Top 10 Best Trim Router Review 2020 [Ultimate Guide]

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best trim router

You are wondering what a trim router is. What beast is this? Wonder no more here's your solution. A trim router enables you to do an ordinary job to be an exemplary job. You will be able to make gorgeous trims in your compound using this device. The trim routers easily fit in one word. It is a perfect tool when it comes to chamfering, rounding edges, and more. It has a small base that makes it easy to guide it over a narrow edge and a straight edge.

There exist cordless and corded trim routers. The motor ratings range between 1.7 to6.5 amperes with working voltages of between 18 to 19.2 volts. They offer excellent and quality cuts. The high motor speeds ensure that you get your work done in a short time. These routers provide coarse adjustments that can unlock the base and slide it down or up over its body. This makes it very efficient to remove the base when changing the bits. Have a drawback when it comes to setting it to cut precisely. Other trim routers have fine adjustment capabilities. This is advantageous because it allows the user to select the router to cut precisely but changing the bits becomes difficult. For better results, easy changing of the bits, and setting the router for precise cuts, you need to get a router that incorporates both fine and coarse adjustments. It is high time you invest in a great device like this one for better results.

Top 10 best Trim Router review 2020

1. dewalt trim router review - Fixed Base with Variable Speed.

Dewalt Trim Router reviews


  • It has LEDs for improved visibility.
  • A soft start-up motor that is easy to control its speed.
  • A great combination of features, making it great.
  • Has an easy to fit bit mechanism as well as offers a precise cut.
  • The user can control the speed of the tool to suit their needs.


  • It does not have a storage case.
  • Some difficulties while changing the bits without removing the motor first.

This is among the best products. This great wood router has a great combination of features that make it a great product. It can work on a wide range of wood within a short time duration. Additionally, the trim router can perform bevel cuts, flush trimming, and edge shaping. It is designed in a user-friendly manner. This tool has a developed vision controller feature in the device. Such features will make the woodworker fascinated and dissipate a wonderful performance. The 1-1/4 HP motor is outstanding in performance. 

The DEWALT fixed base router has a more powerful performance than other brands of trim routers. It has a variable speed controller that assists the woodworkers in choosing a suitable speed for great results. It has a well-designed grip that is located near the working surface. This enables the user to have greater control over the tool for more productivity and accuracy. The motor is soft, starting to help you maintain the speed of work easily. It has a handy adjustment ring and LEDs for enhanced visibility.

Makita Trim Router Review


  • It has a slim design perfect for house jobs.
  • The variable speed ensures you get the right amount of power.
  • The user has greater control over the trim router.
  •  Electronic speed control helps in maintaining a steady speed.
  • It comes along with an edge guide for a perfect and precise cut at the edges.


  • Its power switch does not have a dust shield.
  • It produces vibrations that make its operation noisy.

Makita is one of the best tool manufacturing company. The RTO701c 1-1/4 hp compact router is a tremendous top-class small size router. It has some fantastic features; precision in its work and high performance are some of them. They have an electronic speed control that maintains a steady and constant speed when the machine is operational. It has a soft start-up mechanism that makes it user friendly.

It comes along with a large number of accessories. The plunge base and the offset base allows a better and precise cut at the corners. It is safer to use the trim router and an extended molding style. Changing the bits angles is essential when it comes to performing the bevel cuts. There is an edge guide that guides the trim router during its operation. It has a motor that operates at six and ½ amperes and 1 to ¼ horsepower. That's an excellent power for a trim router device. It is perfectly sized to perform house chores and the soft starter aids in reducing the load of the motor. It has a variable speed which ranges from 10,000 to 30,000 RPM to suit your power needs.

Bosch Trim Router


  • Easy to install and dismantle the router.
  • Has accessories that aid in setting cabinets and laminated countertops.
  • The colt is easy to remove as well as install.
  • Time-saving when it comes to change the bases.
  • It has a shaft lock that makes the trim router work smoothly.


  • The side base is difficult to install.
  • It requires frequent cleaning to avoid clogging.

An accessory rich tool. They greatly aid in installing cabinets and laminated countertops. It forms perfect edges on all shapes in an easier way. A great partner when it comes to shaping decorative and innovative shapes. The motor speed control allows the dissipation of varying amounts of power to suit the user's needs. It has a spectacular performance. It will work best on ¼ inch shaft bits. The colt is easy to install as well as remove. It requires a little time to change the bases. The shaft has a lock that makes the machine run smoothly.

In case of any shaft complications, you could use the wrench that comes along with the product and fix your router back to work. The motor has a sliding capacity that is good for its performance. To make the motor clamp work, you ought to use your thumb. The fine adjustments are easy to use. The tool requires to be cleaned regularly to avoid dust from clogging when it combines with grease. Additional accessories include a guide rail, a roller guide, and a standard base that makes your work more comfortable and efficient. It also has an under scribe that is essential in cutting joints perfectly.

Dewalt Trim Router review


  • The LEDs offer better visibility.
  • The adjustment dial is easy to use.
  • Easy to install the trim router.
  • It offers a great bit of contact than other routers.
  • A speed controller to suit users' needs.


  • It does not have a storage casing.
  • Has some challenges when changing the bits.

This is one of the best trim routers you'll come across, from its features to its price and versatility in its operation. It can do a wide range of activities example, bevel cuts, flush trimming, and edge shaping. The trim router is well designed to ensure max visibility. Its great performance is attributed to the high-performance motor. It is a lot more powerful compared to other similar devices. The tool's speed is regulated using a speed control that helps choose the right speed to suit your tasks. The grip is perfectly designed to ensure max control of the trim router.

With this Dewalt beast performing trim router, you will realize improved productivity. The final results are mesmerizing. It has improved accuracy and precision. It has a soft starting motor that significantly helps in maintaining the speed of the motor while operating. The featured adjustment ring is essential in the smooth running of the trim router. It has LEDs that help improve visibility while carrying out the job. The clear subcase also ensures visibility in the low illuminated areas. It has a great bit of contact than other routers. The vibrations are also lesser making it extremely quiet.

Dewalt Trim Router


  • Electronic motor feedback for steady speed through the cut.
  • An electronic brake that slows down the motor faster when shut down.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Quick and easy to change the bits.
  • Dual LEDs for max illumination of the working surface.


  • The built-in blade might wear out quickly.
  • The mat may lose its texture after a few months.

The 20v max XR cordless router provides great power for performance. It has equal and more power than other corded compact trim routers. You can easily work from any corner of your workshop without having to worry about curling cords or even breakages. It is so much convenient to use for a cordless tool. It has a transparent plastic base. It has dual LEDs and a transparent plastic base for greater illumination levels, even in less illuminated areas. It is well equipped with a speed controller to provide optimum speeds that suit different working conditions.

Additionally, it has a quick release that allows for easy and efficient bit exchange. The bases, too, are straightforward to remove. The Dewalt cordless 20 v trim router has a depth adjustment ring. It allows for swift and easy height adjustments. The router has a soft start motor mechanism with electronic feedback that controls the motor's speed. This enables the motor to provide a steady pace all through the cuts. It has a tremendous electronic brake that slows down the motor's speed very fast when the trim router is shut down. It has unbeatable value and performance.

Ridgid Trim Router Review


  • It comes with a blade guard for easy and safe transportation.
  • The symmetrical blade design is easy to use.
  • Mat features bias lines for better shapes and angles.
  • Ruler features highlighted seam allowances.
  • The ruler has angle markings for increased accuracy.


  • The spindle lock can be sloppy at times.
  • Some difficulties could be encountered while using the micro-adjustment dial.

They are designed using high-quality top-class materials. It is highly durable. This is a lousy tool that offers incredible performance. The casing is orange in color with a rubber-coated grip that ensures max comfort while using the trim router. It weighs only 3 pounds that makes it easy to handle. It has a flat top that allows you to flip the device while changing the bits easily. Installed is the ¼ inch collect. Generally, to set up the tool is easy. The router base is rounded, making it glide on top of any surfaces easily for effective usage.

Fixing the bits is easy, even for amateurs. All you have to do is depress the spindle lock, slide it into the collection, and tighten the nuts. Additionally, it has a very safe power-up button. It has a new improvised depth control system. This mechanism is impressive and ensures max output. After fixing the depth, the fine adjustments can be made using the micro-adjusting dial. Some people have problems using the dial due to its tiny size. The trim router is powered using a 5.5 amperes motor. It has amazing electronic feedback that helps maintain a constant speed and power dissipation.

Best Compact Router Reviews


  • LED lights and a see-through base for easy visibility.
  • Very accurate.
  • Easy to install.
  • Has a does elimination mechanism.
  • Ergonomic handles for comfort and control over the tool.


  • The vibrations are rather unusual at times, making it noisy.
  • The adjustment dial on top is exposed and might get destroyed easily.

It boasts a 6.5 amperes motor and a 1.25 HP maximum horsepower. The motor provides a variable speed dial. Its speed control ranges from 10,000-32,000 RPM. This is a great speed, which significantly makes it a beast in its performance. It gives the user the ability to select the speed that suits their work at hand. They have a rack and a pinion depth adjustment dial. A comfortable handle is key; this one has an ergonomic rubber coated for comfort and max control over the router. It performs a different kind of woodworking tasks, from cabinetry to joinery.

It is a great machine when accuracy is considered. It has a fast locking mechanism that ensures proper fitting of the depth adjustment. This unit has dual LEDs like other high-quality products. It has a see-through sub base that provides visibility in the less illuminated areas. Its design allows for easy brush changing.

Additionally, it has a dust eliminator, unlike other trim routers that have problems with dust. This provides a cleaner work area. It has a long cord, an edge guide, a roller guide, and many other accessories. All these make it a great trim router to suit your needs. The speed dial is located on top of the router for better visibility and ease of use.

Porter Cable Trim Router


  • It comes with an easily adjustable bit length for improved precision.
  • A lightweight design that makes it easy to handle.
  • It has a powerful motor that generates enough power to run the trim router.
  • Easy to lock and unlock clips for easy removal of the motor.
  • Assured quality plus performance as well as easy to use.


  • The built-in blade might wear out quickly.
  • The mat may lose its texture after a few months.

It is a traditional trimmer that suits the lovers of quality and style. It has XL fastening clips that make it easy to release as well as a fastening. This trim router has a 4.5 amperes motor that has a speed of up to 31,000 RPM. The motor dissipates power enough to suit you and produce great results. This powerful machine assures the user of doing multiple jobs with the trim router. Included in the trim router is a depth ring that ensures precise and rapid bit height adjustment.

The powerful motor and great speed allow a smooth cutting experience. It has a cast aluminum base that helps it be versatile in its action. The locking clips enable you to remove the motor and fix it easily. It has a slim design that ensures max comfort while controlling the machine. Lightweight, which makes it easy to carry and handle comfortably. The medium height of the trim router makes it easy to use altogether. LEDs light for easy monitoring. It also has a long cord that allows a larger working surface. A quiet operation

Best Hand Router


  • It's easy to use and install.
  • It has a transparent base for improved visibility as well as a wide range of activities.
  • Adjusting the scales on the tool is very easy.


  • They do not have a dust elimination mechanism.
  • They require frequent cleaning.
  • They are a bit noisy during their operations.

A highly rated laminate trimmer that is made using durable plastic and aluminum, which ensures longevity. It has a very powerful motor that generates sufficient power to carry out activities such as cabinet making. It is easy to work on wood. Wood trimming, drilling, and grooving are at its best. It has a transparent base, which increases visibility to ensure that you can see in low illuminated areas. The efficiency of this tool is great and recognizable compared to other devices. This makes a great partner in ensuring that you complete all your tasks on time. Quality is another great thing observed by the Cozyel laminating trimmer.

It has a great level of accuracy, ensuring your output is self-propelling in the market. They also have external carbon brushes that are hard to notice. They are also easy to replace when preceding ones are worn out or damaged. The working scale is easily visible and easy to operate knobs. The scale could be adjusted easily. The roller running guide ensures very accurate and smooth edge cuts. It has a quick-release lever that allows easy removal of the motor from the base when cleaning or repairing the laminate trimmer. The tool is essential when processing cabinets, handicraft work trimming, and grooving wood.

Ridgid Trim Router


  • Easy to set up the trim router.
  • The bits are easily changeable by just flipping the base.
  • Variable motor speed is controlled using an adjustable dial.
  • Well built using durable materials for longevity.
  • It works perfectly well on all shapes of edges.


  • The spindle lock can be sloppy at times.
  • Some users find it challenging to use the micro-adjustment knob.

The Ridgid R2401 Laminate Trim Router is a high-class tool that offers a state of the art performance. It is well constructed with high-quality materials to ensure longevity in performance. It is effortless to set up a trim router. It ensures that your hands are comfortable while using it. The grip is rubber-coated. It is lightweight, making it suitable to work with. The flat base is essential when it comes to using the trim on different shaped surfaces and edges.

The bit installing mechanism is straightforward. A little involving for the beginners but a walk in the park for the experienced guys. What is required of you is only depressing the spindle lock and slide it into the collection, and after that, fix the nuts tightly? It has an easy to use and safe power button. This amazing machine has a 5.5 amperes motor. It dissipates ample power for effective and exemplary cutting results.

Additionally, it includes an electronic feedback mechanism. This unique mechanism helps significantly in controlling the speed and power generated by the motor. The speed ranges from 20,000- 30,000 RPM that is easily adjustable using the micro depth adjustment dial.

Trim router Buying Guide

When choosing a trim router, there are some factors that you need to consider.


This is one great and a key factor to consider when considering any router. I would suggest that you do not purchase a router under one horsepower. Low powered machines will result in low quality and very little productivity. To complete your tasks on time and earlier, you require a trim router with a higher power. Else with low power routers, you will be devastated in the middle of your work and result in a poorly done job. You don't want to mess your customers up and so choose wisely.


The speed varies to the type of work you are undertaking. The bits work well with lower speeds and at higher speeds depending on the type of wood being performed. That is why you need to have control of the speed of the router. It would be best if you a moderate speed for softwoods as you don't want to be too hard on them to avoid cracks. The hardwood a high speed is required for precise cuts.


Precision is guaranteed by the bit fitness and its adjustment capabilities. High-quality routers have a large scale of bit adjustment. Also, a nice base like the plunge base will be perfect for your router.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best trim router?

A: The best trim router is a router that combines several features such as high power, accuracy in operation, and has a speed controlling mechanism. A combination of these features makes up the best trim router. In the above-rated trim routers, the Dewalt DWP611 router is the best pick. It will surprise you how well it manages to make perfect results and leave your customers yearning for more—an ideal tool for a professional woodworker. When considering Value, the Makita router is an unbeatable value for your cash. Complete your projects with zero hustle. All the features you need to get your job done are all-inclusive.

Q: What does a trim router do?

A: A trim router is a small handheld device used by woodworkers in their daily activities. Initially, it was designed to trim laminate countertops. They were not so prominent as they are nowadays. Trim routers have become indispensable tools nowadays in almost all wood workshops. They are versatile in their operations. They are used to route inlay cavities, rounding over edges, flush trimming, hinge mortise, and trim laminated countertop materials. It helps in making very nice and precise cuts. It is a great tool to work with, a versatile workshop workhorse recommended to every carpenter out there who loves quality.

Q: What is the difference between a laminate trimmer and a router?

A: We all agree that finding a great tool to suit your task is not an easy job, especially when many products are in the market. A router is a common device that a woodworker will use in a variety of activities effectively. It comes in different sizes, shapes, and styles. On the other hand, a laminate trimmer is a small handheld router that has few minor variations. One main difference between the laminate trimmer and the trim router is size. The trimmers are smaller and have smaller motors. This feature makes them easily held using one hand and especially. The small compact size enables you to be convenient while working. Laminate is designed for plastic and veneer laminate.

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Final Verdict & Recommendation

Any aspiring woodworker or any existing woodworker who hasn't tried the trim router is missing a lot. For any beginner, I would recommend you to get yourself a trim router. They are easy to use. They also come in different sizes to suit the needs of the customers. Trim routers combine several features such as high power, accuracy in operation, and have a speed controlling mechanism. A combination of these features makes up the best trim router. They will ensure that you get your work done in time as well as give exemplary results. Hey, get yourself a trim router and enjoy the best experience ever.

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