Makita Track Saw Reviews 2020 [ Reviewed By Experts]

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In carpentry and woodwork jobs, you are required to have several tools with various roles to play to ensure one's work is neat and admirable. Every tool is unique in its way of working with different levels of capability and limitations. Powered saws are some of the tools one needs in their work. For these powered saws, I am reviewing the Makita SP6000 of the famous and reliable brand. Its tools are outstanding in the field. The Makita Sp6000 is packed in a hard case that is stackable. It also comes along with a guide rail, clamps, and angle guiding rails.

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Makita Track Saw Review 2020

It comes to set and accurately such that it does not require any adjustments of the angles 22.5, 45, 90 degrees. The rail is also flat and straight. The guide rail has gripping strips along its length which are used to mount the Makita SP6000 onto the Multipurpose Table or any other surface the user has. This helps keep the guide rail in perfect position. I did the setup after unpacking my Makita SP6000 Track Saw on Multipurpose Table where I was to perform my first activity to test it.

I was to cut some Medium density fiber into sheets of 3 inches. I used the score setting technique where I pressed a green button which when pressed it allows only 2 to 3 mm deep cut. This helps reduce chipping of my medium density fiber and I obtained perfectly cut sheets with no waste materials.

Makita SP6000J 6-1 2-Inch Plunge Circular Saw - Power Circular Saws


  • It has a powerful motor rated 12 amperes which enable the Makita to do some great and demanding jobs due to its extra power.
  • The saw contains an anti-tip lock which ensures the saw does not tip off the track when it is carrying out a bevel cut.
  • The track saw is easily adjustable to fit on the guide rail by using some knobs which makes the saw just tight enough to slide easily on the rail.
  • The Makita SP6000 enables 48 degrees tilting attributed to its bevel adjustment ability which makes it possible to carry out back bevel cuts.


  • The size of the power cord, 8 inches limits the distance one can use the track saw from the power source hence the need to increase the length.
  • It becomes difficult to select another guide rail that will sit in perfectly with its guide rail.

Makita SP6000 track is packed in a spacious case which is also designed to carry extra blades and track clamps at the bottom of the plastic form. The Makita SP6000 comes with a standard blade that is of high quality. This becomes a great advantage to the carpenter for they are assured of a lasting blade. This will save any carpenter the trouble of having to change the blade and all sheet breaking jobs will be solved. It becomes very easy to deal with large amounts of work as the track saw is taken to the work.

The SP6000 takes care of the splintering and also troubles of accuracy. Where it is placed is exactly where the cutting occurs. The track saw is based on a guide rail at the edge of a splinter strip which ensures accuracy on cutting the sheet and sheet goods. As a commercial carpenter dealing with sheet goods and products, you need this Makita SP6000 Track Saw. The blade that comes in handy is a 48 tooth which is easy to sharpen and does a great job.

Its handle and grip are comfortable to use because they have a rubber coating. The Makita SP6000 Track Saw has a couple of features that are so important in ensuring the Track Saw works efficiently to serve you in your work and maintaining the accuracy of your work. Below here I have reviewed these features that make up the Makita SP6000 Track Saw.

Makita SP6000 Track Saw Features 

This track saw is equipped with many excellent features that make it easy to use. Here are some of its best features and benefits.

Track fit knobs

They aid in adjusting the Makita track saw to guide it on the rail by controlling the tightness and looseness to ensure that the saw is easy to slide.

Depth Scale and Lock Knob

An easy to read scale which you read the measurements you have made. It could be made better by using an imperial scale and not a metric one. The lock knob is used to set locks tightly.

Bevel adjustment

Easy to operate knobs that ensure that the scale is easy to read and is built in 3 measures of 22.5, 45 and 90 degrees. There are also overrides which enable the saw to tilt at an angle of 48 degrees and -1 degrees to enable backward bevel cuts without having to change where the cut happens despite the bevel angle.

Variable speed

The SP6000 Makita Track Saw has a varying speed dial which enables speed selection between 2000-5200 RPM. This becomes practical when dealing with varying levels of material thickness.

Grip and Plunge Action

The handle and the grip are covered with rubber which makes it comfortable for the hands. The plunge action is steady and precise which counts highly on the accuracy of getting a correct cut.

Power Cord

Makita SP6000 has an 8 inches long power cord which works perfectly for it and needs to be upgraded to suit working over a longer distance from the power source.

Blade- the 48 tooth cut blade is efficient in cutting.

Why I Purchased the Makita SP600 Track Saw?

As a carpenter I want my work to be appealing to any prospective customer to build a good brand and reputation for myself. My work must be flawless especially my cuttings and fittings so that my finishing can also be the best. To be the best I must use the best equipment and as a result, I resolved to purchase the Makita SP6000 after using other track saws form other brands that were not helping me fulfill my dream. To keep myself up in the game I considered some of the features:

  • The motor capability
  • Anti-tip lock
  • The type of blade
  • Accuracy of the cutouts

The only Track Saw that fitted the above descriptions is the super lit Makita SP6000 Track Saw. It’s a dream come true in my job.

The motor is rated at 12 amps which gives the Track Saw a higher power to give you the advantage of cutting thick materials faster and accurately. The motor comes with a soft start feature which prevents the saw from jumping when starting.

The anti-tip lock avoids the saw from tipping off the track while performing a bevel cut thus ensures an enhanced safety to the user.

A blade must be reliable, easy to sharpen, and durable. The 48-inch blade is suitable for all cutting activities you want to undertake. I am marveled by the quality of this blade and I bought another one to always be on top.

Buying Guide

Purchasing guidelines for the Makita SP6000, access the Amazon or Alibaba online worldwide leading marketing and selling site. You then search for the specific product you are looking for in the search bar and this case, it's the Makita SP6000 track saw and orders it. Quality is assured. You then pay for the Makita SP6000 and wait for its shipment to your place or nearest town center.

As you are purchasing you should ensure that you correctly read the description of the product to avoid complaints later that a different product was shipped and that is not what you want, you want straight clean deals to save on time and avoid inconveniences. If you live far you just have to be patient as you wait for the product to arrive at your destination. The best thing about the two named sites all data is stored in their databases for lookup purposes.

In Use

As a carpenter with a specialization in fittings and making the best cabinets you've ever seen I have a lot of work to do to ensure my customers do not complain about the products. I use my cutting and sizing master that is the Makita SP6000 to cut everything into the lengths I want. I use the multipurpose table for cross-cuts. The MTP table offers a large surface area to maintain accuracy in the cross- cuts using the cut jig.

In addition to my fittings, cutting job and sizing sheets I also mount a ripping blade for cutting wood and giving excellent results to my customers. This enables me to cut solid wood to create sizeable materials to aid in my projects. In a situation where I am cutting solid wood from huge trunks, I use the Makita Track Clamps to ensure the track down is secure and excellent.

DP tool Score

My ratings of quality of the Makita SP6000 I give it a 4/5. I didn't give it a 5/5 because of the length of the power cord, the 8 inches long power cord and also the size of the guide rails which is 55 inches. Depending on my work these two are limiting but all the same, the story could be different from you according to how you intend to use the Makita SP600.

On performance, it's a master in the field and so a 5/5 would not hurt. Its ability to give accurate results and huge power makes it the best I've used.

The design gets a 4/5 because I would love to see it has a longer power cord and longer guide rails for demanding situations.

A final rating for the Makita SP6000 I give it a 4.5/5, it’s of great quality and assures you a nice output.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Makita track saw work on the Festool track?

A: Makita track happens to be identical to the festool tracksaw and could be used with the Makita track. The saws fit both tracks perfectly. By following the manual that comes along with the Festool track saw you could use the Makita track saw on the Festool track and use it well and be assured of your security as you use it. This Makita track saw on Festool track combination ensures dust-free cutting procedures which even makes your work better. On thinking about it I think the Makita track saw incorporated with the Festool track and being mounted on the MFT would work the best.

Q: Does Dewalt track saw work with Makita track?

A: Dewalt track saw is not compatible with the Makita track in the same way that Makita track cannot function on the Dewalt track. The three plunge-cut saws will operate and be perfectly functional on the Festool guide rail. Dewalt track won’t work with Makita track due to the difference in the size of the track.

Q: Which track saw is the best?

A: I carried out a comparison on the Dewalt track saw review DWS520, Festool track saw TS 55 REQ and Makita SP6000 and they rate as follows. On adjustment and ease of use, Festool track saw is the best for all its features they are all easy to use and also when it comes to blade changing.

When it comes to power the Makita SP6000 is the beast here with a 12-ampere motor which gives it extra power above the others. This makes it faster and powerful.

On comfort and ergonomics, the Dewalt Track saw is much more comfortable.

Generally, Festool is the best of all.

Final Verdict

For the best track saw to use I would recommend the Makita Sp6000 track saw because of its high power and it is budget-friendly. You will not have to worry about heavy tasks which require more power which the others cannot offer easily or at all. To improve on its comfort while using you could wear gloves. Its overrides enable backward bevel cuts without changing the position where the cut is occurring. I would recommend any carpenter who needs to have excellent products using an affordable track saw to consider purchasing the durable and reliable Makita SP6000 track saw.

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