Puma Air Compressor Reviews 2020 [Explained By Experts]

Puma Air Compressor Reviews 2020 - [Comparison Table]

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An air compressor is that special equipment that will help you utilize several tools around your home garage or even at your workplace. If you are a professional craftsman, construction worker or perhaps a simple handyman looking for a grade 60-gallon air compressor, then you will need the best one out there. With tons of air compressors flooding the market it may become difficult to decide on just one.

However, I am going to help you with that with my Puma air compressor reviews. A 60-gallon air compressor comes handy if it can be run for longer and if you can easily use it when handling big tasks. The PUMA brand has got a number of these reliable compressors, good quality, and are versatile. That brings me to my top pick the Puma Industries PK 6060V air compressor. It is a great 60-gallon air compressor that will offer you reliability, durability, and also fast performance in all your tasks.

In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about the puma 6060v air compressor. It is capable of so much and by the end of this article, you will be able to decide if it's worth an investment. Furthermore, you can look at the customer reviews of those who own it and what they have to say about this unit. Read on and find out if it's the right choice for you.

Puma air compressor review 

Puma Industries PK-6060V Air Compressor Professional Commercial Single Stage Belt Drive Series 3 hp Running 135 Maximum psi 230 1V Phase 60 gal 305 lb Industrial Scientific


  • It is has got large size tank that can handle 60 gallons
  • The 6060v air compressor features are lubricated air pump
  • You will not get any annoying noise during operations with this air compressor
  • It features a single-phase induction motor which has inbuilt heat overload protection
  • Also, it comes with an inbuilt pressure regulator
  • It can easily be set up as it comes with oil for lubrication
  • The cast iron construction guarantees durability and high-quality unit
  • It can produce air pressure very quickly compare to other models
  • It comes in very nice packaging
  • Also, this air compressor comes backed by a 1-year warranty
  • You won't need an expensive magnetic starter


  • Some customers found problems with the on and off switch since it is made of plastic
  • There is likely to be damaged during delivery due to the few layers protecting the package
  • When poorly installed you may experience some intermittent knocking sounds
  • It also has a cramped electrical box making it hard to work with the wiring
  • The user manual guide doesn't have enough detailed information

Before I go deep into this air compressor let's take a look at what some customers have to say about this unit. This can help you learn the actual stage belt buyer’s experience.

Most customers love that the pump comes with a cast-iron build which makes it extremely durable. One owner went on to compare it with his previous air compressor which had broken down in a very short time.

Most customers like this unit because it doesn't make any noise during operations. One customer said it was the best they had used and the previous ones he had worked with too noisy. Not only is it quiet, but also fills up quickly and it's good enough for all tasks.

One user was more than happy because the unit is American made and said it was worth every penny. Another said that the Puma customer support service was very helpful and only stayed on hold for 2 minutes. Also able to get him a replacement but shipped off immediately.

A lot of users complained about the package arriving broken. The tiny flimsy pallet failed to protect the package when shipping it. The cylinder head arrived cracked and the safety cage was crashed. Another user said that upon arrival the included oil had made a mess. Once she removed the wrap she found that the compressor had been soaked in oil. One owner said that the manual only had basic information. He said it wasn’t detailed enough yet the compressor is a little complex.

Puma Air Compressor features

The PUMA Industries air compressor comes as a single-stage belt-driven compressor. Cast iron pump is designed to give you a longer life span. The pump also has splash lubrication which assists the motor to function quietly and smoothly throughout every single job. Along with the quiet operations, reliability and extreme durability got from the motor, it also has an installed heat overload protection. This feature will automatically shut down the motor in case you overload it. Additionally, it will keep your motor from damage and also keep it safe from wear and tear.

This unit comes included with an in-built pressure regulator as well as a quick coupler to help control the outlet air pressure. The three horsepower motor runs on a voltage rating of 230 volts. Also, its maximum air pressure output is 135 PSI. It has got a quick drain valve attached to it to do away with condensed water formed when the air compressor is in use. Furthermore 1/2 inch outlet ball valve is a convenient outlet for the air pressure.

The 6060v air compressor is ideal for running several tools. Some of them include grinders, sandblasters, air nailers, among other tools. This unit is also used when filling tires of trucks, bikes as well as cars in garages. It is a home and industrial air compressor which comes with the following specifications.

Tank-style Vertical

Tank 60 gallons

Type Garage & industrial

Air outlet size 1/2 inch

Horsepower 3

Voltage 230

Amps 15

Max PSI 135

SCFM @ 40 PSI 12.6

SCFM @ 90 PSI 11.3

Stage Single

Pump material cast iron

Lubrication Oil

Lubrication system Splash

Duty cycle continous

Drain system Manual

Warranty One-year manufacturer

Shipping weight 246 pounds

Power source Electric

Length 31 inches

Width 28 inches

Height 70 inches

Certification ASME



The tank of the puma pk 6060v air compressor comes in a vertical Style design. This makes it an ideal tank large enough to take up to 60 gallons. The tank size makes it a good industrial and garage compressor because it is strong enough to handle any kind of job thrown it's way. The tank is also made of cast iron material which is extremely durable compared to the aluminum material. Aside from the longer lifespan, you'll also love the blue color that makes it easily spotted from far away.


This unit runs on a powerful 3 horsepower motor with a voltage rating of 230 volts. The motor is assisted by splash lubrication to ensure quiet and smooth operations. It is reliable and you can expect it to run for longer and faster compared to other compressor motor units.

Additionally, the motor is highly protected from damage as well as wear-and-tear thanks to the heat overload protection feature. This unit will automatically shut off the motor in case it gets overloaded. This feature is also responsible for the durability of the motor by increasing its lifespan.


This air compressor is a single belt-driven compressor that features a cast-iron pump. It is extremely durable and it has a splash lubrication system. This system helps to keep the motor quiet during operations. It will also allow the motor to run smoothly throughout many years of service. You will not have to constantly add oil to the motor as it comes included. The drain system of this unit's pump is manual. The pump also has a maximum air pressure output of up to 135 PSI. Also, the SCFM at 40 PSI is 12.6 and that at 90 PSI is 11.3.


This unit the shipping weight will be 246 pounds and the actual item weight is 240 pounds. It is manufactured by Puma Industries and it is among the few best Puma 60 gallon air compressors you will get on the market. It is an electric air compressor running on 230 volts. It comes in blue color with dimensions of 70 × 31 × 28 inches. It will also come included with a user manual and it is backed by a 1-year warranty. Its Duty cycle is continuous.

What owners like

Most owners like the compact cast-iron design of this air compressor. The cast-iron build is of high quality and it can last for very long compared to aluminum constructions. The easy set-up of the compressor is also another thing that owners liked. They said that setting up was hassle-free and they also liked that the unit comes included with oil. The ball valve of the air outlet is ideal for protecting the outlet.

What's more impressive is that this air compressor is extremely quiet regardless of its large size. A lot of owners of this unit were surprised by this because it is not so common with other units in the same category. One owner mentions how he placed the air compressor in the basement and when it was turned on he could not hear it from the other side of the basement wall.

Other things that the owners noted were how the air compressor was able to fill up here quickly. It can work faster and you still get strong pressure helping you work very quickly on all your jobs. Some owners even compare the unit to smaller units which tend to feel air faster and noted that the puma pk 6060v air compressor was faster. Some customers praised how well it was packaged upon arrival. Also when some owners called Puma they were amazed by the customer support service. It will take a very short hold time to get assistance and you are guaranteed positive results.

What owners dislike

All the PUMA has got great customer support service its website is not of high quality. Most owners complained that it had very little support functionality which was a turn-off for some owners who likes self-service. Also, the money of this unit doesn't seem to be downloadable. This was a great turn off for those who like to refer mostly to the internet for assistance. Additionally, some parts of this unit Can't Be got and it requires one to contact Puma Industries for help.

Still on the manual, since an air compressor is very complex it requires proper understanding before one begins to lose it. That is the use of the user manual to guide the user on how to operate and set up the unit. This unit however disappointed many mostly DIYers with very little experience because the manual wasn't fully detailed with all the necessary information. It only covered the basics and nothing more.

A few owners have issues with the on and off switch. This is because it is made of plastic which is prone to breaking after a short while. Also, some owners said that the junction box of this unit was cramped making it hard to work with the wiring. Although some owners like the packaging some say that the compressor got damaged during delivery. It doesn't have enough layers protecting the actual package.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are Puma air compressors any good?

A: Puma air compressors are made in different configurations. They come ranging from single-stage and two-stage belt-driven compressors. They also have units of up to 80 gallons in a vertical tank with some having up to a 15 Horsepower Motor. These air compressors are used widely by several people in different classes ranging from professionals, beginners and also hobbyists.

So, are they any good? Yes, they are. They are reliable and they are made from extremely durable material to provide a longer-lasting air compressor for all your needs. Regardless of your expertise, you can get a Puma air compressor in a suitable size to work better for you. They also offer good performance and they are versatile to handle different tasks.

Q: What is the best air compressor?

A: The best air compressor is one that can be able to handle your tasks effortlessly. You should also be able to easily operate it without any difficulty. It should also be from A reputable brand to guarantee high-quality reliability and durability. The best air compressor must be durable and made of good material such as cast iron to guarantee a longer life span.

It should also be reliable to help you perform your jobs anywhere at any time you need it to. Also, the best would be one that won't blow a hole in your savings. In other words, you should be able to afford it and it should be able to handle what you want it to do.

Q: Which compressor is better?

A: To determine this you first have to know what you need the compressor to do for you. Air compressors work differently and they come in different types and sizes. There are gasoline and electric air compressors. You need to know where you will be using the compressor and your power requirements. When you understand this, you will be able to understand which air compressor is better for you.

Final verdict

The Puma pk 6060v air compressor has a lot of unique features and benefits to offer you. It has an easy setup process, operates quietly and it will fill air very quickly compared to others in the same category. It is among the top industrial air compressors you find on the market today.

Although it has some drawbacks they are only minor and based on other owner reviews you can see that it is a decent pick. It comes at a reasonable price given that the benefits it has to offer are more. It is also a good choice if you have a home-based workshop. I hope you can now determine whether this air compressor is the right pick for your needs. Thanks for sticking with my Puma air compressor review and I wish you the best.

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