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Are you looking for an exceptional tool to provide small but precise and smooth cuts in your workshop? Then look no further, the Hercules Mini Benchtop Cut-Off Miter Saw is the best mini cut-off saw available in the market! This miter saw is a versatile craft saw that allows you to cut through a lot of different materials. Designed as a light material cutter, it can cut through wood, plastic, resin, fiberglass, and other soft metals such as brass, copper, nickel, among others. This miter saw can be adjusted very easily to suit a variety of your cutting needs. This is the fastest and most affordable choice for a craft miter saw.

Setting up the saw was very simple with the aid of the included manual. However, the set-up is so simple that you’ll be able to figure it all out on your own. You’ll be making accurate cuts on your workpiece in a matter of minutes. You just have to secure the saw to the table to ensure that it does not wobble while cutting. In order to achieve precise cutting, a high-speed motor is necessary. Thankfully, the Hercules miter saw has a powerful motor rated at 7800 rpm. Its powerful motor provides the capacity to cut through various materials with utmost accuracy.

The Hercules miter saw has the simplest and most ergonomic controls. At its back, it has an adjustment knob that you can lock when making miter cuts. The miter gauge shows you the angle your saw will cut through. Having this mini cut-off saw in your workshop is a great addition for your DIY and crafts projects.

Hercules Mini Benchtop Cut-Off Miter Saw for Hobby Crafts Mini Cut-Off Saw


  • Has a high rated motor (7800 RPM) which provides a fast and accurate cutting experience.
  • Easy to maintain because of the simple build and small dimensions.
  • Can accommodate miter cuts up to an angle of 45°.
  • Has a 2-inch blade diameter at 0.020-inch thickness for enhanced cut precision without the need for sanding.
  • Ideal for small crafting on light materials.


  • Tends to get stuck on the material when cutting too fast.
  • Limited to small jobs.
  • Motor could easily burn out if it gets stuck.


If you’re a handyman whose projects consist of a lot of cuts on light materials or a hobbyist who loves working on crafts, then the Hercules miter saw is a necessary upgrade to your workshop. It has a great performance that can stand the test of time. This saw is the cutting buddy you can rely on for years. It produces perfect cuts on light materials and with a little work on its settings, it can be very accurate. Furthermore, this miter saw is very easy to maintain. All you need to do is brush off cutting residue like sawdust and replace the blades regularly. Switching out to a new blade is important because a dull blade would cause more strain on the motor.

This item is the best option available for a mini miter saw. It is very affordable yet does not sacrifice quality. The combination of a powerful motor and the 0.02 inches thick blade makes for easier piercing. Its super-speed and thin blade makes cutting through wood seem like cutting through butter. The name 'Hercules' is really a great fit after all.

It is very easy to set up and adjust. All you need is a screwdriver, an L-square, a piece of wood and a tapping mallet. The adjustments are necessary to set the saw at a right angle for accurate cutting. All you need to do when adjusting is adjust the knob at various positions while cutting the piece of wood. The wood material is used to test the miter angles for cutting. This miter saw allows a cutting range from 0 to 45 degrees. This is great for more customization in cutting.

The miter saw provides the smoothest cuts on light materials. No need for you to sand off the work piece afterwards. This saves you a lot of time and effort. It can cut through up to ½ of an inch in depth, perfect for light materials.

Buying guide

For various cutting and crafting projects on different materials, you will most likely need a miter saw. The question is, which one is the right choice for you? There are several types of miter saws that you may consider buying. The first type is the standard miter saw. A standard miter saw can rotate to the side which allows you allows you to cut the board from the top at an angle or what is commonly known as miter cuts. Secondly, compound miter saws are miter saws that also bevel, or tilt, to allow you to cut your piece at different angles, both horizontally and vertically. Lastly, we have the sliding miter saws. Sliding miter saws add an additional function to the previous two types. They slide forward so you can cut wider pieces than the blade would normally allow.

Each type serves a specific purpose. If you are unsure of what to get, you should definitely check out this article on miter saws. Once you get a good idea on what type of miter saw you need, here are some of the factors that you need to look at when buying your miter saw.

Presets and fence

It is very wise to ensure that the miter saw you're going to get has solid detent presets. Moreover, the saw should also have a strong and level fence support. This is to ensure that you get accurate cuts without the need to constantly check if you aligned your work piece properly. The detents make your saw steady while the fence support ensures your material doesn't move.

Dust collection

The cleanliness of your workstation should be a top priority. You should buy a miter saw which has a standard dust collecting system. The location of the dust bag on the saw should also be a consideration, whether it’s on the left, right, or attachable to either sides. This is important because it influences where the work piece will be placed and where you would place your miter saw.

Blade size

Most miter saws come with 10-inch or 12-inch blades. The 10-inch saw blade is the usual size that comes with miter saws. It is the ideal diameter for the usual size of work pieces used in woodcutting. On the other hand, it is sensible to get a 12-inch blade if you're going to cut large and thick materials. For smaller jobs, the 2-inch saw blade of the Hercules miter saw is the perfect size to cut and craft with.

Tooth count

The tooth count is another important consideration when buying miter saws. If you only need rough cuts on your projects, you should go with the lower tooth count blades. However, if you want high-quality finishes on your projects, you should go for a saw blade with a higher tooth count.

Storage space

Space is one of the major factors that can make or break your purchase. The space available in your work area should always be considered before buying a miter saw. For instance, if you decide to go with the sliding miter saws, you should know that you will need a large working space. If space is a major limitation and you will only be doing minor cutting jobs, consider buying a mini cut-off saw like the one from Hercules.

Type of power

In this case, you will have to choose between a corded miter saw or a battery-powered one. Corded miter saws provide the best experience especially when you have sufficient power supply. Battery-powered miter saws are great when cutting outdoors or in project sites where the power supply is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Hercules miter saw good?

A: Yes, it is. Hercules miter saws are manufactured to provide quality cuts at affordable prices.

Q: What is the best miter saw?

A: It largely depends on what you're going to use your miter saw for. If you need a miter saw to work on large projects, you should opt for the larger miter saws. Sliding miter saws are also an option if you will be working on very long work pieces. For smaller projects, a benchtop miter saw works just fine.

Q: Are Hercules tools good?

A: Yes, they are. Hercules tools are usually called as the cheaper DeWalt. They are on par with the build and output quality but at a more affordable price. Most of their products have a near 5-star rating in online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, among others.

Q: What are the best miter saw manufacturers?

A: There is a wide range of miter saws you can get from top brands on the market. These include Dewalt, Makita. Bosch, Wen, and of course, Hercules, to name a few. These are the recommended companies that provide high-quality tools built to last for long.

Q: How do you replace the miter saw blade?

A: First, make sure to disconnect the miter saw from the power supply. Next, press the spindle lock and loosen the bolt. Third, remove the miter saw blade and install the new one. Lastly, press the spindle lock again and tighten the bolt until secure.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

The Hercules Mini Benchtop Cut-Off Miter saw is among the best miter saws in the industry. For small jobs or hobby crafts, I definitely recommend this saw. It can make fast and accurate cuts thanks to its thin blade and powerful motor. This saw is the most accurate and powerful model at its price range. It is also compact and simple to use. For anyone who hasn't ever had an experience with a miter saw, this is the one to start with.

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