How to Charge a Lawn Tractor Battery? | Step by Step process!

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How to charge a lawn tractor battery

It is usual to experience the low charging of the lawn tractor battery. As a result, your lawn tractor may not start. It happens when you have not used your lawn tractor for a while, and the battery becomes dead. This might be a big problem for you if you do not know how to charge it. Don't worry! In this article, I will provide you the stepwise procedure to charge your battery easily. I will also tell you when and how to replace your battery.

Let's see how it is done:

Step 1: Shut Off the Switch of your Lawn Tractor

Before touching your lawn tractor's battery, it is imperative to check that it is turned off. For maximum safety, it is a must to avoid any risk of unwanted ignition.

To unplug your mower battery, follow these steps:

  • Do not use metal tools that can come into contact with the battery terminals at the same time. Only use the recommended equipment in your user manual.
  • Unplug the black power lug of your battery.
  • Unplug the red power lug from the battery.
  • Check that no liquid is leaking from the battery
  • Carefully remove the battery from the tractor.
  • Put the battery next to your riding mower.

Step 2: Check your Battery 

Now, you need to take the distilled water and fill the battery up to the indicated mark.

Bring a wire brush to clean the lugs of the battery. If they are covered with a kind of white powder, it is normal: it may be sulfate to prevent electricity from passing. Rub the lugs with a wire brush to remove the layer of sulfate. If you do not have the brush, try sandpaper.

Now check the battery label for the voltage you need to transmit (around 12-15V).

Take a multimeter and connect it to the (+) and (-) terminals of your battery. If no or very little voltage is detected, your battery is likely to be dead. If you detect more than 1/5 of the voltage, you can recharge it because it is expected that it is simply discharged.

Step 3: Charge your Tractor Battery Mower

Take a charger that matches the type and voltage of your lawn tractor.

Next, connect the battery with the red cable on the (+) terminal and then the black cable clamp (-) terminal.

Finally, connect your battery charger to the mains supply and charge it for at least ten hours.

When charging is complete, first, disconnect the charger from the mains supply and then the two clips one after the other. Check the voltage one more time with the multimeter to make sure the load is complete.

Tip: Do not leave your battery charging in a confined area as the charge produces flammable gas (hydrogen), and a simple spark could ignite.

Step 4: Reconnect the Battery to your Lawn Tractor.

Put the plugs back on your battery.

Gently put the battery back in the mower.

First, connect the black lug (-) and then the red lug (+).

Replace the sealing plate if necessary, and check that everything is in its place.

Take your lawn tractor, switch the ignition on, and watch the performance of your mower. Do not hesitate to run it for a while to see if the battery is holding the charge or is no more usable.

In case you need to change the battery, do not hesitate to search your model from our recommended batteries for lawn tractors.


How to change a lawn tractor battery?

  • Open the tractor battery compartment. Hold the battery clamp terminal bolt with the sliding joint pliers and loosen the positive battery terminal's nut with the adjustable wrench. Loosen the negative terminal of the battery as well, and remove the battery terminals from the battery.
  • Using both hands, lift the battery out of the battery compartment and place it on the floor. Now place the new battery in the battery compartment.
  • Connect the red battery cable to the positive terminal and the black cable to the new battery's negative terminal. Close the tractor's battery compartment and run it.

Tip: If the battery terminals are corroded (have white or green "rust"), it is best to clean these terminals with a mixture of soda and water before installing the new battery.

When to change a lawn tractor battery?

The battery of your lawn tractor is essential for proper operation. If the battery is not working, the short-term solution I suggest is to recharge the battery using a charger adapted to the battery. The charge may take a few hours. After that, if the battery still doesn't work properly, it means that the battery is dead, and it is necessary to change it. In case your device contains two batteries, it is advisable to change both batteries at the same time.

How to fix a lawn tractor dead battery?

When your lawn tractor battery doesn't work, it might be the case that the battery is dead. This happens when the battery is left unused for an extended period. Corrosion is the greatest enemy of your battery; therefore, I suggest you remove the corrosion from the battery terminals and then check the battery voltages through the procedure described above. Now fill the battery with distilled water and charge it. Again check the battery voltage; if the voltages are enough, put the battery back into the lawn tractor; otherwise, you need to replace it.

Best place to buy lawn tractor Battery?

In the USA, you can find many stores where you can tell them the specifications of your battery to get it. But it might be a problem for you to find the time out of your busy schedule to visit the battery store. Therefore, in this digital world, I advise you to visit the Amazon website and search for the right battery according to your lawn tractor's specifications. Simply buy it to get the battery at your doorstep.

Final Verdict 

I hope that this article will allow you to put your lawn tractor back to working condition. Now you know how to charge your lawn tractor battery perfectly and how to remove the corrosion from it. If your battery doesn't work even after charging and removing the decay, you need to replace it. I strongly urge you to buy our recommended products as I have put them on the list after evaluating multiple factors such as cost, quality, user feedback, etc.

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