3 Best Hydro Jet Power Washer Reviewed [Updated for 2021]

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Power washing is one of the best and most convenient ways to clean the grimiest surfaces. Starting from outdoor decking, house walls, and even concrete driveways, you’ll never go wrong with a power washer. However, you can’t just go to the market and pick up any model and start cleaning. There are plenty of power washers available in the market and some brands have designed them with only profit in mind. Beware of these shady models! Buying the wrong power washer will only lead to more stress and unnecessary costs.

Furthermore, you can end up putting yourself or your properties at risk if you buy a product designed for a different purpose. Curious what's the best power washer in the market today? Then wonder no more! This handy review will review the leading hydro jet power washers available for purchase.

What Is a Power Washer?

Before we head into the detailed reviews for the best power washers available, it is important first to understand how this power tool works. A power washer utilizes compressed air to push out water at incredible speeds. This is made possible by linking a garden hose and air compressor. The water pressure is 75 times that of a regular garden hose which is powerful enough to wipe away any impurities off a surface.

A few important parameters you should understand when choosing a power washer include: PSI (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute). PSI is the measure of the intensity of water pressure. This is directly related to the speed that the water comes out of the hose. The PSI rating tells you the capacity of a power washer to penetrate the dirt and grime.

Secondly, the GPM is the volume of water that comes out for a set period, or simply the flow rate. The GPM rating tells you the capacity of a power washer to wash away the dirt and grime. However, bear in mind that a higher GPM also means higher water consumption. Take this into consideration especially if you are in an area with scarcity of water supply. 

Our Top 3 Picks For Pressure Washers

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If you want a power washer that will be versatile enough for various cleaning tasks, then this tool is perfect for you. It features five cleanings connect tips for different power washing jobs such as car washing, cleaning gutters, and other heavy-duty hydro jet power washing. First is the 0° powerful jet nozzle (red) and has an extremely powerful nozzle that delivers a high-pressure pencil point jet stream. This washing mode is essential for removing heavy dirt deposits in a small, concentrated area within a short period.

Secondly, it has a 15°fan-tip nozzle (yellow) used for doing tough cleaning jobs on hard surfaces such as concrete. This cleaning mode is for applications such as stripping paint, removing oil stains, grease, and mildew stains. Additionally, if you want to clean your house’s sidings the 25° fan-tip nozzle (green) is the right setting for you. It has a wide spray that is still powerful enough to remove the grime and dirt situated in the sidings of your home.

Furthermore, the 40° wide-spray tip nozzle (white) is ideal for cleaning large surfaces such as the paveway, lawn equipment, cars, trucks, and many more. Lastly, the watering nozzle (black) is for low-pressure streams such as watering plants and rinsing surfaces.

Furthermore, this power washer has a soft bristle brush ideal for washing delicate larger surfaces that needs gentle cleaning such as automobile windscreens. A powerful wrench has been included to help attach the garden hose to the front side of the washer with ease. In addition, the telescoping handle helps in easy maneuverability, making this power washer a portable tool for cleaning. It also includes a hose reel and power cord storage for maximum convenience. 

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You aim and spray, and the dirt magically goes away! This pressure washer does it all to accomplish a wide variety of cleaning jobs: buildings, homes, driveways, walls, patios, and many more. This powerful 1800-Watt hydro jet power washer delivers 2030 PSI of pressure for powerful dirt and grime removal. The toughest stains are no match for this power washer.

Moreover, this power washer comes with a Total Stop System (TSS) that automatically shuts off the pump when you don’t engage the trigger to prolong the pump’s service life as well as save on energy. In addition, it comes with two 0.9 L dual detergent tanks that is conveniently attached to the power washer. These tanks are adjustable to store different types of detergents for cleaning different types of surfaces simultaneously.

The 34-inch extension wand provides maneuverability to the spray for easy access in hard-to-reach places such as the undersides of a car or heavy equipment. The rear wheels offer portability for smooth movement within the work area without the need to carry the whole machine.

Lastly, this product weighs only 31 pounds and with dimensions of 13.5 by 33.9 by 15.6 inches. It comes with a needle clean-out tool as well for easy maintenance.

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Want to know the reason why many people love AR blue clean? It offers maximum versatility to accommodate all power washing ventures. This machine can take on internal and external cleanings such as driveways, furniture, glass cleaner, patios, and sidings. The best part is that it is environmentally friendly and conserves water by using 80% less water than a regular power washer and delivers 40% more power compared to the standard garden hose. Furthermore, its heavy duty design guarantees excellent performance even after years of usage.

It is an easy to assemble washer, making it very convenient to use by every member of your household. Just take it out from the container, insert the hose reel, attach its handle, and you’re good to go. Start power washing in a matter of seconds.

In addition, this power washer has an elegant design and comes with a 14-ounce bottle that attaches directly to the spray gun for easy application of detergents. This makes any cleaning job a pleasant experience and saves you precious time since you won’t need to pick up a spray bottle every once in a while. The spray lance is adjustable to suit various cleaning methods. Other accessories in the package include a turbo spray lance that can is adjustable to vary the pressure rating.

Furthermore, it has a 20-foot pressure hose and a 35-foot power cable that allows you to clean without having to stay near the power source. It comes with a threaded regular garden hose coupler with an "o" ring adapter. Lastly, this product has a one-year warranty with 100% free exchange. If you experience any defects under normal operations within a year, you can easily have your unit replaced with a new one.

Honorable Mentions

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Style and technology always accompany each other. Ivation is a useful, practical, portable, and elegantly designed machine. However, bear in mind that this unit is not a power washer but is still included in the list because of how efficient it is for the same cleaning purposes. Here is what it brings to the table. It converts 4-1/2 water gallons into a mobile washing system that allows you to walk with the machine anywhere.

With a pressure rating of 130.5 PSI, you can do light cleaning tasks such as washing your car or giving a bath to your pets. This machine is self-sufficient, versatile, and multi-functional. The Ivation pressure washer is the only cleaning tool you will need. It is all-inclusive, portable, and lightweight that allows you to spray on surfaces even when there is no nearby water and power supply.

This spray washer comes with a large-capacity 12-volt rechargeable battery that allows you to create a water spray in situations where a water hose and a power cord is not present. It has an ergonomic continuous trigger nozzle with an impressive 60-watt diaphragm motor pump to deliver uninterrupted cleaning with perfect results.

In addition to that, it has a long and durable 19.6-feet flexible hose and weighs 17 pounds that comes at compact dimensions of 9 inches by 14 inches by 21 inches. The list of possible uses and applications for this washer on wheels is quite endless.

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The Brizer Hydro Jet Sprayer is not a pressure water itself. It is a power washer wand that you can attach to a standard garden hose as long as you have a powerful enough water source. It has a useful and powerful bronzer jet for easy cleaning of driveways, cars, and gutters. This wand is 39 inches in length to allow you to wash tight and hard to reach spaces.

It has two nozzles built for different water flows. You can use the fan spray or the jet stream depending on the cleaning task. You can use a fanned spray if you want to cover large areas or the jet stream when spraying areas that require thorough cleaning. Many people have fallen in love with this product as it only relies on the default water pressure — no need for electrical power to function.

Furthermore, this machine is made of durable materials that include brass standard garden hose coupler to ensure long service life and help conserve water by preventing leaks. It has an aluminum wand with a corrosion-resistant and a rust-free gutter cleaner to ensure that the tools lasts years without ever needing repairs. It is highly recommended in Amazon where people claim that it is a high-quality product that does the job efficiently with minimal chances of malfunctions.

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This is another power washer wand suitable for all standard ¾” garden hoses and standard 1” hose connectors. If you want to only spend a little on a power washer that will still do the job, then the Buyplus power washer is the best pick for you. This pressure machine wands have two separate brass nozzles: one for the jet nozzle and the other one for the fan nozzle. The jet nozzle is capable of a strong impact force and is fundamental in cleaning hard to remove stains. The fan nozzle is ideal for washing broad surfaces.

Additionally, it comes with a detergent container that can hold up to 100mL. This allows you to finish cleaning without having to refill even once. It is a useful and more powerful pressure that is highly upgraded with a sturdy washer wand and 30-inch original water guns that allows you to explore hard to reach areas.

The 9-inch metal hose is efficiently designed to be flexible enough so that it easily bends to allow you to reach difficult angles. A lot of people recommend this tool as they claim that it is a convenient and reliable tool for cleaning purposes. This powerful jet wand comes with a cleaning glove, perfect for wiping your car, glass, furniture, and other surfaces.

It comes with anti-rust copper nozzles, an aluminum alloy body, and stainless steel extend adjustable wand for additional durability. They also boast excellent customer service that will attend to your questions for a smooth and hassle-free buying experience.

Gas-Powered or Electric Powered Pressure Washer?

There are two types of pressure washers: the gas-powered and electrical power washer. Below is a detailed comparison between the two including the pros and cons of each.

Gas-Powered Power Washer

Gas powered pressure washer


  • High-pressure output, twice of the electrical variant.
  • Capable of cleaning large areas quickly.
  • More durable.
  • Powerful enough to be used for industrial purposes such as paint stripping, surface preparation, graffiti removal, construction-site cleaning jobs, and even fleet maintenance.


  • Comparatively heavy as well as noisy.
  • More expensive.
  • Potentially harmful fumes due to burning of gas.
  • Needs to be winterized with antifreeze for cold weather.
  • Not meant for amateurs.

Electrical Power Washer

Electric powered pressure washer


  • Ideal for light tasks like cleaning of patio furniture, decks, home, and cars.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Minimal upkeep and maintenance required.
  • Lighter and produces less noise.
  • Easy to start and stop.
  • Smaller dimensions for easier storage.
  • Does not require winterizing for indoor uses.
  • Zero professional skill set needed.


  • Lower water pressure.
  • Not meant for vast surfaces.
  • Breaks down quicker than a gas-powered model.

All About Power Washer Nozzles

The nozzle plays a vital role in power washing. The different types of nozzles are commonly denoted by the angle of the stream/spray output. It can be found at the tip of the wand. Different pressure washer manufacturers provide either a set of color-coded interchangeable nozzles or a built-in adjustable nozzle.

Built in adjustable nozzles gives you more freedom and control over your stream than the interchangeable color-coded ones. However, using a fixed set of nozzles is better if you are not really familiar with a power washer since you won’t need to adjust manually to get a certain spray angle.

There are also rotating nozzles available in the market. This type of nozzle rotates the water in a circular motion to produce a jet stream between 5,000 to 9,000 rpm of cleaning power. It has a rotating, zero-degree impact, and expands to a 15-degree wand pattern. This increases your cleaning output by 50 percent, cutting your cleaning time and saving you on water costs.

How we tested power washers

It took almost a couple of weeks to test out several pressure washers. We tested the models out on a lot of things including five cars, a four-wheeler mini truck, two lawn tractors, a few sets of patio furniture, a garden cart, a small soccer net and other stuff we found nearby. The truck was covered with rust and mud and it was very amazing seeing how the truck looked completely different after getting washed. Another highlight of our trials is when we tested a power washer on some ancient furniture. It worked great and what we had after seemed like completely brand new furniture. Some of them weren't cleaned for over a few decades.

In conclusion, the models above turned out to be the power washers that are simply satisfactory when it comes to efficiently cleaning grimey surfaces. These models were subjected to extensive use and without fail, delivered quality outputs with no signs of break down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the hydro jet power washer work?

A: A power washer utilizes compressed air pressure to push out water at incredible speeds. This is made possible by linking a garden hose and air compressor. The water pressure is 75 times that of a regular garden hose which is powerful enough to wipe away any impurities off a surface.

Furthermore, a power washer typically comes with two cleaning modes: the jet stream and fan action. The jet stream nozzle allows water to shoot out of the hose at a rapid but concentrated manner while the fan spray allows the water to be spread out on a larger area upon exit from the hose.

Q: What is the best pressure washer?

A: All the pressure washers listed above are excellent tools and shall produce the best results every time you wash. However, the AR383 is the overall best. It has a durable motor and an ergonomically designed long cord to help you cover a wide area of cleaning space as well as reach tight locations. Having an extended warranty, it safeguards you from future expenses due to malfunctions. Moreover it has two nozzles capable of delivering a jet stream and a fan spray. All of these features without breaking your budget.

Q: What is the difference between a power washer and a pressure washer?

A: The term power washing and pressure washing are frequently used interchangeably. Even among professionals, there are some that don’t understand their difference clearly. Let me clear it up for you.

The main difference between power washing and pressure washing is the water temperature. The jet wash in a power washer uses heated water whereas a pressure washer does not. Utilizing heated water gives a slight edge to power washers when it comes to cleaning the toughest stains. Much like how it is easier to wash dishes with hot water, the heat from a power washer breaks down heavy build-up that aids the force from the water pressure to remove any impurity.

A power washer is more ideal when dealing with challenging cleaning applications. For soft cleaning applications, a pressure washer will already be sufficient and will also help you save on expenses since it consumes less electricity.

Final Verdict & Recommendation 

Phew! A lot of things have been said about the power washer and the different models available in the market. First of all, a big thank you for taking your time reading this review until the end. If you’re reading this, I am pretty confident that you are now capable of selecting the power washer suited for your cleaning needs. There are a lot of power washers in the market: some models are expensive but do not offer more functionality. Fortunately, you are now equipped with the mindset to spot these scams.

However, it is still very wise to take your time and re-read this review before making a decision. I highly recommend the AR383 power washer. It works perfectly, easy to use, portable, and generally a very affordable tool. 

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