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In this modernized world, everyone prefers the latest fashion to look different and unique from any other persons. The fashion industry also involves creating unique products to make its name in this competitive environment by using different fabrics and pieces of stuff.

Its need to have clear and accurate cuts on fabrics to mold it into some unique creation. The tool which preferred by most of the designer and quilters is a rotary cutter. A rotary cutter is a tool which can give the nice clean cut to the fabric. With the rotary cutter, the designer can save time by cutting two to six layers of fabrics together at the same time frame.

How to Use a Rotary Cutter to Cut Fabrics?

If somebody not familiar with the using of rotary cutter then it might be possible that people not able to cut the things in a clean way of the first attempt. This tool came with a protective safety guard attached which make it easy to hold and grip during use. Rotary cutter not only used to cut the specified fabrics but it works well on a variety of material.

The basic requirement which needs to use the rotary blade properly is a cutting mat, It's better to use the self-healing cutting mat (mat surface recover automatically after using the rotary blade on it) to avoid the damage of the work station platform where the materials lie down to cut. Self-healing mat came in different size and pattern as per the requirement of the users. Whenever somebody opted to use the rotary cutter there are some necessary thing which can be used to give the nice cut to any fabrics or material. To give the nice shape cut as per the requirement of the design its need to have the ruler which not slips on the mat during the cuts.

The ruler also came in different size and pattern but it's better to have the imperial ruler because patchwork always measured in imperial. There is wide range of rotary cutter available in the market as per the sizes and sizes to meet out the user needs. The size of the rotary cutter varies from 18 mm to 60 mm, and most useful size of the rotary cutter which prefers by most quilters are 45 mm. Rotary cutter used in the straight line way to give the nice finished cut to the material.

A rotary cutter suitable for both handed person individual does not need to purchase the different rotary cutter for right-handed and left-handed as like scissor. It's always good to use the pattern weight to hold the fabrics on the place to avoid the unfinished cuts on the fabrics.

This tool can be used by anyone but it’s necessary to be safe as it contains the sharp rotating blade which can harm anyone if it's not handled properly. 

If somebody planning to purchase the Rotary cutter then  they always going through some questions:

What is a rotary cutter?

The tools which can be used to cut fabrics by the quilters are known as the Rotary cutter. It consists of the rotating blade with a good grip handle to hold. The blades which are used in the cutter are very Sharpe and after several uses, it can be sharpened. This type of cutter came in different sizes and pattern and also the size plays an important role to cut the fabrics. As large blade cutter mostly used to cut in a straight line and broad curves as compared to small blade cutter which used to cut small curves. Designers or quilters can use different rotary cutters as per their needs.

What is a rotary cutter used for?

A rotary cutter used by the designer and quilters to cut the fabrics and other material. This rotating cutter used to craft and quilting the fabrics. The rotary cutter used by the sewing enthusiasts because of its speed and accuracy. Rotary cutters roll perfectly on the slippery fabrics too and give the nice cuts. Rotary cutters are not only used by the quilters but nowadays it can come in use for the home decor and also in the papercraft industries. It's always necessary to choose the right rotating blade tool to make perfect, nice, clean cuts.

How to use a Fiskars rotary cutter?

Fiskars rotary cutters are easy to use because it enhances technology which provides the smart feature to the rotary cutters. Fiskars rotary cutters provide better comfort and grips as compared to other cutters because of its unique slip stop loop handle. Fiskars rotary blade also considered as one of the safest rotary cutters as its a feature of non-touchable blade changing tools which can make easy for the user to change the blade without touching it. The rotary cutter of fishers can adjust in the three distinct positions to improve the sightlines, enlarge relieve and make cutting thick fabric easy. 

How to choose a rotary cutter?

There are numerous rotary cutters available in the market to make the cutting task easy for both the knowledgeable and upcoming quilters. An individual can select the rotary cutter as per the necessities of the user. Size dimension of the rotary cutter is an important aspect which needs to be considered before purchasing the cutter. Another important aspect to choose the rotary cutters is the handle. Handle of the rotary cutter need to be soft, comfortable, easy to handle and most important adjustable according to the uses.

Final Verdict 

As now everyone knew that rotary cutter makes the quilters work perfect and clean. As I always suggest going through the rotary cutter as per the requirements and according to work. Numerous companies offer the rotary cutter in the market it's better to go through the features and the quality of the rotary cutter before choosing any specific brand. Select the blade as per the size of requirement and 48 mm blade size best for cut any thickness of fabrics. Choose best and comfortable.

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