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A table saw is used to cut a section of a wood piece into different sizes. After cutting and ripping off the wood piece, it is also used for trimming works to ensure the wood edges are smooth as required. Its working mechanism is that the wood to be cut is placed on the surface just below the saw blade, which rotates and cuts the wood. You can determine how deep you want your cut to be by altering the saw blade's holding angle. Holding the blade closer to the wood produces shallow cuts, whereas deeper cuts are made when it is held higher.

You use an adjustable knob on your saw to determine your cut's angle. It is common practice for operators to guide the cut by using the fence. The fence, usually placed on your working surface, ensures that your wood or any other material is well-positioned to be cut. Also, it prevents you from missing the piece of wood you are cutting; thus, even you do not suffer injuries caused by missing the material.

The Grizzly g0771z table saw is a hybrid saw. This means it has both the characteristics of a cabinet saw and a contractor saw. Thus, the manufacturers of this saw try to maximize the benefits of these saws and cut off their drawbacks. It comes with a contractor saw's performance, but its appearance resembles that of a cabinet saw. It comes with a cabinet that is enclosed and has a 4-inch dust port.

It is a powerful table saw with a 2HP motor; thus can cut through any of your wood, be it hardwood or even dadoes. When you purchase it, complete with all parts, it only weighs 286lbs. It is, therefore, light and easily portable. This hybrid saw comes with its hybrid fence. The fence is flexible and can be easily lifted off. Also, its front is quite hard, ensuring it lasts longer. This saw comes with a unique blade system; it has a blade guard that quickly releases the blades and can be changed in a few seconds.

grizzly g0771z table saw review

Grizzly Industrial G0771Z - 10 2 HP 120V Hybrid Table Saw with T-Shaped Fence


  • The saw is very powerful.
  • This saw can cut through dadoes and thick hardwoods since it has a motor rated 2HP powered by 240V.
  • Long-lasting properties.
  • The hybrid saw is made of high-quality materials .its construction is solid and made of cast iron, thus making it durable. Its table made of cast iron has a sturdy fence, ensuring it gives you service for a long time.
  • Specially designed riving knife and blade guard to enhance your safety.
  • The blade guard has pawls that prevent possible kickbacks, which would cause serious accidents. Additionally, it is clear, thus enables you to avoid potential accidents further. This hybrid saw also has a riving knife system that also prevents kickbacks.
  • An innovative adjustable fence.
  • It comes with a saw that can be easily lifted, thus ensuring you can cut out any style on your woodwork. Its arbor speed is great it and rips off wood fast and with ease.
  • Proper dust control
  • The 4-inch dust ports collect dust as you work, thus saving you from respiratory diseases such as Asthma.
  • No noise
  • The saw runs quietly, thus providing you with a good working environment.


  • Frequent need for greasing
  • To ensure its parts do not rust, constant oiling must be done.
  • Comes with a single blade
  • This saw comes with one blade thus you may require another blade to ensure you do your cutting works.

Features of the Grizzly g0771z Review

10 Cabinet-Style Table Saw Comparison

Iron table

The table saw comes with a cast iron table. It is heavy-duty, thus provides strong support for your working surface. It is very stable on the ground; it does not tilt or shake, thus ensuring no accidents occur. Cast iron has been extensively researched and is very durable; therefore, it guarantees you a long time service.

This iron table, of 35-3/8 inches height, is durable and designed ergonomically to ensure you work comfortably.

4-inch dust port

This table saw has a 4-inch dust-control system that is inbuilt.

Dust from cutting your woodwork does not fall on the ground, causing your respiratory problems and a hard time cleaning up. This will save you a lot of energy and time that you would have spent cleaning up.

This port ensures you are working in a comfortable environment that is clean and dust-free; thus, you are likely to come up with good results on the pieces you are working on.

2 HP Motor

The Grizzly table saw has a powerful 2HP motor that is powered by a 120V/240V single-phase electricity. This high HP ensures it cuts through materials in a short time.

This high power may be, at times, a drawback. This is because it can produce inaccurate cuts, thus delivering poor results for your woodwork. This power can also cause quite serious accidents.

Carbide-Tipped Blade

The blade has carbide on its teeth. This material, mainly tungsten or titanium, ensures the blade is sharp since it rarely becomes blunt.

This carbide tip of the blade is essential since it ensures any wood can be cut through easily.

The tipping increases your saw efficiency since your blade can cut huge quantities of wood in a short period.

The grizzly saw has a blade that is strong enough and long to cut through any woodwork easily. It uses a 10-inch knife.

Buying Guide

Once you start looking for a table saw, you have some serious woodwork to do. First, you have to ensure that the saw's power is good; the grizzly g0771z saw will be a great solution for it will offer you enough ability to cut through any hardwood. It would help if you also had a saw that will serve you for a long time; Grizzly g0771z is a long-lasting saw whose components are high quality and very durable.

It would be best if you had a saw that will not expose you to dust that could lead to Asthma or other respiratory diseases for your health. The grizzly saw got you on this one, with its 4-inch dust port.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Grizzly G0771z Is the Best from Others?

A: Apart from the grizzly g0771z hybrid saw, there is a wide range of other hybrid saws in the market. One of its best characteristics is its durability and quality assurance. The use of heavy-duty cast iron in its iron table and lift-up fence takes it a step farther than other saws of lesser durability. Its dust collection system functions effectively and is better as compared to other saws. It has a 4-inch dust port.

It is also simple and quite easy to set up; hence little expertise is required.

Q: Are Grizzly Table Saws Any Good?

A: These saws are great machines. They are very powerful and will give you great results. Whether you are cutting through a softwood or a very cumbersome hardwood, these saws will work greatly. Their horsepower of 2HP is amazing. These saws are ergonomically designed. The table height and dimensions are all designed to fit your demands and provide comfortable working conditions.

Your safety is well taken care of. The cast iron table is stable enough, so it does not topple and cause accidents. The blade and knife system has a guard that prevents a kickback from occurring, which would cause accidents.

Q: What Is the Best Table Saw For The Money?

A: The grizzly g0771z saw is affordable even for a low budget woodworker. Its versatility makes it very cost-effective since you can use it for your woodworks at home or for commercial purposes. It is worth its price since it gives you a long-lasting service. Its durability and its components are good. Also, it comes with fully equipped safety features such as the blade guard to enhance your safety.

Your value for money is ensured since this table saw has a warranty. If your saw comes and you realize it has some defaults, you can always return it to your manufacturer.

However, like all other products, you have to follow the manufacturer's terms and conditions. For clear guidance on warranty issues, it is also important to contact the manufacturer.

Q: What Is a Hybrid Table Saw?

A: A hybrid is a combination of two elements that try to maximize each component's advantages and cut down on their drawbacks. A high breed table saw is a saw that combines different features of the cabinet table saw and the contractor table saw. This combination's product is a table saw that looks like a cabinet saw but functions as a contractor saw. A hybrid table saw is therefore superior to both the contractor and cabinet table saws.

Hybrid table saws have motors with high horsepower. To market their hybrid saws, manufacturers customize their saws to indicate superiority in technology and other useful additional features.

Q: What Is the Best Cabinet Saw in the Market?

A: Cabinet saws are usually quite larger than hybrid saws, very durable and powerful. They are heavier than hybrid saws but lighter than contractor saws.

grizzly saw- Grizzly G0690 cabinet saw is a great powerful saw that boasts of 3HP motor. I highly recommend it as a great starter cabinet saw. Its assembly, however, may be quite tedious.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

The Grizzly G0771Z table saw is a unique hybrid saw in which the manufacturer has been able to maximize its benefits and downsize its disadvantages. I would recommend it for you whether cutting some woodwork at home or a factory requires a table saw. This saw is beginner-friendly, and you will have no issues as it is easy to set up and maintain, and no expertise will be needed. Its great additional features, such as dust collection and its ergonomic design, enhance your comfort.

I believe this article has expounded all you needed to know about this table saw; Grizzly g0771z. Once you purchase it, you will need to oil it regularly to avoid rust and ensure it serves you longer. You will also need to buy another blade to not use a single blade for all your wood cutting works. 

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