Ultimate Hitachi C10RJ Review 2020 [Portable & Most Dependable]

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hitachi c10RJ table saw

Hitachi C10RJ Review

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Deciding on a top-notch job site tool should not compromise on quality to save money. With a growing demand for portable, dependable professional tables saw getting the right tool can somewhat be challenging. Among the many options, the Hitachi c10rj caught my attention and that of many woodworking professionals.

This table saw comes with a solid construction, powerful motor, and it is versatile. The Japanese-made table saw is the best solution to all your job site wood cutting projects. With the 10-inch blade, it can handle the most challenging jobs from its way. It was designed with professionals in mind, and with the nickname The Hulk, I guarantee you won't go wrong with this table saw.

If you are familiar with the top table saw manufacturing companies, you may have noticed the similarities between the Hitachi c10rj and the Dewalt Dwe7499 table saw. These two table saws both have similar features, although there are a few differences as well.

The Hitachi table saw appears as a top contender for the best portable table saw. With all the other competition on the market, that question is, can it live up to the hype? Continue reading my Hitachi c10rj review and see what this saw is all about and what it has to offer.

hitachi Table saw C10RJ review in 2020

Hitachi C10RJ table saw features

Hitachi C10RJ Review


  • The table saw comes with a professional design to handle all professional tasks.
  • It features a stable folding stand to provide stability during operations.
  • This table saw is easy to use and powerful enough to cut through various wood and non-wood pieces.
  • It comes with a dust collection port for Proper dust Management.
  • You can easily adjust the saw when working with different pieces of various projects thanks to the Adjustment knobs.
  • The show also comes with a universal 10-inch carbide-tipped blade.
  • It comes with an electric brake that stops the rotation of the blade in seconds.
  • It features a telescopic table extension that allows 35 and 22-inch rip capacity to the right and the left, respectively.
  • It comes with a universal 15 amp motor that produces up to 4500 RPM.
  • The riving blade will allow cutting material without Kickback.
  • The oversized power switch has an emergency off safety cover, which enables you to shut off the tool immediately.
  • The table saw also comes with a two-year limited warranty.


  • The sophisticated design of this table saw is not ideal for DIYers and beginners.
  • The table saw also comes at a higher price compared to others from its competition. Some people may not be able to afford it.
  • It also comes with a complicated user manual, which is hard to understand by some users.
  • Some users noticed that the meter gauge fell out during operations and when they were transporting the saw. However, this can be solved by having it secured before use and during transportation.
  • The blade is known to perform poorly on pressure-treated wood plus some hardwood such as mahogany.
  • Some users had mixed reviews on the quality of the fence adjustment knobs.

The Hitachi table saw comes with reliable, durable construction. It is a powerful and versatile saw which can be used to handle most woodworking projects. This table saw comes with a 35 rip capacity, which is perfect for ripping lumber. This table saw also comes backed with a two-year warranty, which will cover most quality issues from purchase time.

This Hitachi table saw model comes with a soft start system, ensuring safety and reducing noise during startup. This can be achieved without sacrificing both ramp-up and power. The zero voltage restart will eliminate restarting of the Machine when power is cut off abruptly during operation. The overload protection feature will automatically shut off the device to protect the motor from getting damaged.

Additionally, the saw comes with a 3/4 inch t slot miter gauge, which has large scale adjustable positive stops. The Stops are at 0, 22.5, as well as 45° right and left. This will allow you to cut material more accurately.

The portable table saw also comes with fold and roll stands with 8-inch rubber wheels for easy transportation. The stand is stable to ensure that you have a firm working surface. You will also have the tool stored away even when you have a small storage space, thanks to the fold-able legs. This table saw also comes included with the following.

Push sticks.

Rip fence assembly.

5 mm hex bar wrench.

4 mm hex Bar wrench.

Meter-gauge assembly.

Anti-kickback pawl assembly.

Two blade wrenches.

2.5 mm hex Bar wrench.

10 inch 40 teeth cupboard tipped blade.

Blade guard assembly.

Outfeed support assembly. All this will ensure the tool's smooth operation to enable you to achieve the best quality workpieces.

Design and build

The Hitachi table saw comes with a high-quality, durable build. It is designed with professional users in mind. All Hitachi tools are known for their reliability as well as durability. The table saw features a convenient on and off button, which is easy to access. This makes the table saw an easy tool to start and turn off.

Aside from that, you will get a great organization with this saw. The onboard storage offers plenty of room to store several accessories such as push sticks, the blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, among others. You will also be able to work with materials of different sizes.

What impresses the most is the stable and durable foldable stand, which turns is the saw into a portable tool. Also, the foldable stand makes it easy to transport the saw to different job sites. That's not all the legs are stable, meaning it will operate smoothly without any disturbance.


This table saw is equipped with a powerful 15 amp motor, which produces up to 4500 revolutions per minute. The table saw is ideal for handling most types of wood materials. The tool also provides the best force to rip through hardwoods and other wood pieces effortlessly and quickly.

The motor has a soft start function as well as an electric brake. This can protect you from getting injured while using the Machine. The motor is also protected from damage during operations by an overload sensor. With this feature, the motor will always work in good condition.

Cutting capacity

For any table saw to be among the best, it should cut more substantial pieces. The Hitachi table saw is an excellent tool for such tasks. With dimensions of 22× 28 - 3× 4 inches, this table saw comes with a telescopic table extension that allows a 35 rip capacity to the right and a 22-inch rip capacity to the left.

The rep capacity is possible due to the reliable rack-o-pinion system as well as the rotating fence mechanism. How about an outfeed extension to cut through any pieces you wish to work with. 

Additionally, you will get a generous cutting depth with this table saw.

The cutting depth will allow you to make cuts of 3-1/8" at 90 degrees and 2-1/4" at 45°.

Dust Management

Several professional woodworkers worry about purchasing a portable table saw without a dust management system. Although some of these tools come without one, the Hitachi table saw is an exception. The show features are reliable that support, which can collect dust coming from the wood materials. You can either connect it to a collection bag or a vacuum cleaner. This can help you keep your job site or workshop free from dust and clean.


When you plan on purchasing any tool, you must think of your safety, as well. A good quality tool will have safety features made to eliminate injuries and increase productivity. The Hitachi table saw comes with a number of these safety features.

The most impressive is the soft-start feature, which will start the blade at a low speed and keep increasing until it gets to the highest rate. A table saw that starts at too high speeds will cause injuries, especially if you are not ready with the workpiece. The soft-start will allow you to get more comfortable and prepared to start using the Machine.

Another excellent safety feature is the electric brake on the table saw. The break will enable the tool to stop operations in a few seconds in case of any danger. The 10-inch blade guards also prevent wood pieces from hurting you during activities. Also, when the tool is connected to a collection bag or vacuum cleaner, it will prevent dust from interfering with your vision as you cut.

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Additional Features

The Hitachi c10rj comes with some other features which are made to enhance your experience with it. These include the following.

Universal carbide-tipped blade - This table saw is compatible with all 10-inch table saw blades. The 40 teeth all-purpose blade can be used to rip through various types of wood effortlessly. The blade is capable of working on different hardwoods, and you will be able to get cleaner finishes at the end of every operation. There is no doubt this blade was built for high cutting capacity.

  1. Dado capacity

This table saw is compatible with several dado blades as well as a dado insert. The dado capacity of the Hitachi c10rj is 8× 13/16 inches. I guarantee you will be able to cut grooves in your workpieces without any frustration.

  1. Depth control

The table saw offers fence micro-adjustments, which are convenient for you as you work on different workpieces.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much is a Hitachi table saw?

A: The Hitachi table saw comes at a slightly higher price. When you compare its price to some that come with the same capabilities, you'll find that the prices are somewhat different. Capacities may be the same, but the quality matters the most. Therefore, if you are a woodworking professional, then you must know that the quality of a table saw should not be sacrificed to save a few Bucks

Q: Does Home Depot sell Hitachi?

A: Home Depot sells are several portable table saws from different manufacturers; however, they do not sell Hitachi. Once you purchase your product online, you will get free 2-day shipping on qualified portable table saws.

Q: What is the best Hitachi table saw?

A: The best Hitachi table saw is the Hitachi c10rj model. It comes with a sturdy, durable construction as well as a fold and roll stand. This table saw also a massive rip capacity plus several safety features to keep yourself using the machine. It is a robust, reliable, professional job site tool that will handle most of your woodworking Project.

Q: How do you adjust the blade on a Hitachi table saw?

A: The saw cabinet had got a cast aluminum block as well as a nylon holder. The aluminum block comes with two silver hex head bolts. These bolts are on the downside of the table saw. Once you get the bolts, you will find the mounting holes elongated to make some adjustments. All you have to do is loosen both of the locks to adjust the blade.

Final Verdict & Recommendation 

Although this table saw is not ideal for beginners because of its sophisticated design, it is still a perfect professional machine. The Hitachi c10rj table saw has several benefits that will help you achieve top-quality results. The saw is equipped with various features, including a solid construction, wheels for transportation, a stable stand, and a 15 amp motor.

Furthermore, the saw boasts plenty of workspaces to enable you to handle larger workpieces. The saw is an excellent job site table saw, which you should get if you want a top-notch quality tool for your woodworking projects. It is dependable, sturdy, durable, and I guarantee it's among the best you'll find on the market. I hope my Hitachi c10rj review has enabled you to learn more about the tool and what it has got to offer.

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