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When it comes to the world’s manufacturing and woodworking industry, it is hard for some names to miss out in the list. One of these brands is the DeWalt brand. It is popularly known for coming up with great hand tools and power tools for the last over nine decades.

Their products are often a contractor’ choice since their effectiveness and reliability are like no other and folks save up for years to make sure they are purchasing from this brand. However, people often face a dilemma when it comes to two of their best products. That is, the Dws779 and Dws880.

For the longest time now, it has been unclear about the differences between the Dws779 and Dws780 miter saws. A lot of experts have given details about these products. However, there is always something missing, and most of the readers end up disappointed by the kind of information they read.

To many, they remain the two identical sliding miter saws. And this is where this piece comes in. It will clear all the doubts you may have about these products. In other words, it will lay out all the essential and crucial details about the Dws779 and Dws780. For more information, make sure to go through the whole article. Read on to find information!

Dws780 Vs Dws779 - 2020 [Comparison Table]

Product Name





Dewalt Dws779

Dewalt dws779

Expert's 1st Priority 

Dewalt Dws780

Dewalt dws780

Expert's 2nd Priority 

DeWalt Dws779 Vs Dws780 Key Differences:

What are the differences between the Dws779 and Dws780 sliding miter saws? Unfortunately, we do not have a direct answer to this question. However, we will explain what makes a Dws779 different from a Dws780. This section will go into details about specific aspects that make these saws different.

XPS Cutline Positioning System: As much as a Dws779 and Dws780 look identical, the Dws779 miss the XPS cutline positioning system. The blade alignment marking, which acts as the laser guide, is only present in the Dws780. The XPS cutline features an inbuilt bright LED Light that quickly guides the contractor’s use of the blade without any unnecessary adjustments. In substitute of the modern laser guide, a Dws780 uses a traditional laser guide that is less efficient but still operates effectively.

The Price: Inevitably, every purchase decision we take narrows back to the price. And that makes amount a vital feature when it comes to comparing two products. A lot of people take the Dws779 and the Dws780 sliding miter saws as identical twins. Why not when the two products look similar when it comes to the size, features, and other necessary parts that we see with our naked eyes.

However, when you come to prices, the vast difference is surprising. In estimation, the two products have a difference of over $200. And the reason for the big difference is the exemplary feature the Dws780 has, the XPS Cutline System which makes it more expensive.

Blades: The Dws779 and Dws780 both come with stainless steel miter plates and uniformly-sized blades. However, the Dws780 has a bonus feature, the Carbide Blade. It is denser, and experts prefer it for its durability and versatility.  In other words, it is more resistant to extreme temperatures and abrasion, which is not the case for the 12-inch blades. This feature makes the Dws780 more-preferred by professionals since their performance is better. 

Similarities Between The Dws779 Vs Dws780

With how identical, the Dws779 and the Dws780 saws look, similarities do not come as a surprise. In this section, we will explain the similarities between these dual miter saws. We will also go into details about these similarities.

Physical appearance: As mentioned above, the Dws779 and Dws780 sliding miter saws are like twins. The physical presentations of the two saws are inevitably similar. And as much as we would love to point out the differences, the two are like two sides of the same coin. As a result of that, it is often hard to differentiate between these miter saws just by looking at them with your naked eyes.

Power and Speed: Both the Dws779 and the Dws780 has similar inbuilt motors and speed. They both use 15-AMP engines working with a speed of up to 3800 RPM. In other words, the two products are equally powerful and amazing to use.

Cutting Capacity: A lot of customers often wonder if the minor differences between the dws779 and dws780 saws make them vary when it comes to their often. And the answer to the question is a big no. The truth is, both of them have the similar cutting capacity and delivers excellent servers to their customers.

Differences between DWS780 vs DWS779

As mentioned earlier, it is clear that as much as these products look alike, they also feature several variations that we cannot overlook. Continue reading to understand their differences.

Weight: Probably with how similar these saws are, a lot of people tend to assume that they have the same weight. Unfortunately, that is not the case. For the record, a Dws779 is heavier than a Dws780. It is more substantial with around 16%. However, the minor difference doesn’t make any of them less effective.

Precision in Operation: Unlike a Dws779 saw, the Dws780 features an XPS Positioning system that allows contractors to make precise cuts without making adjustments. However, for the Dws779, it misses the bonus feature. And with that, it becomes crucial to make adjustments when using the product. In both cases, both of them are still effective and amazing in their operation.

Blades: Blades are essential features that are essential when it comes to the operation of miter saws. The truth is, a miter saw is nothing without the blades. The blades in the two products are similar to the sturdy construction.

However, they differ when it comes to the Dws780 since it features an additional blade, carbide blade. It may seem less important. However, it improves Dws780’s performance, durability, and versatility. Other than that, it makes it easier for the Dws780 miter saw to deal with different sturdy working materials efficiently without any complications.

Dws779 Vs Dws780- Price Comparison

When it comes to purchasing any item, it is always essential to have a budget. And that case still applies to these Dws779 and Dws780. With how similar the dual look, a lot of people assume that they are identical even when it comes to the price. However, we are sorry to disappoint since their difference in price is like no other.

The fact is, the two items basically look like each other but one cost almost half of the other. Why is that? A lot of people raise this question after discovering the truth. In this section, we will try and answer the question.

A Dws779 is the less-expensive miter saw. Experts highly recommend the product for people with a very tight budget but still needs the product. Anyway, the two items are almost identical, so there is nothing much to lose whatever your choice is. In exact, it is over $200 less when it comes to their price tags in different retailers.

The Dws780 is a more expensive brand, and experts recommend it for professional contactors and people with an open budget and can openly stretch their budget with an over 20% increase. It is more costly thanks to the bonus features such as the XPS positioning system and an additional blade.

For people who prefer and find a laser-guided blade essential, then the Dws780 is the best miter saw to purchase. These two features add a big deal to its performance and end up costing more. Both products are great to buy, so what to settle for is a matter of your choice and preference.

Dws779 Vs Dws780-The Engine Comparison.

Have you ever worked with a low-quality engine? If your answer is a persistent nod, then you probably don’t want to experience that ever again since despite the strain, discomfort it results to low-quality output at the end of all the terrible working conditions. An engine is an integral part of every machine since it determines the performance of the product.

And when it comes to these Dws779 and Dws780 miter saws, things are pretty much the same. Why not, when they are also machines. In regards to how essential engines are, it is only fair that you take into account the power of every engine since you want to settle for a miter saw with a high-quality engine.

The dual machines have an inbuilt power with a high operating capacity of up to 15 amp. It delivers a top speed of 3800 RPM which facilitates the spinning of the blades to deliver a high-quality performance. In other words, their speed and inbuilt motor are equal and provide the same performance. Thanks to the high speed, these saws can easily make cuts in the best way possible regardless of the material.

From the above discussion, it is clear that the two products have the same engine technology. As a result of that, you don’t have to worry when purchasing the saws since both of them will serve you the same way. Settle for any of them and expect excellent performance from both items.

DWS780 vs DWS779- The Blade Comparison

Many people often wonder how different the Dws780 is to the Dws779 when it comes to the blades since they play a vital role when it comes miter saws. This section will compare the blades and explain their similarities and differences.

When it comes to the blades, things are not that different since both the Dws779 and Dws780 miter saws feature stainless steel miter plates that have at least twelve-inch blades that weigh at least 60 lbs. The blades are similar in both products. However, the Dws780 has an added advantage since it features a bonus carbide blade. What is a carbide blade? It is a tungsten carbide blade that features both carbon and tungsten.

Unlike ordinary steel blades that are present in the dual products, the Dws780 carbide blade is denser and works best with heavy-duty materials. It also increases the durability and versatility of the Dws780 miter saw. With that, the blades are more resistant and can comfortably handle higher temperatures.

From the above explanation, some feel that the Dws780 saw is better, especially when dealing with the maximum speed. However, that doesn’t make the Dws779 less pleasant. Despite the differences and assumptions, the two items are equally important.

Why should you buy Dws779?

Being an amateur or professional in carpentry the Dws 779 is the perfect choice. Quickly let me give you the reasons as to why you should take this as your choice.

  • The Dws779 can be easily set up. Setting up this item is a pretty simple task that does not involve a tedious task. It is made of relatable design and hence does not appear like a vast technological word.
  • Design of this item makes handling of the dws779 comfortable, straightforward, and also eye appealing. The design also facilitates changing the position of the miter saw when changing  or rotating the wood
  • It has the most efficient dust collection.  The dws779 has a convenient dust collection method that always keeps it clean.
  • This item is simple to use. I am pretty sure you do not need a stressful thing in your job. The dws779 is quite simple to use. Assembling and starting it is quite easy. also, It gives an attractive and most accurate cut
  • The dws779 slides hence cut a nice width; besides this, it is highly durable and makes crosscuts.
  • The Dewalt dws779 is quite cheaper than other miter saw in the market, which makes it very cost-effective.
  • This miter saw uses the LED technology which focuses brighter shadows which gives a high level of accuracy.

What makes Dws780 worthy of buying?

  • The dws780 has a high performing engine of the perfect shape.
  • It has a sizable weight and works in a surprisingly quiet environment that is safe for your ears.
  • Dws 780 cuts are beautiful at a very high speed. Due to the extraordinary rate of this miter saw, it is time-saving and gives high-quality output.
  •  Buying a dws780 miter saw can never be a regrettable action because the blade is stainless steel made keeping it free from rust hence very durable.
  • The blade includes a carbide blade which is a unique feature of this item which is more resistant to abrasion and friction. Dws780 being a carbide tool finishing is always good thus better performance.
  • It uses the LED technology that cast shadows by increasing their brightness. With this, it makes cutting easier.

What the Dws users say about them.

The Dewalt Company do not only release their items in the market but also make a follow up of their items to ensure the saw efficiently and conveniently serve the users. After doing a broad review of this miter saws with the users, we can confirm that they have an entirely positive performance that is different. 86% of the users gives them a 5star rating which sounds quite pleasing in this competitive industry. The users report that this miter saw is genuinely durable and can withstand tremendous friction. Their cuts are smooth, elegant and you will enjoy using them.

How to Choose Miter Saw In 2020

A Miter saw is a very crucial tool used to make accurate crosscuts in a workshop. Woodworkers produce cut a lot of wood in different styles using this saw. You can make any angle of cuts using this Miter saw. Due to this reason, it is thus important to know how to choose the desired saw. Here is a list of key considerations to guide you in buying a miter saw.

The size of the saw and blade 

When buying a miter saw the size of the saw and the blade are very key guidelines. A consideration that should lead you to the right saw is by considering the size. There are different sizes of the miter saw. As a result, you need to choose the right size to suit your best.

If you are performing heaven weight tasks, a large saw is better. Similarly, it is the best for making cuts on the wide and huge woods. The opposite will be considered for the lightweight workload. A small miter saw will work in such a situation. You need to consider this to ensure you do not overwork nor underwork the saw.

Consequently, the blades are also very crucial to look at. As it is evident, the blade is the most significant part of a miter saw. It is the part that determines how the work is done. Therefore, any single mistake on choosing the blade can fail in accomplishing your objective. Thus, when choosing a miter saw select the right saw and blade size.

Efficient of maintaining (blade replacement)

The efficiency of maintaining the saw is also a key guideline. A good saw which you choose should be able to be easy to maintain and also should use little cost for maintenance. Hence, before you choose a miter saw first know about the maintenance cost to avoid hidden charges.

Another key guideline is the ease of blade replacement. In this consideration, we are talking about the duration it will take to replace the blade and the process of replacing. Choose a miter saw that last for long before being replaced.

Similarly, choose a saw whose blade takes a short process to be replaced. A blade should be easy to replace for the following main reasons;

Easy to replace when the blade gets dull

When changing from cutting hardwood to softwood or vice versa. In case you are cutting plywood, it will need a different replacement of the blade from the usual one.

Sliding or Non-sliding

When buying a Miter saw you need to realize that there are two types about their functioning. This can either be a sliding saw or a Non-sliding saw. The choice will depend on the usage and type of objects. A sliding saw is advisable for heavy tasks while a non-sliding one is better for a small task.

If you want a saw that can move back and forth, then the sliding saw is better. It is efficient for cases that you are dealing with wide objects. This is because you will not need to remove the saw to move to the next position. You only need to slide with the help of the fitted rails.

The Non-sliding miter saw is different. This saw is instead suitable for working with making cuts for frames used in objects like pictures. As compared to the sliding saw, the non-sliding saw doesn’t have rails. Therefore, you need to know the use of the saw first so that you choose the Sliding or non-sliding miter saw.


Accessories are very significant components in a Miter saw. They help to simplify the working of the saw. The working of a saw will at many times depend on the accessories accompanying it to ease work. A good saw is that which has quite some accessories.

Moreover, there are accessories that a Miter saw cannot work without. This may include things like a file or extra blades. Hence, when choosing a Miter saw take your time to consider the accessories accompanying it. Note that a saw which has one package with all the accessories will save you money.

Hence, choose a miter saw that has all accessories under the same package. This will facilitate your working and will also avoid you from spending more to get the accessories.

The grip suitability 

The grip is the part of the Miter saw that is used to act as the handle when the saw is under operation. It determines how comfortable one is when making cuts. Its role may seem insignificant, but in the real sense, it plays a big role in determining the outcome of the cuts.

Due to the reason for choosing a miter saw with the right grip is very crucial. Suitability of the grip is a must for making proper cuttings in the necessary angles. Furthermore, gripping the saw properly reduces the occurrence of accidents.

We recommend that you choose a miter saw that has a good grip. Try even holding the saw by yourself. Then check ho comfortable you will be. If you find the grip to be slippery, then don't opt for that one. On the other, if you find it to be easy to handle without sliding, then that one is the best option.

The weight of the saw

The Miter saw’s weight plays a significant role in its operation and functioning. As a result, it is worth to be considered when choosing a Miter saw. Here we are mainly looking whether the saw is lightweight or heavyweight.

A lightweight saw will be very efficacy for working that requires movements of the saw here and there. The reason for this is to be able to carry it around with ease. On the contrary, a heavyweight saw can work best for a huge task done in a localized position.

Thus, the weight of the saw is a top priority on your guide towards choosing the desired saw.

The Commonly Asked Miter Saw Questions With Answers.

Do I need a double bevel miter saw?

A big yes. Absolutely a double bevel miter saw serves better than a single bevel miter saw. The double bevel can cut both directions, unlike the single bevel, hence you do not have to move the wood but the blade which is energy saving. Besides this, the double bevel miter saw has better features thus using them will always give a perfect cut. You may have the price of this two miter saws as the arguing point, but, note that the price difference is too minimal and does not make a big difference to your pocket. Pick the double bevel miter saw, and you will not have to rotate or readjust your wood.

Does Dewalt dws779 have a laser?

The Dewalt Dws779 do not have laser technology. Remember that this does not make it inferior. It got terrific features that cover it all up and give it an excellent performance that makes it stand out. It has a rare sliding feature that offers smooth and straight cuts. This miter saw has a 3800rpm with a 15amp motor that prologs the durability. Dws is calibrated to give excellent cuts with a bevel that will keep your carpentry work alive due to the best output it provides. The quality of the DeWalt dws779 miter saw, keeps its demand still high. Not even once has it ever broke down. It comfortably withstands high temperatures and friction keeping it away from wear and tear.

What is the benefit of a sliding miter saw?

The sliding feature is a great added advantage that mainly simplifies your work and the energy to be used. A sliding miter saw has a rare feature of rails that facilitates the backward and forward movement of the miter saw. This sliding miter saw, also significantly increases the cutting capacity, and the materials are much thicker. It is worth noting that a sliding miter saw can do everything that a non-sliding miter saw can perform hence the more viscous materials and the facilitation of the both forward and backward movement is an added advantage. I hope that comes as good news to you.

How wide board can a 12-inch sliding miter saw cut?

The width of the board cut mostly depends on the size of the blade. With a sliding 12-inch miter saw gives out a cut of 12 to 16inches cut, which is more than the width of the non-sliding miter saw.  I hope this explains why everyone prefers the sliding miter saw. The broad cuts are always smooth and elegant improving the quality of your wood and giving them an attractive look. With this I am sure your interest is fully covered. Hence you can get a sliding miter saw to have the most extensive cut available.

Is a 10-inch miter saw big enough?

The 10-inch miter saw blade cuts up to a width of 6 inches and is less expensive thus the most affordable miter saw. This miter saw is also lighter and smaller than other versions which make your movement quite simple and prevents using a lot of unnecessary energy. Moreover, your project will determine if the 10-inch miter saw is the right option for you. Look at the project that you will be having mostly in your carpentry and choose a miter saw that is big enough for it to ensure it perfectly fits for the best cut.


As per the discussion above, it is quite clear that the Dws779 and the Dws780 are very similar when it comes to their functionality. The dual is excellent for both the heavy-duty and light-duty commands. And to many contractors, that is the most important part of sliding miter saws. However, it is also essential that you don’t overlook the shortcomings of both products since each one of them have its flaws. When it comes to choosing, it is often more about the customer’s preference and taste.

For the Dws779, the machine is light-duty and performs similar functions as the dws780 miter saws. It may miss the digital laser guide and may cause less precise cutting. However, its good quality is something experts and beginners are proud of using. The Dws780 is more-preferred by professionals thanks to the laser guide that makes their cutting capacity more precise.   Another reason why contractors love it is because of their versatility when it comes to high-volume jobs.

In conclusion, both the Dws779 vs Dws780 are worthy of your money. However, with the details above, you can quickly settle for your ultimate product as per your taste and preference. In addition to that, both of them have universal compatibility that allows them to connect with a variety of stands. Consider the details above, and you will quickly settle for a great product.

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