Top 3 Best Ridgid Table Saw Review 2020 [Ulimate Guide]

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Ridgid Table Saw Review

If you are looking for a Ridgid table saw review then you have got it. Most discussions focus on portable table saws in general, but here I will guide you through the best Ridgid portable table saws on the market. There are several Ridgid portable table saws on the market. I know how overwhelming it is to choose one of the various options flooding the market. It would be best if you confused about which one to choose that will suit your expectations.

You are probably looking for a table saw that you could take with you on the go. A table saw that is simple to set up and will stay in place as you work. This review is going to help you with everything you need to know, and I guarantee you will get precisely what you're looking for.

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It is quite annoying to read through various option reviews, that is why I have only rounded up the best top three Ridgid portable table saws. After going through multiple options, these top 3 will surely impress you, and you'll also get the right one for your needs. So, sit back and enjoy reading this review and buying guide.

Top 3 Ridgid table saw reviews 2020

1. ridgid r4512 table saw


  • It is easy to use, especially for beginners.
  • The tool is very affordable.
  • It can accommodate large workpieces.
  • Comes with a cast-iron construction.
  • It comes with a 13-amp motor that can deliver up to 3450 RPM.


  • It won't with heavy-duty stand projects though it's very powerful for small beginner projects.
  • Changing the blade takes a lot of time thou you can easily do it.
  • The quality of the wheels is not good enough.

Are you looking for a robust and compact table saw designed with a DIYer woodworker in mind? Then look no further as I have got the right table saw for you. The Ridgid R4512 portable table saw comes with a reliable 13-amp motor which can give you up to 3.8 horsepower. The tool is ideal for cutting lots of materials including softer wood thanks to the fact that it can spin up to 3450 revolutions per minute.

That's not all the machine comes with a generous cutting capacity. The saw is capable of cutting materials with a thickness of up 23.25 in at 90°. Moreover, this table saw also comes with a diecast meter-gauge which has positive stops for increasing cutting accuracy for your projects.

Another excellent feature that impressed me is the dust management function. This portable table saw comes with a 4-inch universal dust port that is compatible with various vacuum cleaners. You will be able to manage dust and debris as you work with this machine. You can also choose to connect it to a collection bag. Furthermore, the tool is also compatible with other attachments and accessories like extension tables, T-slots, auxiliary fence, among others. This Portable table saw features adjustable front and back clamping aluminium fence. With the extra-large glides, you can make precise and smooth adjustments. More importantly, the saw features are a transparent blade guard to allow you to see what you are doing and keep yourself. Also, the anti-kickback system ensures safety as you use the machine. This table saw is also easy to use, and you can quickly move it since it comes with wheels at the base.


  • It comes with a 15-amp motor.
  • It is ideal for massive duty projects.
  • It is compatible with several attachments.
  • It also comes with safety features.
  • This portable table saw comes included with a stand.


  • Some customers pointed out that the fence and miter gauge didn't look well.
  • Sometimes the rip fence may get a little crooked.

The Ridgid r4513 comes with a 15-amp motor which delivers up to 5000 revolutions per minute. If you need a heavy-duty tool, then this portable table saw is just for you. You can be able to cut plenty of materials thanks to its durable, heavy-duty design. Also, the saw comes with a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls as well as a blade guard. Once you fit a pin into a notch on the riving knife, the lever on the blade guard will then secure it in place.

Furthermore, the show comes with a 36 tooth ATB carbide-tipped blade. The blade is fine, but I would recommend you get a better aftermarket blade which will suit all types of woodworking that you'll be doing. There is a Ridgid table saw blade [R4513] can be changed easily using the wrenches that come with the saw. If you are cutting dados well, then this table saw will allow you to cut a 6-inch stacked dado set that has a width of 3/4 inch.

The r4513 comes with a portable folding stand which will provide you with a single step setup and the best portability. It's easy to use, and you don't have to be a professional to work with it. It features an accurate miter gauge which will run in the t-style miter track. This will enable you to have reliable and precise cuts. Also, it has a micro fence that will allow you to make extensive cuts.

What is more incredible is the fact that this table saw durable for the most massive woodworking projects. You can easily maintain this saw regularly. This portable table saw also comes with a stand, unlike other heavy-duty portable table saws. The table saw is also compatible with a vacuum cleaner or collection bag to enable you to manage dust and debris is faster.


  • The table saw is durable.
  • It can easily and quickly be set up in a few minutes.
  • It comes with a 15-amp motor.
  • It comes with accessories storage.
  • Handles heavy-duty projects.


  • It's more convenient for home rather than job sites.
  • It is not a full-sized cabinet saw.
  • It is a little heavy and hard to move around.

The Ridgid r4510 is a superior heavy-duty portable table saw that would serve the work of carpentry and cutting correctly. It comes with a 15-amp motor that will produce excellent cutting results. Also, it comes with a micro-adjustable fence for the best control of the saw. That's not all that t slot miter-gauge allows smooth cutting of any materials free from Vibrations.

This table saw heavy weigh 122 pounds. Meaning it will be stable to stay in place, make cuts without vibrations and ideal for heavy-duty usage. The rip fence and the blade will also slide smoothly. It also features quick and easy blade adjustments to get work done in time.

This portable table saw blade is easy to set up, and the whole procedure will last you a few minutes. The tool has got accessory storage to put away all the accessories like the rip fence, meter-gauge, and others.

It conveniently comes with a stand as well as wheels to enable you to work efficiently and transport it to your job site. The right side of the table can quickly expand up to 25 inches, giving you more room to handle large pieces of material. You will also be able to manage dust at the job site or your workshop as the saw is compatible with a collection bag or shop vacuum.

Ridgid portable table saw buying guide

The top three Ridgid tables saw review above should help you understand what the best saw entails. The best ridgid contractor table saw for you won't be the same for someone else. The three table saws above are best suited for different circumstances and will perform differently. You need a table saw that would serve all your needs. Below I will go through some of the most critical factors that will enable you to choose the right Ridgid portable table saw.

Intended use

The most and crucial factor is your intentions for the table saw. As you have seen above the Ridgid r4512 is ideal for beginners and won't handle heavy-duty work. Well, as the other two can manage massive duty projects. Consider the power convenience and cutting capacity of the show and compare it to your needs. I suggest you go for a table saw that is appropriate for the work you will want it to do for you and make sure it will handle it effortlessly.


Getting the best portable table saw that would produce excellent results is essential. However, your safety should be more critical. When you are to choose a table saw, make sure that it has got the necessary safety features. This may include anti-kickback, which is very important. The anti-kickback feature ensures that any material you are cutting won't get back to you. That's not all you need a table saw that you could easily control during operations. It should not be hard to use, and you must be able to get accustomed to it quickly. A portable table so that you can quickly get accustomed to will eliminate the risks of you getting injured while using it.


The whole point of the review is to help you get the best Ridgid portable table saw. It wouldn't make sense to go for a portable table saw that is not at all portable. First things first, table saws are generally heavy items. However, some features will enhance that table saw's portability, although the actual weight also matters. Some of these features are the wheels which can ease mobility of the table saw. You will also find that some table saws are heavy and do not have wheels meaning you have to look for other means to move them. The three Ridgid portable table saws I have reviewed above come with wheels, so there is nothing for you to worry about.


So, I should have mentioned cost or price first because it's what will determine whether you will get the table saw or not. First of all, you know how much you are willing to spend. Then compare the different table saws and ensure that you will get value for your money. Don't compromise on the quality either. Remember to choose a table saw that is reliable and durable. Choose one that will live up to your expectations.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I use the table saw without the base?

A: Yes, the table saw will come disassembled therefore you can use it without the base. You can bolt it to a workbench or even use clamps to fix it on a stand.

However, the base is also substantial because it raises as the saw off the ground. This will enable you to have comfortable cutting angles and perfect cutting height.

Q: Is this table saw compatible with a zero clearance insert?

A: Yes, it is a versatile table saw. Therefore, it can be compatible with a zero clearance insert. A zero-clearance insert is the essential accessory for your table saw. Closes the gap from the metal insert which comes with the table saw to reduce the possibility of tear on your cuts. A table saw with zero clearance insert is capable of preventing kickback which can be very dangerous.

Q: Can I use dado blades in the Ridgid r4512?

A: Yes, you can. The Ridgid r4512 is a versatile table so which is compatible with various 10inch blades. The dado blades are among those you can use with the Ridgid r4512. If you want to customize your workpieces, dado blades can help you to cut crevices, dadoes and cut grooves into your workplace materials.

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Final verdict

There are a variety of portable table saw blades on the market. I have compiled for you the top three Ridgid tables saw review. My top three come at affordable prices, with high-performing motors and a very reliable. From the three, you will be able to get one that will satisfy all of your woodworking needs.

With the critical factors in the buying guide, you can use the information to help you select the best out of the three. I hope you found the entire review valuable in choosing the right Ridgid portable table saw. And with that said I hope it will reflect the start of your purchase choice.

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