Ryobi Garage Door Opener Review 2020 [ Ultra Quiet ]

To save on time and energy used to open garage doors manually, there are systems and devices put in place to open and close garage doors, which are controlled by switches on the garage doors. They are what we refer to as garage door openers RYOBI prides itself in providing solutions to everyday life needs in matters technology and power tools; hence, they came up with the RYOBI GD200 garage door opener. Garage door openers can be grouped into five broad categories depending on how they operate:

  • Chain-drive openers; these types of openers have a chain attaching the trolley to the motor. They may be a little loud due to the chain interaction, but they are quite affordable.
  • Screw-drive openers; they are much louder than the chain-drive openers. They have a steel rod rotating on the motor to open the door.
  • Belt-drive openers; they have a rubber girdle to operate on the motor. They are almost not loud at all.
  • Jackshaft-drive opener; they are fitted to the side of the wall attached to the system. They use pulleys and cables for operation and are a great choice for large doors.
  • Direct-drive openers; of all the five types, these are the most noiseless ones. They have a fixed chain with a motor and a gear wheel for operation.
Ryobi garage door opener review

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Ryobi GDM120 Garage Door Opener

This is an additional accessory to the garage door opener. Imagine being able to play your favorite music and enjoy it while in your garage. This is quite an upgrade. With the Ryobi GDO app, you can link it to your mobile phone and control everything remotely. For a garage, the quality of sound produced is quite okay.

It's bass property is not that excellent but good nonetheless. Other than playing music or listening to talk radio, its Bluetooth aspect enables you to receive and make phone calls hands free. So anytime you are working, and a call comes through, you do not have to stop working to receive the call. If you ask me that is a selling point already. The Bluetooth speaker is turned on either through the app or from the inside wall pad.

Ryobi Cord Reel GDM330

Ryobi Cord Reel GDM330

This is yet another great complement to your Ryobi garage system. For lazy individuals like myself and for those who hate having to do the same thing over and over again, like having to roll out the extension cord every time you need to use it and rolling it back up after every use, this is a compulsory accessory. It takes up two ports.

Its length is its best feature, I'd say. It can spread out up to 30 feet far and conveniently has three canals. It is quite easy to install and use. This unit is well-suited for the GD200 Ryobi garage door opener. You can control the cord reel via the numbered indoor keypad. With the three outlets, you can perform several tasks on it.

Ryobi Fan GDM421

Ryobi Fan GDM421

Previously, Ryobi has had various garage fans, including the models P3310 and P3320 which are pretty much similar. This new fan module, the GDM421, is quite different from the rest. It has better functionality and improves air movement. It is not as noisy as other fans due to the tiny pits located on the fan's blades. If you do not want the air from the fan hitting you directly, it has two swivel points so you can easily turn it to face a different direction.

Comfort at its best! It also has variable speed control options. You can turn the speed higher or lower as per your liking. It even gets better with the Ryobi app, and there's a gliding bar which lets you control the air movement and speed level of the fan. I cannot complain much about the quality of work it does. And from the reviews of those who have bought and used it, it is worth buying.

Ryobi Parking Assist GDM222

Ryobi Parking Assist GDM222

Ryobi put effort into creating these accessories. They thought of all possible aspects of the garage use. Personally, parking is not a thing I enjoy doing, especially when space is limited, which is the case in most residential garages. I hate how I have to look out for every little thing and avoid hitting objects, and a typical garage is full of those.

The GDM222 parking assist is a solution to all these worries. It can be used in a dual car garage since it has two lasers. The lasers are activated when the door opens to aid in your parking process. It ensures you stick to your regular spot, so you only have to clear that spot of obstacles, and you're good to go. You can activate the system manually with your keypad or automatically. Installing it is quite easy; plug it into an empty port in the Ryobi garage door opener, and it's all set to work.

Quality of the Ryobi Garage Door Opener

This top-rated device is one of its kind. It ensures safety and has various mechanisms to keep it in check. It is one of the most versatile garage door openers, if not the most versatile. With it, you can add up several devices such as a GMD120 Bluetooth speaker, GMD421 fan, and the GMD920 CO alarm module and a powerful 18V Ryobi cordless tool battery, which will serve you in case of a power blackout.

The opener charges the battery, and in case of an outage, you can always use the backup battery to operate the garage door opener normally. It also has a motion-sensing system; uses passive infrared motion sensing, which detects any form of movement around the garage and in response, turns the LED lights on to notify you. The opener has seven ports for the effective functioning of DC modules. This device is built to last and paired with the numerous Ryobi accessories readily available, and you will surely fall in love with the whole system.

Installing Ryobi Garage Door Opener

Installing it is much easier than you'd think. It operates on a belt drive system and not the old school chain drive system. Ensure your garage door is well balanced before installation to avoid injuries. Install it high up above the floor, at about 7 feet high or more. The control button should be placed out of children's reach advisably at least 5 feet high up the door and not near the moving parts of the door, to avoid interference. Always check on the automatic reversal system, which will always raise the door to its fully open position whenever the door comes into contact with an object that has gone 1- ½ inside the garage. Installing it is quite similar to installing other garage door openers, nothing new, and does not take much time. You only need to follow the given instructions keenly.

Programming the Ryobi System

The Ryobi Garage Door Opener [GDO] is fully Wi-Fi compatible, and you can download the Ryobi garage door systems App on your phone and be able to control and monitor the system from your handset. It also comes with two remotes. The logic board, which is like the brain of the system is what controls the system. After programming the remote control to the vehicle, go ahead, and program the machine.

Here's what you need to do; momentarily press the learn button at the opener's back. It should be brief to avoid erasing the "memory" in the machine. A click sound will be produced, and a flashing light from the device may also be seen, this does not take much time, you should be done in a matter of seconds unless there is some technical problem. In case you are unable to program the system, you may seek assistance from an expert or contact Ryobi.

Ryobi Garage Door Opener review - Battery Back up

It is essential to get a garage door opener that works even in case of a power outage. You should not have to worry about being stuck out there or your car stuck inside the garage whenever there is no power. It is for that reason that the Ryobi garage door opener is set to use a backup battery. Whenever the system is not connected to an AC power source, the 18V backup battery always comes in handy.

The opener will charge the battery; the system can detect whenever the battery is running low on charge and recharge it, so most of the time, your battery will be fully charged. Whenever it is fully charged, you are assured of getting up to 100 opens with the battery. That should be enough to take care of your needs until the power issues are sorted. I think this is one of the best options available out there.

Ryobi Garage Door Opener - Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect when it comes to garage door openers. The Ryobi system has this well taken care of. You can switch the lights on or off using the Ryobi app or using the button located on the inside wall pad. The lighting system is durable and is made to stand cold weather. It is also shattered and vibration resistant. It offers bright, durable, and efficient lighting for your garage; it lights up the whole area. A regular bulb may be susceptible to breakage in the garage, but the Ryobi lights are well covered to avoid any interference and increase safety.

If you find the lighting not adequate, you can add two extra strips to either side, but be careful not to disrupt the whole program. At the bottom of the item lies the motion sensor. Each time you or any other person opens the door, the lights automatically come on. Even when the door is open for a long time, as soon as the sensor detects any form of movement, it will light up the room. You can set how long the lights stay on before going off without intervention.

Ryobi Garage Door Opener - App

As earlier mentioned, the Ryobi App is a big plus to the whole system. With it, you can control the entire unit via your phone. It is easy to use and serves various purposes. It is normal to forget to perform certain tasks, or maybe you're just not sure whether you did it or not. For instance, you may not be sure whether you closed the garage door or not, or whether you left the fan running or not.

Thanks to the Ryobi App, you can countercheck such uncertainties. It gives you access to your garage door from wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection. Be in control of your Bluetooth speaker, garage fan, among many other units. You can easily control your garage door from the comfort of your house, open or close the door remotely. You can also receive calls hands-free via your Bluetooth speaker and also control your music. It adds comfort and improves the efficiency of your Ryobi GDO system.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do I program my Ryobi garage door opener to my car?

A: You first need to set the travel limits. Setting up travel limits is done in a few simple steps. First, open the console door, hold the UP button for a few seconds before releasing it. To adjust further, press the UP and DOWN buttons as required. When you reach the open position necessary press the SET button to save the limit, repeat the same process on the DOWN button. Now to program the remote controls, press and hold the SET button on the console door until it blinks three times. Hold a button on the remote control to sync it to the opener, your car remote control is ready to use — test to confirm.

Q: What is the best garage door opener?

A: I may not be able to give a straight-up answer on this but, I could provide tips on what to look out for when picking out a garage door opener. A good door opener should have features that make it highly efficient and versatile. The first feature is battery backup; this will ensure your opener stays functional when there is a power outage. Wi-Fi compatibility is also crucial for efficiency. You should also consider security offered, lighting quality, operational mechanism, affordability, and of course, durability.

Q: How do I program my HomeLink garage door opener?

A: programming any HomeLink garage door opener does not require any special skills. Follow the steps below.

Press down the buttons on the outside of the HomeLink system. Hold it till the LED flashes then let go.

Hold the specific button and the transmit button on the transmitter. You should hold both buttons at the same time. Do this till the LED light blinks continuously?

Press the learn button positioned under the light cover in most models, till a red LED flickers.

At this point, your system is now programmed. Get to your vehicle and press the pre-set HomeLink dial until the garage door works.

Final Verdict

You could be purchasing a garage door opener for the first time or looking to upgrade from your old model. Either way, you may have a difficult time trying to choose from the various models available in the market. Not to worry, though, we are here to help you with that. We recommend the Ryobi garage door opener, which, to be honest, is a game-changer in the world of garage door openers.

It comes with lots of valuable features, which are an overall improvement to the quality of garage door opener systems. It has a lifetime warranty on it's motor and belt, yeah you read that right; lifetime warranty. The other accessories have a 3-year warranty on them. It is one device that you are sure to get all the benefits required and no regrets at all.

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