Portable Sawmill Reviews 2020 [Explained By Experts]

Portable Sawmill Reviews 2020 - [Comparison Table]

A portable sawmill is one of the top tools that you need to make your woodworking work easier. These tools are designed with excellent features that provide faster cutting for your projects. When it comes to choosing the right portable sawmill, it is important to consider the type of saw you get since you will be making a huge investment.

There are many models on the market which can make it hard to pick the right one. If you are thinking of buying a quality portable saw and you don’t know where to begin, I have recommended products that you can check. Go through our honest reviews and guide to help you pick a suitable portable sawmill that matches your needs.

Best Portable Sawmill reviews

There are very many portable sawmills in the market but I shall review the best that you can easily run for and acquire. That means, you will not only buy a sawmill because your friend owns one, but you will have an upper hand on which is the best. With the examples provided below, you can make a wise decision.

1. Norwood Sawmill Reviews - LumberPro HD36 Portable Sawmill On The Market

Nrwood LumberPro HD36 Portable Sawmill - 23 HP Briggs Stratton Engine Model Number LumberPro HD36 Home Improvement


  • Can cut heavy logs which both hardwood and softwood.
  • Works for longer hours without any difficult
  • Very fast and convenient due to its amazing and outstanding features
  • Being made of steel and sabretooth band saw blades it durable and long-lasting
  • Portable and mobile thus easily to be carried from one place to another.
  • Due to heavy production and its heavy duties, you can use the saw in handling heavy projects.


  • While in motion, the frame bots at times get loose thus tends to vibrate thus making it difficult while working.
  • It has a lot of accessories that are difficult to assemble.

This is the world's best portable sawmill that can easily attract customers and as well retain them. Why say so? Its amazing features play a bigger role hence outstanding other many portable sawmills in the market. No more stress while working. This machine does a lot of work in a few hours due to its automated quick cycle sawing thus making the work very easy and convenient. Since it has a heavy gauge tubular steel, it lasts longer due to its durability.

A machine that does a lot of woodwork and carpentry is always the best especially if you have a lot of customers. This is so because, it leads to more production, thus you will never let down your customers. This machine mills both the softwood and hardwood logs thus will not let you down at any time; be it you are doing it for your own home or for earning a living, you will always love its products or outcome. Therefore have it in your mind while going to the market to purchase one.

2. Wood-Mizer LT15 Portable Sawmill with 19 HP Gas Engine for Professional

Wood-Mizer LT15 Portable Sawmill with 19 HP Gas Engine


  • It can cut a variety of logs you require
  • Less energy is used while working since the blades can adjust to the required sizes of the logs required
  • Does not produce a lot of waste while working hence convenient and effective
  • It is less expensive thus one can easily afford to purchase it
  • Produces woods and logs of good quality


  • Not used to cut longer logs since it does not work for longer hours
  • It cannot be used to handle bigger projects.

While performing any task, you will always yearn to use a tool that is a friendly band not very much complicated. This makes your work smooth and very much effective. Why worry? I have good news for you! Engaging with this portable sawmill made my life awesome. Be it you are running a small business or you want to dwell with huge production, I will always recommend this sawmill. Its features and specifications it more popular and widely used by people worldwide.

It's the design and versatile operation is unique. Also, it can be placed low in the ground thus easing the operation. With this sawmill, you can easily lift logs without undergoing any form of stress since less energy and effort is used. Lifting heavy logs while straining will be history to you since you can easily adjust the machine to perform the task you want it to do. Therefore, why wait while others are enjoying it? Make a wise decision and feel the sweetness of this portable sawmill.

3. Norwood LumberMate LM29 Personal Sawmill The Money.

Norwood LumberMate LM29 Personal Sawmill - Kohler Command Pro 429cc Engine Model Number LM29-0014G Home Improvement


  • It has a comfortable height for easy operation
  • Contains a smooth saw-head that produces smooth cuts
  • The machine produces less waste
  • The blades are easily adjustable


  • Difficult to assemble the accessories

With improved technology, different sawmills are produced on the market that leads to high-quality production. LumberMate is the latest sawmill on the market with advanced technology. This includes patented auto-locking saw-head that produces smooth logs that are accurate. Since it has a smooth saw-head, it allows you to judge the pressure and the speed to come up with smooth cuts.

Also, you can cut woods of different species without any difficulties; be it soft or hardwoods. While doing your wood or carpentry work, ensure you check on the saw-head after milling especially to confirm the accuracy and smoothness. This sawmills saves on time and leads to high-quality products due to its effectiveness.

With this machine, you can either engage yourself in bigger wood and carpentry work projects or personal use; depending on your desires. The outcome will give you a higher chance to decide. The features and specifications will give you all that you require to make a decision.

4. Norwood PortaMill Chainsaw Sawmill - Model Number PM14 Best Affordable.

Norwood LumberPro HD36 Portable Sawmill - 16 HP Briggs Stratton Engine Model Number HD36-PRO16G Home Improvement


  • Easy to assemble and handle thus saves on time
  • Portable and quick to connect the accessories
  • Easily adjustable
  • Readily converts your logs into the quality and valuable lumber
  • It has a portable design and contains safety features


  • Somehow expensive

This machine is unique on its own due to the amazing features it contains. Unlike other models, it has a powerful milling power that enables it to work for longer hours. When using this sawmill, quality, smooth, accurate and products of the desired thickness are produced.

While purchasing any product at the market, although you will consider production, safety should also in your mind. This is considered on this sawmill since it contains a variety of inbuilt safety features. This enables you to work effectively without any difficulty. Don't wait for your workmates to outshine you. Purchase your sawmill to feel its goodness.

5. norwood sawmill reviews [LumberPro HD36]

Norwood PortaMill Chainsaw Sawmill - Model Number PM14


  • Very fast and
  • Produces lumber of precise measurement and quality
  • Less expensive since one can be able to afford
  • High cutting power and functions for longer hours with less vibration


  • Many accessories that can be tough to assemble

Why stress yourself if you can easily get a portable sawmill that can perform all the duties that you need? This machine is very much advanced since you can take it from manual to hydraulic without any difficulty. What about its operation? Amazing!! Sometimes you might have heavy logs and find it hard to cut them into pieces. This portable sawmill does an excellent job by cutting both the soft and hardwoods this giving you an easy time while working.

Your safety measures have also been considered due to the availability of accessories which includes the handle to hold while operating. Due to its nature of construction, it can perform duties for long hours without damage and it's fast and effective. It will never let you down at any given moment.

The Affordable Easy-to-Use Reliable Sawmill You ve Been Looking for - The Frontier OS27

Portable Sawmill Buyer's Guide

It can be hectic and tedious to carry a log from one place to another. It, therefore, needs you to have a portable sawmill that will make your work easier and effective. Having one sawmill of your own will require you to have an open mind while going to the market. What does that mean? You should know the different features and specifications of several sawmills so that you cannot be confused at the market.

This is because there are very many portable sawmills at the market and most of them are of poor quality. As I said earlier, consider your needs, design, and operation before making any decision. The capability of the sawmill matters a lot. This means you should buy a product or machine that is durable and long-lasting.

This will depend on the materials used to make the machine. Similarly, consider its cutting power. Does it only cut one type of wood? Make a wise choice especially if you need the portable sawmill for commercial use. It should be able to work for longer hours without any difficulties. It should also be able to perform different wood and carpentry work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Portable Sawmill? 

A: These are small sawmills that are mobile hence can be easily moved from one place to another. This makes them extraordinary worldwide and recommended by a multitude of people. Nevertheless, these mills can cut lumber easily and with a lot of accuracy due to its amazing features. With these mills, one can do a lot of production by using less effort but generating income.

It's not only used for personal production or home use but also to perform bigger carpentry and woodwork projects. They are not new sawmills in the market but existed a hundred years ago. Since they have been producing excellent tasks, they are highly recommended and effective.

Q: How Does Portable Sawmill Works? 

A: A sawmill is mainly used to cut big logs into lumber. Using this machine is very easy; provided you have the passion and interest to know. When the trees are cut, you use your portable sawmill to cut the logs into pieces depending on the size you want. Before the process begins, ensure you sort the trees so that you can have an easy time while cutting.

Remember the trees contains barks, so, cut them off to get straight frames required. Trim the logs well with the lengths required mainly the lumber length. Do not produce lumbers of the same sizes, customers have different tastes and preferences. When all the lumber produced are ready, dry them on the sun to strengthen them. What next? Take them to the market norwood portable sawmill for sale or use them for personal use.

Q: How to maintain a portable sawmill? 

A: To ensure that your machine works well you should always have a proper routine to maintain it. This will depend on the manufacturer's instructions. Although they might be simple instructions if you ignore them, you will end up blaming the company for its products. For example, after your wood or carpentry work, you should ensure that the portable sawmill is well kept and service should be occasionally done for effectiveness and high-quality products.

It will also last long when well stored. Remember every part is important and should be well taken care of. Since the main aim of the portable sawmill is to cut, always ensure to sharpen or replace the blades when not performing its task accurately. Check the machine before use to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Q: How much does the best portable sawmill cost? 

A: The prices of portable sawmills vary from one type to another depending on your needs. I propose purchasing a new sawmill than having the one that has been used before. This is because of the benefits coming with improved and new technology. For example with the new sawmills, there is less effort used and less waste produced. This increases production.

More so in case you don't have enough money to purchase, you can partner with someone or recommend a specific company. If you need to own one, you can as well do so. The prices of different portable sawmills are indicated on each in amazon. Check on them at your own convenient time.

Q: What type of portable sawmill do I need to buy?

A: With today's economy, there is a lot of invention and renovations made by different manufacturers. This becomes a challenge especially when one goes to the market and gets a variety of portable sawmills thus becoming difficult for him or her to choose. Having the best portable sawmill depends on your needs. Some people need one for personal use while others buy them for commercial use. There are different unique specifications provided by each portable sawmill. But ensure first you consider the price; something that you can afford, the accessories and later that design. Don't buy a sawmill that is very much complicated hence difficult to assemble and use.

Final Verdict & Recommendation 

Having your portable sawmill is the best thing ever; be it you are handling local market duties or bigger projects. Ensure you buy a sawmill that suits your project and you can easily use it without any difficulties. You can easily attract customers when using one of the portable sawmills mentioned and discussed above; provided you satisfy the needs of your customers to the fullest.

Therefore, I recommend you purchase one and enjoy what other producers are enjoying. Remember you can either attract or chase away customers depending on how you handle your work. Ensure you don't, at any time postpone doing any task before starting another. You are the boss of your wallet. Make a wise decision

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