations produced by the blade to create a noise-free working environment. Reduced vibrations result in reduced blade warp to maximize the precision of the cuts. Designed with a thin kerf for very fast cuts as well as smooth cut edges. This reduces material waste.

8. Taichi 10”40 tooth saw blades

TAICHIV 10 Framing and Ultra coated Saw Blades


  • It is easy to use the blade saw.
  • It fits perfectly on table saws, circular saws, and handsaws.
  • Designed to slice all categories of timber efficiently.
  • Made using Tungsten Carbide making it durable to last a lifetime.
  • Rotates at a high speed of up to 5,500 RPM.
  • Accuracy and precision are qualities it posses.


  • The cut may not be as smooth as reviewed.

Taichi 10” 40 tooth ATB Carbide saw blade is an all-purpose wood cutting blade. It perfectly fits on circular saws, miter saws, and table saws. The blade can run for a speed of up to 5,500 making it easy and convenient to cut timber both hardwood and softwood. Taichi saw is well-designed to maximize the accuracy of the cuts.

It is also very efficient to ensure that you complete all tasks in time as well as allows you to handle many tasks easily. The 40- tooth blade alternates to allow intricate and bevel cuts precisely. This allows artistic cuts easily.

The blade has a laser cut to allow true cuts. 5/8 arbor enhanced with a diamond knockout. It is well designed to last long. The carbide material used is durable and heavy-duty for longevity. Ultra- coated saw blade, nonstick Perma- shield. These materials used to coat the blade prevents corrosion, rusting as well as removing excess heat for easy cleaning.

Well-engineered to handle softwood safely without cracking or splintering. The edges come out sharp and clean such that one would mistake that they have been polished. It slices hardwood easily and smoothly. The teeth are in a set of tens with a gullet for removing chips.

Overpeak 10 Inch Table Saw Blade


  • Built with tough tungsten carbide to make it durable.
  • The teeth have a unique design to offers smooth and straight cuts.
  • Has 4 laser cut vents to trap noise and vibrations to reduce noise.
  • It is designed for use by multiple saws.
  • Suitable for ripping wood as well as performing crosscuts.


  • It does not work perfectly on thick wood.

Overpeak 10- inch saw blade is a 90- tooth saw that is versatile in its performance. It is made using tougher tungsten carbide material. This makes it very strong and durable to serve you for long. The teeth maintain their sharpness over a long time thus saves on time that you would spend sharpening it. With-it it has 6 laser cut expansion slots.

It has 4 laser-cut vents to stabilize the blade. Additionally, the blades trap noise and vibrations produced while working making its operation less noisy as well as reducing blade warp which inhibits optimum levels of accuracy.

The 10- inch saw allows the top teeth to perform bevel cuts. Its unique design of the teeth offers greater levels of precision to the cuts. The edges are so smooth that one could think they have been smoothened using sandpaper. It is designed to be used by circular, table and miter saws. The blade rotates a very high speed of up to 6000 RPM.

This makes it a great blade when efficiency is considered. You will handle many tasks in a very short time. The carbide blade is perfect for hardwood, softwood, plywood. It could be used for ripping as well as crosscuts.

IRWIN 10 Inch Miter Saw Blade


  • Built using heavy- gauge carbon material to increase its lifespan.
  • Closely arranged teeth for maximum precision and accuracy.
  • The best in grinding and other woodwork operations.
  • Very sharp teeth for optimum precision.
  • They are free from rusting and corrosion.


  • The speed rating is somehow slower for other fast-rotating saws.
  • Its teeth could easily break especially when they hit a hard place suddenly.

One thing you will come to like about the Irwin 10- inch Miter saw is precision of cuts. The teeth are well arranged for precision and smooth cuts. For tasks such as grinding and woodwork applications, the Irwin 10- inch miter saw blade is the best for such tasks. The blade is made using heavy- gauge carbon steel construction.

This increases the durability of the blade. It is safe from corrosion and rusting to last a longer lifespan serving you for long. It is affordable for any woodworker who values quality and wants to take less time on projects.

The blade plate is very solid at the center going to the outer parts to last longer. Unlike previously reviewed saws it has 180 teeth set individually. They are very sharp and maintain that state for long reducing the sharpening frequency. The great arrangement of the teeth is what improves the accuracy and ensures smooth cuts. It competes favorably with other brands since it is highly durable. 5/8 inches arbor as well as a thin kerf for precise cuts. The blade is designed to perform true cuts.

Table saw blade Buying Guide

As a potential customer of a table saw blade there are some key factors that you must consider if you want a great blade for your saw.

You can get a great brand but without checking on some factors end up with a wrong blade.

Blade size

You don’t want to do some shoddy shopping getting a larger or smaller blade that will not fit your saw. To ensure you get the correct measurements for your blade that you want to replace check it out from the manual. The majority of the table saws use a 10-inch saw or a 12 inch saw blade so it is advisable to check well.

Type of cuts

Beginners will tend to use a saw for almost all cuts in the workshop. It is good for a beginner. Different saws have different levels of ability making the cuts even better. According to the look you want on the wood, it will determine the blade you’ll use on the saw.

A smooth finish will not use a similar blade as the ripping of wood.

To be able to know what blade you need you need to know the major types of cuts. The crosscut and the rip cut. The cuts solely depend on the grain size of the material.

Material used

The material used to construct the table saw blade is another key consideration. It depends on tasks to be carried out and how long you want to use the blade. For ripping and another tough task, you need a durable blade. Made of heavy- gauge materials.

Customer Ratings

Customer ratings are a great part of the reviews that you need to read. Different customers have different tastes and so they will rate the product according to hoe they like it or dislike it. What makes a customer rate a tool highly, on the other hand, might not be pleasing to you and vice versa. This will help you make a great decision that you know what you expect.

Starting with the Forrest WW10407125 woodworker 10 inches saw blade it has a rating of 4.8 overall being the best blade. Its longevity has been rated at 4.9 since it is durable. Accuracy has a rating of 4.8, versatility at 4.7 and value for your money rated 4.6. The average score becomes 4.8 out of 5. The Diablo is the second-highest-rated saw blade. It has a 4.8 out of 5 out of 607 reviews. Accuracy being at 4.8, value for your money 4.7 and longevity at 4.7. Dewalt takes the third position with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 for 805 reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which table saw blade is the best?

A: Wondering what is the best saw blade? The Forrest WW10407125 10- inch blade is the best saw blade. This is because its handcrafted frame gives it a steady working position for accuracy. The Diablo comes second due to its dual performance for both ripping and crosscuts. The laser-cut stabilizer reduces the noise levels as well as vibrations for precision.

It misses the first position because the Forrest does the cutting accurately and smoothly. The Dewalt DW3106P5 comes as a dual blade pack sold as one. What makes it third is it has a very friendly price. It fails to top because the blades do not maintain their sharpness compared to the top 2 blades.

Q: What kind of table saw blade do I need?

A: This is a good question to ask yourself. The table saw blade that you need depends on the type of cuts that you are going to make. Having understood the major types of cuts that are the crosscuts and the rip cuts you are in a position to make a well-informed decision.

Table saws such as Forrest 10- inch blade is the best for making rip cuts. For crosscuts, circular saws are the best. A blade with fewer large teeth. A blade such as the Taichiv 10 inches 40 tooth blade becomes ideal for crosscuts. Know your needs first before purchasing one.

Q: Why does my circular saw burn the wood?

A: The circular saw burns the wood as a result of heating up. Charring of the edges would also look like burning that happens during crosscuts. Normal charring would be as a result of no speed adjustments of the saw. This could be reduced by a thin kerf carbide blade. The wood generally has moisture in it.

When the wood is cut it heats up a lot and the moisture expands causing the wood to also expand. Friction between the blades and the wood increases causing a lot of heating causing more expansion of the blade. These are the two main reasons why your wood will burn up.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

We hope that the review has been of great help to all prospective buyers of table saw blades. The review aims to enlighten you on what you need to look for when purchasing a saw blade. The review has also covered some of the great things that you need to look at before deciding on the saw blade to buy. Things such as cuts and material.

Top best table saw blades have also been listed each with their drawbacks and advantages. We recommend that you go through the review nicely and keenly to identify what you would like to purchase for better results.

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