Hitachi C12FDH Reviews 2020 [ Is Worth Buying? ]

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No matter what level of carpenter you are in, you will need a strong miter saw by your side. The only way to make sure you get a strong one is to go the right way and go for the Hitachi C12FDH. This miter saw is good for beginners, professionals, and those who are into DIY. Don't believe me? I will prove you wrong. Apart from this article, there are different people, ourselves included, who will speak to the amazing abilities of this miter saw.

The key to a good miter saw is in its features. And the Hitachi C12FDH doesn't disappoint. First of all, Hitachi is a powerful brand, and you know that it will bring you all you could ever ask for. This saw has it all, from the lightweight design to the laser guide, to the dual bevel, this miter saw is a heaven-sent tool that you need to be in your arsenal.

Hitachi C12FDH


  • Lightweight in design.
  • Has a laser guide for faster cuts.
  • Is versatile due to its dual bevel feature.
  • Can handle different jobs with ease.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • A good dust collection system.
  • Powerful motor that can cut through any material.
  • It has a long fence for making vertical cuts.
  • Quick to stop.
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • Vice clamp might act out.
  • Build quality might not be well equipped for some tasks.
  • Miter adjustment can be a little loose.
  • The fence can be hard to adjust.

Let us now take a look into what makes this miter saw the best one you can find. We will talk about all the features that this saw has, and this will help you see why this is one miter saw you need to have. Hitachi also gives you a 5-year warranty with this saw so you can get it changed or fixed easily whenever it breaks down, or you notice a problem with it. This will come in handy, especially if you notice a problem with your saw, which we hope won't be an issue for you.

Hitachi C12FDH Overview

This is a non-sliding compound miter saw that has a 5-year warranty, something you rarely find in its competitors. This saw is a dual bevel miter saw with incredible capacities, both miter and bevel. It comes with an adjustable fence and a laser aligning system for easy adjustments. It also has a powerful motor, one that you will need to handle all your tasks without stopping all the time.

The C12FDH has compound cuts from 0-48 degrees both to the left and to the right, allowing you to make angled cuts easily. Its bevel capacity is up to 48 degrees, amazing, huh? The saw also has a powerful blade that spins at 4,000 RPM. This speed, combined with the 15 amp motor, gives you great power to cut through any load of your choice.

One other thing that the C12FDH offers you that is rare in other miter saws is the micro-adjustment. This allows you to get the most accuracy out of your cuts without having to remove the bevel. This feature is one that will make all trim carpenters happy.

As we have seen, this saw has great features which are rare in other miter saws. These features are great for woodworkers, framers, and finish workers. It does not shy away from any kind of work, no matter how difficult. The miter saw is also easy to learn how to use, so you will not have any problems even if you have no prior knowledge.

Hitachi C12FDH Dual Bevel Miter Saw Features

One of the many fantastic features of this miter saw is the dual bevel. What this means is that it can make bevel cuts to both the left and the right with adjustments of 0-48 degrees on both sides. This feature makes it easy for you to make crown molding cuts with great precision, which is more than other saws have allowing you to make specialty cuts. It also has a micro-adjust feature that lets you fine-tune a cut once you set the bevel angle. This is all done without unlocking the bevel.

Build and Design

The C12FDH miter saw is built with material that can withstand a lot of pressure. This feature is a great comfort for those who handle heavy-duty work. It lets them know that they can perform their tasks without fear of the saw breaking. The excellent build also ensures that it lasts for a long time. This way, you can use the miter saw for all your carpentry projects for a long time without it getting damaged. And even if it does, there is a five-year warranty so you can get it switched for a better one.

For most miter saws, it is hard to get one that has a design that is both lightweight and can hold its own in doing projects. This saw weighs around 46lbs. This is a nice size for anyone who wants to use it but is afraid of feeling weighed down. Even though the design is lightweight, you don't have to fear for its sturdiness. This saw gives you all the stability you could ever need, even when handling heavy tasks.

One thing we would like to point out is that some of the saws might come dented or with some anomalies on their build. This shouldn't worry you as it might be a problem with transportation. Hitachi has excellent customer service, so you can get it replaced once you contact them.

Cutting Capabilities

How can we talk about a miter saw without talking about its cutting capabilities? As with the other features of this saw, its cutting capabilities are mind-blowing. The saw has a 15-amp motor. This motor is powerful enough to spin the blade at a rate of 4,000 RPM. This allows you to make cuts quickly and cleanly. The speed is also powerful enough to allow you to cut through any hardwoods, finish molding or plywood.

 Another feature that we haven't shied away from mentioning a couple of times is the saw's miter and bevel capacities. These allow you to make bevel cuts that range from 0-48 degrees and miter cuts up to 52 degrees. It also has an 8" under blade capacity that can cut anything up to 8-inches.


The dual bevel system that we've talked about so much adds to the accuracy of the saw, and it also allows you to have more control over your cuts. The saw also has a double locking mechanism; the primary one is for where the bevel is to be set, and the secondary is for fine-tuning, to ensure you get the most accurate angle. 

It also has a laser marker system for extra accuracy. You can activate the laser before starting the blade. This makes it easy for you to know where the blade is going to drop. The laser alignment is great for adjusting the miter gauge too.

Dewalt DW715 vs. Hitachi C12FDH

This is a duel between the Hitachi C12FDH dual bevel and the Dewalt DW715 single bevel. We would just like to say straight out that the Hitachi is the best when it comes to efficiency and convenience. It is more flexible and performs easily, even for beginners. The C12FDH also has a laser marker system. This system allows you to make more accurate cuts, and it is a feature that you can't find on the DeWalt.

The DeWalt, on the other hand, can cut larger stock pieces and has a sturdier build. It, therefore, can last longer than the Hitachi. In our opinion, the C12FDH wins this battle due to the dual bevel capacity and much higher power output, which is good for cutting tough pieces of lumber.  It also has a belt drive for a smoother, quieter operation. It also has the 5-year warranty we keep raving on about which tops anything else.

Who Is It For?

This is also something else that we have touched briefly on who the saw suits best. Now depending on what you are going to be using it for, this saw is versatile. Due to its powerful 15 amp motor and the 12" inch blade, this saw is good for professionals. It is a little heavy, but compared to other saws of its kind, it is lightweight. It is also quite and so won't disturb you even when doing some serious tasks.

DIY users are also another group of people that will benefit from this saw. Carpenters and Trim carpenters will also love this saw because it makes the best framing and finishing jobs. It works great with standard-sized materials. The dual bevel features allow you to make crown moldings. The dual bevel adjustment with micro-adjust for fine-tuning great for trim carpenters.

If you are a woodworker, you can also use this saw to your benefit. The great features and strong build are great for handling any woodwork. The strong motor and powerful blade that can cut through any kind of wood, yes, that's right, even hardwood. This capability makes it a great buy for woodworkers. And it also has a long fence that can handle the long wood pieces for vertical cuts.

It is also easy for a beginner to use this saw because it comes out of the box when it is already accurate. This means you won't have to start setting it up from the beginning. It is also very accurate so it will not disturb you when making cuts with it so you will not need to have any experience of using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum height of an object the C12FDH can cut through?

A: The Hitachi C12FDH comes with a blade that is 8 inches long. This lets you make cuts to a material that is 7 inches thick. It can also make crosscuts of 3 ½ x 5 ½. The saw also has an aluminum fence. The fence is 5-inches long. The fence is adjustable so it can cut an object with a height of around 5-8 inches depending on the length of the fence.

Q: Does the table saw comes with extension wings?

A: The Hitachi C12FDH table saw does not come with extension wings. The table in itself is 4 ½ inches- 5 inches tall. It does have small wings that can fold out, but it does not come with long extensions. It is an additional purchase that you can buy on your own. There are some wing holes that you can use to clip the wings that you purchased on. The table in itself is long and stable on its own, but you can buy the extension wings for extra support.

Q: Is the laser light fixed in one place?

A: The laser light is not fixed in one place. It is adjustable to either the right or the left. This adjustment allows you to follow the blade so it can illuminate the part that you want to cut. On the saw, the light is located near the blade. This is so that you can make more accurate cuts. You adjust it to either the left or the right where the blade is about to cut. This helps you to see where the blade is going to fall before cutting for accuracy.

Q: Which additional benefits does the Hitachi C12FDH have?

A: an additional feature that the saw has is a splinter guard behind the fence. This guard reduces splinters for a clearer work surface. It also has an ergonomic handle that is perfectly designed to provide a perfect grip for added stability. There is also a wide base and support system that ensures that the saw is stable and prevents vibrations. The saw also has carbon brushes that can be easily accessed. These brushes help to prolong the saw's life. A final feature is a clamping system. This system holds the work-piece in place and reduces unnecessary movement.

Q: What's about the built-in laser marker system?

A: The laser marker is an ingenious method that is used to make accurate, precise cuts all the time. The marker system is activated before switching the blade. It is good for making an alignment. It points to where the blade is about to fall to make sure you make an accurate cut. You can adjust to your preference. Make sure that the laser and the mark on the work-piece are aligned, and then you can make an exact cut following the laser guide. With the right measurements, you will get a correct, smooth, and accurate cut.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

The Hitachi C12FDH is a Godsend to all carpenters, woodworkers, DIY enthusiasts, and even beginners. This is because this saw has all the best features at an affordable price. Professional workers will be especially happy with this saw because it delivers the best work. The saw can handle any kind of work without easily breaking down. It is made from long-lasting materials for durability and high-quality performance. What more can you ask for from a miter saw? This is one saw that will not disappoint you.

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