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Machines came to save us from hard and impossible to do tasks. Think about a drill press, I mean the person behind such a machine should have been very innovative. With the world we are living in today, I even think that machines will do everything for us in the future. It will be incredible, right? A drill press is one of the most important tools you need to drill holes in both metals and wood.

If you have a workshop or you just like doing it yourself in a house makeover, this is a perfect tool for you. Among a variety of drill press models, porter cable drill press is one of the best. In case you have not tried it out yet, you are missing an incredible performance. I am here to tell you all about this drill press. In the end, you will not doubt this machine. Enjoy!

PORTER-CABLE 513 1-1 2 Horsepower Lock Mortiser - Power Mortisers


  • You can use the Porter cable drill press in setting up any door locks.
  • Utilizing this drill press is straightforward making it suitable for the newbies.
  • It incorporates the characteristics of high-speed drilling and accurate performance at the same time.
  • This cable drill press has a sturdy development to ensure that it has a reliable durability.
  • You will not notice the sound of the drill press. Smooth and noise-free operation.
  • The power of this drill press makes it perfect for the experts in doing drilling tasks.
  • Changing accessories is easy. Do it yourself in a few seconds.
  • This product needs no batteries, you just need to plug the power node to an electricity source and you are all set to begin.


  • Although the construction is sturdy, the material it incorporates is of low quality.
  • This product is a heavyweight drill press. That makes it harder for you to move it from one place to another.

If you purchase a drill press, the key thing that you want from it is a high performance and a higher speed. I mean, no one wants to spend all the hours drilling a single hole. The porter cable drill press is just knocking on your door to help you do drilling tasks quickly and with a lot of accuracies. What more could you ask for from this drill press? Most drill press with high drilling speed ends up not having a good performance. Others with high performance lack perfect drilling speed. However, for this cable drill press, you get both packages from just a single product.

It has a potent engine that is powered by electricity. This makes it perfect to drill in any material, from wood to metal. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or expert? Well, I know you are wondering whether you can use this drill. I am here bearing good news. Due to its ease of utilization, you as a newbie or intermediate can maneuver perfectly with it. For experts the power of this machine just suits you. Its durability and sturdy development ensure that you utilize the machine for a long period without its value depreciating. It is not too late to get this amazing machine.

The basics

The porter cable drill press has a light that you can adjust to the brightness you want. This makes visibility of the workspace perfect. You will work even in dark conditions and still have accurate results. To enhance straightforward and fast regulating of the workspace the drill press has a pinion table and a rack.

With a speed range between 300 RPM to 3100 RPM, you can work at the desired speed according to the material you are drilling. You can also tilt its table at an angle of 45 degrees both left and right. The drill press also utilizes a laser for easy drilling.


  • This drill press helps in drilling wood and metal at 12 Regulate able to speed in a range of 300 RPM to 3100 RPM
  • For accuracy inconsistent wood and metal drilling, the drill press has a gauge which you can change its depth
  • It has a working table made of cheap cast iron which you can rotate an angle of 45 degrees both left and right
  • For proper alignment of the drilling, the product features X to Y axial laser guidelines
  • It allows you to place the crank handle on the left or light with the help of the dual two-side hub.


  • On and off toggle control of the motor
  • It has notable insert
  • 8.0 Amps motor size
  • 12 adjustable speeds; 300 RPM to 3100 RPM
  • Dimensions; 64 * 16 * 26 inches
  • 151.10 pounds net weight
  • 44 to 3/8 inches chuck to base capacity ratio
  • 24 to ¾ inches chuck to table capacity ratio
  • An angle of 45 degrees left and right tilting of the table
  • Table dimensions: 13 to 15/64 * 13 to 15/64
  • 1.85 inches diameter of the quill
  • 4 inches stroke of the quill
  • The capacity of the key chuck is 5/8 inches
  • The column diameter size is 2 to 7/8 inches


The front of the Porter cable drill press is the place that holds the operational controls. Such a heavy and big drill press should have an electronic laser sight. Unlike the small drill presses with tiny bench tops powered by a battery, this specific model is fully powered by the electricity.

You will have an on and off control switch for both the drill motor and the laser. The light that allows illumination of the workspace also has an on and off switch which is standard to ensure adjusting of the light brightness. Its adjustable depth gauge also has an on and off control switch.

Drill Press Size

The Porter cable drill press is a large size product. The swing size of this drill press is 15 inches. From the face of the drills column to the center, that distance is the swing size. If the swing size is bigger, the drill press will allow you to drill a deeper depth.

A swing size of 15 inches allows doing drill up to 7 ½ inches. The net weight of this drill press is 150 pounds. This is a little bit heavy-weight. It takes up a large storage and work area. But once you install it, it is worth space

Variable Speed Adjustments

Twelve operating speed is quite impressive for a drill press. Drilling in lighter materials like wood can require less speed than drilling in strong metals. To ensure that each material gets its perfect drilling speed, this drill press features 12 adjustable speeds. The drilling speed ranges from 300 RPM to 3100 RPM.

Different levels of users can also handle different speeds. For example, you can't expect a newbie to handle the highest speed. It is one step at a time. The pulley allows you to change the speeds. This is a very straightforward task. You can also change the bests easily and quickly.

Laser Sight

For such a large, a laser sight is a must-have. This drill press has an X to Y-axis laser sight which is inbuilt. To ensure that you drill accurately, the laser sights provide a red line on the material you are drilling. Isn’t that amazing? With no doubts it is impressive.

In case your table has slight movements, you should adjust the laser sight to ensure that it gets back in line. Are you wondering whether it is hard to change the laser sight? Well, it is just a simple task. Just look at the point that indicated on the laser housing and set the laser sight.

Work Table

This being a large size drill press, the worktable is also bigger. It is a circle work table that incorporates T slots that can hold fences and clamps. Therefore you don’t have to stress about where to situate the clamps in case you need to use them. However, it lacks a wood insert.

The material of the table is cast iron. Although the material is not of high quality, the sturdy construction of the table has ensured that it is durable. You can adjust the table with the help of the pinion and the rack for easy drilling. If you need a horizontal plane, the table rotation also allows that.

Overall Impression

The porter cable drill press has an impressive performance. You can rely on it to achieve accurate and fast drilling. The price is quite affordable and rhymes its performance. The features of this cable drill press help you do a perfect job. Starting from the laser sight that enhances accurate drilling to the light that illuminates your working area.

If you get annoyed by drill press’ noise, this is a perfect product with the smooth and noise-free operation. Never mind whether you are a newbie or expert, it incorporates features that support all types of users. With this machine, you have all you need for perfection in drilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Porter cable drill press good?

A: Each drill press has its advantages and disadvantages. The same case applies to the porter cable drill press. However the overall is quite impressive.

Apart from the cheap iron material used to make its work table, the other features are perfect. This con is covered up by the fact that its construction is very strong. Therefore it is still very durable. You can count on Porter cable drill press for accurate and quick drilling of both metal and wood materials. What do you think of a drill press with a laser sight? It is good, right? All the features it incorporates are perfect.

Q: What is the best drill press?

A: Well, each drill press is good in its way. However, there must be the best of all models. You must look into the features and performance of a particular drill press to know if it is the best. A good drill press should have a sturdy development to ensure durability.

Besides having a perfect construction, it should also incorporate quality material. The best drill press should also ensure fast and easy drilling in any type of material. The porter cable table saw reviews is one of the best table saw that incorporates great features to ensure perfect performance and also durability.

Q: Is jet drill press good?

A: The JET brand is one of the reputable brands that produce quality drill presses. Therefore if you are looking for a quick answer, yes, the Jet drill press is good. If you want to know why then read on. A drill press with Sixteen operating speed is quite a catch. The speed range of the JET drill press is from 200 RPM to 3630 RPM.

Its swing size is also incredible. 15 inches swing size is perfect to make a deep drill. The bigger the swing, the deeper it can drill. Do you want to hear about the motor? It has a ¾ Horsepower motor. That’s powerful enough to deliver the best performance.

Q: Is wen drill press good?

A: Saying that WEN drill press is good, that’s underrating it. I mean this is a perfect drill press. Dou you know why? Well, let's see what makes it perfect. To begin with, it has 5 operating speeds which you can adjust to the limits from 740 RPM to 3140 RPM. That’s an impressive drilling speed range.

The design of its motor makes it even better. You know how annoying noisy motor can be. WEN’s motor operates without making any disappointing noise. You can also use different drill bits with a lockable chunk size of ½ inches. This drill press possesses perfection at its best.

Q: Which drill press is better jet or porter?

A: To know which is better you have to compare the features of jet and porter drill press. For Jet drill press 16 operating speed beats the 12 operating speed from the porter drill press. However, the light on the porter drill press is perfectly situated unlike that in the JET drill press.

The best part about the porter cable drill press is that it is ideal for any type of user. Therefore you will not have worries whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert. It incorporates features that are fit for any user. I suggest that you go for the porter cable drill press.

Final Verdict & Recommendation 

How do you feel now? Confident enough to go to the market and purchase porter cable drill press? Well, you have all the information you need. It is up to you now to make a wise move. Having this drill press, you will not only have quick drilling but also achieve the best performance.

If you need a powerful and affordable drill press, I recommend that you go for the porter cable drill press. This is the best machine for accuracy in drilling and setting up door locks. If you have a workshop, trust me you will have flocks of customers impressed by your work. The clock is ticking, tik tok, go get yours today.

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