Delta Table Saw Reviews 2020 [ Reviewed By Experts ]

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Are you looking for the right table saw? Look no further the delta table saw is the right tool for you. This particular saw makes it easier to cut long pieces of wood when you are working in a workshop. The tool serves those who are involved in carpentry or any woodwork that need these particular saws. When you work in any workshop you require the right tools.

Without the right tools, the quality of your work will be low and clients will not be happy. Such a situation can lead to a bad review and closure of your work station. When you need to reverse the situation you have to purchase the right tools. As a contractor getting the right tools starts by having the table saws that do work properly. In this article, there is crucial information to help decide on the right saw.

top 5 Delta Table Saw Reviews 2020

The delta table saws reviews is going to cover various things from the various types of delta saws. Their advantages and disadvantages they may have. It also entails the history of the delta corporation which manufactures woodwork equipment. There is also the aspect of having a buying guide that will assist you in purchasing the right delta table saw.

The various features that make a particular saw ideal for a specific job that involves making cabinets or any other item are discussed extensively. You should check what the review entails about the above items.

1. Delta Power Tools 36-6020, Delta 10 Table Saw. Delta Portable table saw. 

Delta Power Tools 36-6020 10 Portable Table Saw with Stand


  • The table saw is foldable for easier storage and transportation.
  • It has a unique table frame for maximum support and stability.
  • The saw has on-board storage for easier access to your accessories.


  • The manual provided by the manufacturer has instructions that are not well understood.
  • The product doesn’t come when assembled completely.

The Delta power tool saw is good for the contractors and enthusiast of the do-it-yourself projects. When you have any project and you need to move the saw. It is easily transferable from one place to another due to its portability. When it comes to making cuts this particular saw makes accurate cuts by just sliding the fence to adjust and make these cuts. It also has a rip right blade of 30 in to handle large rip cut projects. It has delta 10" table saw blade. It is one of the best delta contractor table saw. 

In terms of storage, the folding stand makes it easier to store the delta saw. You only need to unlock the stand using your foot and make the saw to be in a standing position by raising the cutting saw. With these saw you get to know where your accessories are placed since it has an on-board storage unit. The fence is also stored in the on-board storage unit. The tabletop is easy to clean-up because the blade retracts below the blade. The build of this table saw provides the needed support and stability needed to work on any project

Delta Power Tools 36-5100 Delta 10-Inch Left Tilt Table Saw with 30-Inch RH Rip


  • The saw has a fast-breaking system for safety purposes.
  • It has two fixed wheels and a swivel wheel for easier mobility.
  • Faster assembly since it comes with fewer parts.


  • The customer support is not reliable.
  • The packaging of the parts doesn’t suit some customers.

When making this particular saw the manufacturers had in mind the needs of the contractor. For easier movement, the saw has two fixed wheels and a swivel wheel. The cuts are made with pure precision using the heavy-duty one-piece rail. To ease with the assembly, the saw comes with fewer parts for faster and easier assembly. When you need to switch on the saw for use and off when not in use you get good access to them on and off to switch.

The combination of the dual rip windows, the Niemeyer style fence, and the cast-iron assist in ensuring only precise cuts are made. The design of the split guard ensures there is a true rise and fall of the riving knife when making the cuts. The industry design also allows for assembly of the riving knife without using any tools.

The saw is equipped with blade brakes to stop the blade when the switch is turned off. This feature alleviates the risk of injury occurring to the contractor. The tubular design of the table makes it sturdy when working with longer pieces of wood.

Delta 36-5000 10-Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw with 30-Inch RH Rip Steel Wings


  • The steel wings provide a clear alignment between the right and left sides.
  • The unique tubular stand provides stability and mobility.
  • Easy access to the on and off switch.


  • The customer support is terrible.
  • Complains of motors failing after using for a few times.

The Delta 36-5000 hosts a variety of features but the main feature that makes it stand out is the steel wings. The steel wings and the cast iron form the tabletop so that there is no confusion between the right and left sides. It has a 15 amp motor that runs to ensure that the saw operates at an optimum level. The unique tubular provides maximum stability and support when working with this saw.

It has two fixed wheels and one swivel for better mobility around the workplace. The blade is equipped with blade brakes to make it stop instantly when power is turned off. The 10-inch saw with the 30 in rip saw provides a good design for a long haul and a professional look. The assembly of the saw is made easier by having fewer parts packed separately.

4. 5-Hp Unisaw with 52" Biesemeyer Fence best value

5-Hp Unisaw with 52 Biesemeyer Fence - Saw Fences


  • The single-cast trunnion system provides improved vibration control.
  • The saw is ideal for woodwork, boat building, and cabinet making.
  • It is easier to change the blades using the large throat plate.


  • Poor instructions provided in the manual.
  • The parts come with varied measurements.

The 5-Hp has some of the most advanced features compared to the other saws. From the single-cast trunnion system which provides dependable accuracy and smoothness when cutting the dual front cracks that make an adjustment and accurate cuts to be made. The saw also contains a bevel dial that provides lade level fine-tuning with clean accuracy of up to ¼ degree.

The HP 220V motor is suitable for hardwood cuts and manufactured products like the melamine and MDF. To take rough and non-rough cuts the riving knife has a tool-less adjustment for this purpose. Dust-collection is done by the bi-level dust extraction.

5. Delta 36-5052 10-Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw with 52-Inch RH Rip

Delta 36-5052 10-Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw with 52-Inch RH Rip Steel Wings


  • Provide precise cuts using the heavy-duty one-piece rail.
  • It is equipped with blade brakes to stop the blade.
  • The on and off switch can easily be accessed.


  • The assembly is time-consuming.
  • The holes not being drilled properly.

The Delta 36-5052 has a heavy-duty Rh extension board with the required support legs to ensure the saw is stable when working. When it comes to making cuts the heavy-duty one-piece rail system provides the best precise cuts. For safety purposes, the blade stops within seconds after the power is turned off with the help of blade brakes. The on and off switch is also easily accessible.

It has a heavy-duty fence with windows that are dual-rip. The dual voltage of 120v to 240v provides the necessary power to work with various pieces of wood continuously. For a true rise and fall of the riving knife, the saw has a standard tool-free design in place.

The History of Delta Power Equipment Corp

The Delta Corporation was founded in the year 1919 in Wisconsin by Helbert Tautz. The headquarters of this company is in Spartanburg County in North Carolina. The company is involved in the manufacturing sector where it provides various saws to contractors and those involved in woodwork. The company was acquired by Chang Industries in January 2011. They are the current owners of this company up to date. The various parts are manufactured by the company and later assembled in the US.

It has established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in its current location. The reason behind such a development is based on the professional look the company seeks to achieve. The company has faced various challenges while in its restructuring process especially after being acquired by Chang Industries.

Despite the challenges, the company has grown over time becoming a trusted brand in the US and beyond. The woodworking tools have been distributed all over by various online platforms. The pricing has also reduced significantly to serve the needs of their clients.

Table Saw Buying Guide

This is a guide that provides crucial information regarding the various saws that you can purchase, their features and accessories.

Types of Saws

There are various types of saws that are available in the market. Each saw has a different design from the other and the use differs. They are all used to cut pieces of wood or metal. Some of these saws include handsaws, hacksaws, coping saws, circular saws, table saws, miter saws, and oscillating saws.

Portable Table Saws

Just as the name suggests these saws provide easier mobility in a job site. They offer unique versatility that is not found in other saws. When you need to purchase this particular saw you need to find a portable saw that has a unique blend when it comes to performance, efficiency, the price points, and its efficiency. Knowing that there is the various brand of portable table selecting the right depends on various variables.

Some of these variables include the accuracy of cuts made by the saws, the kind of power the saw has, the safety features it entails and whether the saw meets your needs. By taking these variables into account you will choose the right saw for any work environment. Most of these saws need to work in various conditions since job sites change and they are needed where the work is being done. In this instance, the capability of the saw is tested to find out if it operates at an optimum level even conditions are altered.

contractor table saw reviews

The professional contractor needs the right tools when it comes to performing any woodwork contract. You need the right tools to match your skills in this kind of job. Contractor saws are not easy to find. Most of them are small and only perform various DIY projects. When you need a contractor table saw you have to take into consideration a couple of factors. These entail the versatility, power, and stability of such saws. This is because clients need to have the right size of wood to work. The saw should provide the precise cuts needed for any woodwork contract provided to the contractor.

Various features make up a contractor table saw. These features will guide you in purchasing the right table saw for any contract that you are given as a skilled tradesman. Some of these features include the fencing and miter gauge should be included in these saws since they enable accurate angled cuts and stability and control when working. The other feature to look out for is the table size. Generally, contractor saws have a larger table compared to conventional table saws. However, the size is determined by the materials that the contractor mostly works with.

cabinet table saw reviews

The cabinet saws differ from other saws because the motor and arbor are assemblies are held on by the heavy-duty trunnions and attached to the base of the cabinet as opposed to the table. The main purpose of the cabinet saw is cutting through the thick and dense woods. For this to happen a powerful motor and a very sharp blade are needed. The power needed is about 240 volts and the motor should range between 1 to 3 hp.

The other feature that makes them suitable for cutting the thick dense wood is their stability and weight. They are anchored firmly to provide a stable platform to work on. The saw is also able to make the necessary precise cuts due to the large power and being stable. Since there is a lot of sawdust emitted from the cabinet saw. Most table saws are equipped with dust collection units so that you can have a clear area to work on.

hybrid table saw reviews

Hybrid saws consist of features of a cabinet saw and the contractor saw. By combining the best features from these saws you get to have a stable, efficient and a saw that provides accurate and precise cuts. It also hosts additional safety features to ensure that you are safe when working with this particular saw.

Table Saw Features

Table saws have various features which attract the professional contractors and those involved in DIY projects to use such saws. Most of these saws have a tubular design of the table to provide stability. Some are also sturdy since they are made of heavy cast iron. The amps are more or less the same as that of the motor saw. There are also table saws that have higher amps which provide more cutting power. The other feature that makes these tables to be preferred as opposed to the saws is its large access to the on and off switch.

Most of the table saws available in the market are fitted with extensions. The extensions provide a large surface area to work. This allows the woodworker to place large material and even give a good rip capacity. The large boards can be ripped through with ease when such an extension is available.

The elevation and tilt wheels hep the woodworker to control the depth of the cut with just a single pass. There are dust collection units to prevent the work area from being messy and prevent you to see how you are making the cuts. The on-board storage also plays a key role in providing a large storage space for your accessories and tools. Some can event store the blades and miter gauges.

Table Saw Motors and Drive Configurations

The table saw has two motor and drive configurations. The first type is the belt-drive which is more powerful as it is in a standard model of stationary table saws. Power is transferred to the blade through the induction motor and belt. The other type of motor configuration in a table saw is the direct-drive. This particular drive is mostly found in the portable table saws.

The universal motor drives the blade directly and produce a greater amount of power. The type of motor is dependent on the table saw you want to purchase. The belt-drive is the best when making precise cuts since there is no vibration as opposed to the direct-drive motor. This type of motor drive can be used for heavy applications and suitable for professionals.

Table Saw Accessories

When working with any power tool you need the right accessories to use that particular tool. Accessories help you in making the required size and precise cuts when you are using a table saw. Some of the accessories that you need are basic and the table saw cannot function without them. These accessories are the blades, rip fences and miter gauges. The blades are of different types based on their functions. They are differentiated based on the number of teeth and shapes. The blades are used in making cuts of all kinds

The rip fence helps the woodworker in making the precise cuts. It is a guiding tool and without it, accurate cuts cannot be made. The miter gauge works the same way as the rip fence but in making accurate angle cuts and crosscuts. The miter gauge should easily slide back and forth and remain supported and tight. The other accessories include the on-board storage unit, safety accessories and dust collecting bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Delta a good table saw?

A: Yes it is. Delta is a renowned manufacturer of power tools and table saws. It has produced various high-quality products since it was established in 1919. The table saws come with a variety of features to cater to the needs of professionals and beginners as well. Most of the delta products are stable, reliable, efficient and are of high quality.

Q: What is the best table saw?

A: The best table saw has to be determined by what you are looking for in a table saw. The best table saw should offer you what you need in terms of making precise cuts, durability, and stability. Woodworkers looking for a table that will serve the work they want to use it for. They are those who are engaged in boat building, cabinet making and door making. Each of them will select different table saws that serve them well. The selected table saw becomes the best for them according to there are of specialization.

Q: What is a unisaw table saw?

A: The unisaw is a model name given to a saw that was designed by both Rockwell and Delta. The saw was re-designed in 1930 with various unique features. It has a riving knife, blade guard, throat plate, dado head, and three blades. These features provide the necessary safety measures placed to ensure you remain safe when working with the unisaw. It is essential for use when it comes to cross-cutting, panel ripping, ripping and re-sawing. There are also three models of the unisaw that are available in the market.

Final Verdict & Recommendation 

When it comes to purchasing any particular model of the table saw. You require to check out on a variety of things. The most important aspect to consider is your needs. Each particular model has been designed for various groups of people. The professionals, hobbyists and the DIYers. Based on the work you want to undertake with the saw. You should ensure that the particular saw has the necessary features that you require. It is recommended that you look at this guide when selecting the best table saw. We recommend delta table saw 36-725. If you're a professional wood worker for delta 36-725.

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