How does the hydro jet power washer work?

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Cleaning is one of the essential factors in human life. However, cleaning some places can be hectic, especially if you do not have the necessary tools to clean. A hydro jet power washer is one of the best cleaning machines that you can use.

Whether you want to clean a dirty car, moldy brick wall, muddy pathways, or wooden fences, this item will do an amazing job. But the big question is, how does the hydro jet power washer work? If you want to know how this machine operates, this guide will help you learn to get a better understand as well as its pros and cons.

What is a Hydro Jet Power Washer?

A hydro jet power washer is a powerful hose that uses pressurized water jets of about 1500 to 3000 psi to clean. It is connected to a garden hose to help clean different surfaces by using pressurized water. The kinetic energy produced hits a dirty surface with a lot of force, leaving the surface clean.

Most of these jets have long hose pipes that enable you to clean even high surfaces like ceilings and walls. The hydro-jet power washer is made using corrosion and rust-resistant materials to enable it to last longer. It is safe to use on concrete, brick, wood, glass, siding, or even plastic surfaces.

A hydro jet power washer is composed of several vital parts that enable it to function successfully. These parts include:

  • Inlet hose

This is the pipe that connects the power washer to the water supply. It has a filter that prevents any dirt from entering the machine, which can block the pipes.

  • Water pump

The water pump can either be an electric motor or a gas-driven engine that sucks and squirts water in and out of the washer.

  • Gas-powered engines/ electric motor

It is used as a source of energy for the water pump. Most of the huge washers use gas engines while the small washers use electricity.

  • Circuit breakers

Some washers contain the ground circuit breakers to prevent any electrical fault that may result from water coming into contact with electricity.

  • A long hose

This hose uses very high pressure to drive water from the washer to the item or place you are cleaning. These hose pipes are toughened using either compacted plastic or wire mesh to prevent bursting.

  • Powered attachment

You can either attach a valve, rotating brush, or a spinning-wand spray depending on the item you are cleaning. The force of the water usually drives these attachments.

  • Pressure gauge

This is where you adjust the washer's pressure to your preferred level.

How Does a Hydro Jet Power Washer Work?

The following are steps on how this powerful machine works:

STEP 1: Put some detergent through a hosepipe.

STEP 2: Connect the other hose to the tap and open the tap to allow water to flow in the washer. As the water gets in, it is filtered to ensure that no debris or dirt gets in the washer.

STEP 3: Put on the power source, either the gas engine or electricity for an electric motor.

STEP 4: Once the power is on, the water pump starts to draw the detergent plus the water in the washer. The water is mixed thoroughly with the detergent. In case you want to use hot water, some washers heat the water before releasing it.

STEP 5: The water pump releases water under high pressure through your selected attachment. All the attachments usually have narrow nozzles that aid in increasing the water pressure. The higher the pressure, the more water you use, and the cleaner the surface will be.

Water can stick to the dirt particles hence removing dirt from a surface. The detergent, on the other hand, helps in breaking any oils and grease on the surfaces. It also increases the ability of water to stick on the surfaces making surfaces cleaner. A hydro jet power washer helps to remove all the dirt, including the one that is difficult to clean using water and detergent only.

It is essential to try the jet first on a hidden surface to ensure that it does not damage your items. Also, read all the instructions carefully before doing any cleaning using a hydro jet power washer.


  • Help to clean even the stubborn clogs using water only.
  • Ease of use. The machine is simple to install and operate.
  • Very powerful. You can use it to remove any tree roots that may have invaded a sewer line without any difficulty.
  • Environmental friendly service. The operation is very safe for the environment.
  • It is fast. It is very efficient to use for commercial as well as residential cleaning as it saves much time.


  • Too noisy. These washers produce too much sound when in operation, which is quite disturbing.
  • Much water is needed. Hydro jets use a lot of water, making them less economical in places with a shortage of water. This is due to the high speed of the machine.
  • It can be messy. In case you use the wrong attachment or don't choose the direction of flow correctly, everything around may get dirty. Always wear waterproof clothes to avoid messing yourself.
  • Power circuit. Water and electricity are great enemies. When using an electric motor, you may experience short-circuiting. Ensure your washer has an RCD before cleaning.

Final Words

Hydro jet power washers have become very common in the market as many people are using them to clean different surfaces and unclog the drains. These washers are very proficient as they remove dirt from your surfaces.

You do not need to waste a lot of time and energy to scrub stubborn surfaces or call a plumber now and then unclog your drainage pipes. Just get yourself a hydro jet power washer and do a thorough cleaning task. Ensure you choose one with the right pressure depending on your cleaning requirements.

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