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Nailers are the most important tools that every woodworking project will require. When framing carpentry or woodworks, framing nailers always does better than other types of nail guns. Framing nailers are tools to look for when nailing huge portions of wood. They offer a fast and accurate job. The framing nailers eliminate the necessity to employ a hammer hence making your woodwork easy.

They are designed to work on high mechanical timber tasks due to the ability to release the nails fast preventing any jams. You are required to choose the framing nailer that best suits your work from several models and brands on the market.

There are two categories of framing nailers; cordless and pneumatic framing nailers. The cordless nailers depend on batteries for the source of power. You can, therefore, use them on condition that the battery is capable of holding charge.

On the other hand, the pneumatic framing nailers require an air compressor to function. The pneumatics are more efficient and powerful than cordless. This is because the air compressor offers a dependable and unfailing supply of power. The pneumatic tools are usually lighter due to the absence of batteries.

Harbor Freight is one of the best manufactures of the pneumatic framing nailers. In this review, I will take you through one of the best framing nailers from Harbor Freight, its features, advantages, and disadvantages of the 18 gauge framing nailer.

Harbor Freight Tools Central Pneumatic 2-in-1 Nailer Stapler 18 Gauge


  • Quick-release design. Reducing your work effort and also helping you to apply it in your high production sectors.
  • The 360-degree revolving debris evacuation process helps to speed up your work since all the fragments are removed from your work area.
  • A light-weight aluminum tool that allows you to do more work without getting worn out.
  • The base loading magazine capacity of 100 nails.
  • Sequential safety tip prevents wood damage and fires.
  • Does not require recharging


  • Limited portability.
  • High operation costs.

Harbor Freight framing nailer is a nail gun that offers a 2-in-1 advantage for driving staples and brad nails with a lot of ease. The 18 gauge tool has a lightweight design to enable the user to handle it for long hours without getting tired.

The speedy discharge nose piece helps in clearing traffic smoothly. This makes the framing nailer perfect for the application of large volume productions.

The exhaust is rotatable at 360 degrees to help in moving the fragments away from the area of work. It also contains a packed sequential tip trigger that offers safety for more protection. It handles 5/8 inches 2 inches brads, 5/8 inches 1-1/2 inches staples, 18 gauge staples with a narrow crown of 5/8 inches to 1-1/2 inches.

This tool should be operated in a clean and well-lit area to prevent electric shock risks, injuries, and fires. You should also move away from an explosive atmosphere for example, in areas with flammable gases or liquids. This is because the device is capable of producing sparks that can ignite.

This tool comes with a 90 days warranty in case of material defects or does not work as it is supposed to.

Harbor Freight Framing Nailer Specification

  • Item weight- 2.4 pounds
  • Shipping weight- 3.1 pounds
  • Application – Drawers, cabinets, trim, paneling, bookcases, crafts, staircase and furniture
  • Brand - Central Pneumatic
  • Product dimensions- 10 by 9.2 by 2.2 inches
  • Item model numbers- 68019
  • Air inlet size- ¼ in -18 NPT
  • Average air consumption- .05 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • Safety mechanism type- Single sequential
  • Batteries – not included
  • Batteries required- no
  • Capacity- 100 nails
  • Material- aluminum
  • Exhaust Location- 360 degrees
  • Gauge – 18
  • Sizes- 5/8 inches 1-1/2 inches staples, 5/8 inches in 2 inches brads
  • Item package quantity- 1
  • Product length- 10 inches
  • Product height – 9-1/4 inches
  • Product width – 2-1/4 inches
  • Working pressure- 70 to 110 PSI
  • Maximum air pressure- 120 PSI
  • Accessories included- oil dropper bottle, two hex keys

Buying Guide

The following are factors to consider when buying the best framing nailers:

Coil or stick magazine

The magazine is the part that seizes the nails and is joined to the wood piece. The coil magazine holds more nails than the stick magazine. In case you are working on bigger projects you will require more nails and coil magazine will be the best for you. In contrast, if you will be working on a minor project using a few nails, the stick magazine will be good for you


Since you will hold the framing nailer for a longer period, the weight of the tool is important. The lighter the tool the minimal the hand fatigue. A lightweight nailer is extra comfy to operate. You should also check the type and size of handle they contribute to the comfort. A soft rubber handle offers the best feel.

Protective guards

Safety is the key to everyone dealing with powered tools. You should always go for framing nailers with safety guards. This will protect you and the device from debris.

Clipped versus rounded head

In case you want to shoot several nails once you should go for the clipped head and vice versa.

Magazine angle

This affects both the types of nails to use and the maneuverability. The more familiar nail framing selections are 34, 30, 28 and 21 degrees. You should choose a suitable magazine angle depending on the project type.

Central Pneumatic Framing Nailer - Long Term Review Harbor Freight
Customers Reviews

Most customers have had a chance to use the Harbor Freight 18 gauge, 2-in-1 air nailer. Most of them claim that they love the tool as it has been of much help in their woodwork. One of them used the nailer for five years without wearing out. It is a small gun that offers great functionality. He was able to build a chicken coop with the framing nailer easily.

There are negative reviews also with one customer noting that the tool functions well. However, it left some staple-sized marks on the piece of wood. This makes it not good for the final product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Harbor Freight framing nailers any good?

A: Yes, the harbor Freight framing nailers work great. I have been using it in my professional woodwork where I can deliver high-quality furniture. The fact that it is lightweight, it gives me more time to time to frame nails for many hours and I don’t get tired easily. For the time I have used it, about 4 years I have under no circumstances experienced any double fire. The air compressor helps to prevent nails from sticking out leaving the final product beautiful with no bent nails. I highly recommended the framing nailers from Harbor Freight.

Q: What is the best nail gun harbor freight for framing?

A: Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic 2-in 1 is the best nail gun for framing. This is because it uses an air compressor for a source of power making it reliable since does not need battery recharging. Also, it is lightweight making it simple to use and less tiresome when framing nails. It can be used in large woodwork projects since it has a capacity of 100 nails. The framing tool is cost-friendly making it affordable to new beginners. The full sequential tip offers protection to you and also to your work-piece. You will be able to work fast as it has a speedy release nosepiece that clears jam faster.

Q: What is framing nail guns used for?

A: framing nail guns are used for heavy-duty wood projects like house framing, room construction, and building decks. The guns are used for wood siding, framing, major carpentry work, fence construction or wood sheathing. The guns drive in nails on the wood, metal surfaces or on concrete surfaces instead of you using a hammer.

Q: What is 3 in 1 framing nailer?

A: It is a full head or a gun clipped nails with accuracy when the jam-packed sequential fire energy is utilized. It carries out several tasks and has room for several fastener types. It is easy to use with an original magazine position alteration. It contains a modifiable air deflector that speeds the framing work. It has an air consumption of between 8 to 12 CFM and a PSI between 60 and 100 depending on the size of the nails.

Q: Can you use a framing nailer with a pancake compressor?

A: Yes. The Porter-Cable c2002 Oil-Free UMC is a pancake compressor that delivers 206 SCFM and contains the utmost pressure of 150psi. This makes is adequate to operate a framing nailer. On the other hand, in case you are nailing at a high-speed, the pancake compressor will need to reprocess over and over again. For this reason, I would recommend that you use a slightly bigger capacity compressor for professional work. In case you are carrying out home improvements and DIY, the C2002 will be good for you.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

The Harbour Freight framing nailer is one of the most affordable and best quality nail gun tool. Being built from aluminum, a tough duty material, it can last for years without wearing out. The 90 days warranty makes the framing nailer tool more reliable. With unique features and great performance, it stands to be the best choice for DIYers and professionals. It has the capability of carrying out extensive applications so easily.

The mechanism to clear jam effortlessly makes the tool to be of very great performance that any constructor would need. In case you are looking for a nail gun, I would highly recommend the Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic nail gun and you will never regret.

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