Top 6 Best Wood Moisture Meter [Updated for 2021]

Best Wood Moisture Meter Reviews

A Moisture meter is a tool/device that is used by a carpenter or construction expert. It is used to measure the extent of water in a plank of wood. This is important to help them determine if it can be used for the intended purpose. Building experts, woodworkers, construction workers, and building inspectors need to have it. This will ensure they have quality products and outcomes.

As an expert or stakeholder in Woodwork's line, you will at one time need to use a Moisture meter. The moisture meter may look to be a small device, but its importance is numerous. This because many woodworks require different quality of wood materials. One of these qualities is the content of water in the wood. To do this, you will need a Wood Moister meter.

Excess water in woods used for Woodwork can be dangerous. This can lower the quality of the Woodwork done from it. Many building inspectors check on the water level of the wood. If it exceeds the standard amount, it is declared not fit. All this reason contributes to the fact that a wood moisture meter is an essential gadget.

Thus, it would be best if you got the right moisture meter for use. Determining which is the suitable Wood moisture meter might be a difficult question. This is where you need help from an expert. A survey done in North America showed nearly 85 % use the following six Wood Moisture Meter. Let's look at why they are the best.

6 best Wood Moisture Meter reviews 2020

Wagner Moisture Meter


  • Uses the Radio wave signal technology, which has a high frequency.
  • It measures the amount of water without having to dive into the wood.
  • It quickly captures the moisture content in a board or wood.
  • The Meter can be moved along or across a board/wood to cover more surfaces.
  • This Wood Moisture meter relays accurate readings to be trusted.


  • It does not handle Impact very well when using it.
  • The Meter lacks shock absorbing capability while in use.
  • It does not work beyond a depth of 0.8 inches.

The Wagner MMC220 moisture meter is indeed remarkable. It is one of the best Moisture meters in the market. It is designed to be painless. This feature makes it be a non-damaging meter. The Meter does not have a pair of metals probes like others. Thus, when using it, you don't have to penetrate it to the wood. This feature makes me like it because I don't have to struggle to penetrate it through the wood.

Nearly 70% of workers using moisture meter like the pinless one. This is because it has no damage to the wood. Furthermore, it saves time that would have been used to penetrate it through the wood. It uses unique technology to measure the amount of water. This is the Radio Wave signal technology. With this technology, you can scan a large surface. All this is possible without having to dive pins into the wood.

I also like it for its higher depth measurements. This is usually a depth of more than 0.45inches. For accuracy, the manufacturers have got you sorted. They achieve this objective by making it be held in one place. You can hold it along the width and length of the wood/ board for accurate measurements.

Best Moisture Meter For Home Inspectors


  • Offers a Power saving feature that turns it off 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • The Meter alerts you after various measurements of moisture
  • IT has the capability of being able to take Readings in a dark space.
  • It is accurate and has a wide compatibility for many kinds of wood.
  • There is no need to use holes when using it.


  • It only works on wooden surfaces.
  • It Requires regular replacement of the battery.

This Meter is pinless, and it takes accurate measurements. This is a great model for use without having to make holes in the material. This avoids damaging the wood being measured. To ensure more accurate readings, it has a temperature compensation feature. This is to provide the temperature does not decrease or increase at the time of taking measurements.

The Meter makes use of the HF Electromagnetic waves. With this technology, you can get the exact measurements that you need. It also works with different types of wooden materials. You can choose different timber density. This is to ensure that you can multitask with it. You will always get a good reading that is expected without any interference from external factors.

When not using the Meter, it intelligently switches off after 5 minutes of not being in use. This helps to conserve power and also increases its durability. It has a screen that ensures reading various measurements reading can be done even in the dark to read the measurements. The Meter gives an alert when it measures moisture content above the upper moisture limit.

Digital Moisture Meter


  • It helps in the prevention process of growing mold in a house.
  • The mete is easy to use and read the readings.
  • It facilitates efficacy through the power saving technique.
  • It has a wide measurement range and takes accurate measurements.
  • It contains a backlog LCD that enables taking readings in the dark.


  • At times it might be affected by external factors, e.g., temperature.
  • It only tests wooden construction and building materials.
  • It requires maintenance to avoid damage.

General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter is a trusted moisture meter by many. I recommend it for its awesome services and accuracy. I have always liked it for it is simple to operate. Determining the moisture content in many types of woods and other building materials makes it compatible. It also checks water damaged areas to check if water moisture is still present.

Moreover, it facilitates mold prevention measures. This is because you can be able to check moisture contents around the house. Hence, be able to determine if it is wet or dried. This will make you take the right steps to protect your home. The meter is easy to use and also easy to read.

The meter guarantees accuracy at all times. This is by use of the Pin Technology to check for moisture. This is by sticking diving the steel pins into the wooden surface. The LED visual alerts present various outcomes. It comes with additional features to help know when power is low—furthermore, an auto power-off feature to facilitate power saving.

Lignomat Moisture Meter


  • It has a wide range of measurements.
  • The meter is easy to operate.
  • Compatible with pins of various types and sizes.
  • It works in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Works on a variety of surfaces where moisture content measurements are needed.


  • It leaves holes behind after taking the measurements.
  • It has some operational errors which minimize accuracy.
  • It works moderately on dry surfaces.

Among the pin moisture meters available in the market, it is one of the best. I like the level of accuracy in every measurement that you take. The meter is even able to detect very low moisture contents. This ensures that the inspection and creation of woodworks are done accurately.

The meter comes with different pin sizes. This is for you to be able to penetrate through many different thicknesses. The meter also operates at various temperatures. This is without affecting the measurements. It is also used to identify water leaks. This is by pinning it to the surface you want to measure.

It is easy to manipulate and operate it. Reading the values is also easy and has reduced errors. This model features a broader range of measurements. The meter can measure an extended range of moisture content. I recommend it to you, and you will indeed see its many benefits.

General Moisture Meter Review


  • It works both as a pin meter and a piles moisture meter.
  • It has an LCD flashlight for raking readings in dark spaces.
  • Installed with an audible alarm for alerts on the moisture contents.
  • It holds readings for sometimes convenient for viewing later.
  • Come with two spare sets of pins for replacements.


  • The battery gets used up within a few months.
  • It loses quality after many years of use.
  • It does not take accurate measurements on thick surfaces.

Looking at will just make you recognize it's a variety of features that are suited to it. The meter can operate as painless and also a pinned meter. With this, you can be able to alternate depending on surfaces. For example, on surfaces that will be challenging to penetrate the pins. You can use its pinless aspect in such a scenario.

The meter measures two measurements. This is the moisture percentage and also the relative humidity. Moreover, it has a feature of holding measurements. This is convenient for viewing later. It also gives you a chance to record the measurements. I recommend it for its Sturdiness and durability makeup. This is to ensure it provides you more comprehensive services.

The audible alarm feature is also installed. This is for conveying information regarding the moisture contents. Its LCD screen also caught my attention when I saw it. The LCD screen makes you be able to take measurements, even when it is dark. In the process, it makes you not be limited to the working times.

Best Moisture Meter For Wood


  • It helps to protect materials from mold development.
  • It operates in a variety of modes.
  • It offers an easy way of replacing and inserting pins.
  • It easy to read screens with bright colors.
  • The meters are made with sturdy materials.


  • It does not handle Impact very well when using it.
  • It leaves holes behind after taking the measurements.
  • It requires maintenance to avoid damage.

Quickly find moisture readings using this meter. It has high accuracy. The meter also helps one to take readings in a faster way. His will be a significant boost for all your moisture measurements. The gadget is also easy to prepare for work. The pins are easy to insert into materials. That makes it convenient to use.

Furthermore, it works on a variety of surfaces and works well. However, its main area of operation is in the woods. It also m helps to detect the areas with high mold growth potentials. This helps structure owners to implement the necessary strategies to avoid damage.

I recommend it for it will ensure you use the right woods. This is good and the dry woods for all your projects. This helps avoid having cracks at a later time after construction. The meter will indeed save you a lot of costs. You will not have to incur costs later. As it is said, protection is better than cure. Thus, SAM-PRO Dual Moisture Meter will be of great help.

Buying Guide

When buying a Wood Moisture Meter, you need to consider a few things. This will help you choose the right one depending on the type of work. A buying guide will also help you not to spend on something that will not work for you. To avoid this, let's look at 5 buying guides.

Pin or Pinless

Moisture meters are designed into two versions: the pin one and another one, which is pinless. It would be best if you considered which one you want. The pin one measures moisture by creating a hole on the material. In comparison, the pinless one is just placed on the material without making a hole. The pinless one tends to be better though it is expensive.


When buying a moisture meter, you also should check on its uses. Some meters only work on certain types of materials. Where others work in a variety of materials, this leads to a fact it is better to buy one with many uses.


You also should check on the accuracy rates. Some meters tend to be more accurate than others. Considering the place, you will use your meter; you need to choose wisely. In some situations, accuracy is paramount, while, in some estimation, it can work. Thus, you need to consider your situation.

Additional Features

When buying a meter, you also need to check at additional features that come with the meter. These additional features are thing like:

  • Measurements of temperatures
  • Recording and storing of readings
  • Screen LCD for viewing in the dark.

You can consider such features while buying to get additional benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are wood moisture meters accurate? 

A: This varies from one meter to another. It depends on the model of the meter and its way of operating. Factors like pin and pinless conditions are considered. Some meters are very accurate, while some have slight errors. A pinless moisture meter tends to be more precise. This might change slightly in the pin meters. Therefore, the accuracy depends on the brands of meters.

Q: Can moisture meters be wrong? 

A: Yes, moisture meters can, at times, be wrong. This is especially when the surface being measured is too large. Also, when the meter gets damaged, it can give inaccurate and false readings. Excessively high or low temperatures can cause even accurate binder readings. This is why you need to be careful to avoid all these limitations.

Q: What percentage of moisture should firewood be?

A: Properly prepared and quality firewood should be below 20 percent. Firewood that is wet more than are unfit. Such woods might be difficult to light in most cases. This is a suitable wood. This percentage is not achieved at once. It can be achieved by storing the firewood in the right place. Within time the firewood starts to change color and weight. This is a sign that the firewood is fit to use.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

The Wood moisture meter is an essential tool. They are critical for use in ensuring woods with the right moistures are used. According to research done by a certain construction and building class at Cambridge. It showed that 80% of quality wood products had first been measured concerning moisture. This is in order o avoid casualties like cracking.

We also so the buying tips for a good wood moisture meter. They are not complicated, but very important.

I recommend you get one of the wood moisture meters above, and you will have great results.

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