Ryobi Table Saw Review 2020 [ Is Worth Buying? ]

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How happy would it be when we have never damaged properties around our homes? Would there be anything to worry about? Not. Unfortunately, almost everything around our homes undergoes wear and tear, making it necessary for us to ensure constant repair and maintenance to keep them in a good looking state. As a homeowner, it would put you off the fact that you need to repair things around your home from time to time, sometimes it is costly, and maybe you lack the necessary equipment for the task. 

When it comes to home repair, we all need efficient and reliable equipment to help fix whatever damage that occurs around your home. Many hardware is currently available in the market that can help any homeowner fix their homes. With the emergence of a couple of portable table saws, it has become tough for the homeowners to determine the best saw they can trust to solve their problems.

Ryobi 10 in 15 AMP Table Saw REVIEW RTS10NS

In this report, I am going to provide you with a review of one of the portable table saws that are available in the market. After going through the article, I believe that you, as a homeowner, will know what to look for in a portable table saw. The report will also help you arrive at your decision on what you need to keep your home as good as it pleases the eye. Below, I will cover a review of a Ryobi RTS22 10 inch portable table saw.

Best Ryobi Table Saw Reviews 2020

For any worker, it is always their desire to get almost the best quality of equipment to help them reach their work done neatly and perfectly. For any woodworker or any homeowner who comes in contact with wood from day to day, I would recommend you to get a Ryobi RTS22. It is the most efficient product that will help you get your work done in the quality you desire.

The Ryobi RTS22 portable table is one incredible table saw there have ever been in the market. The saw is highly mobile and can be moved from one place to another with ease. Considering the safety of a woodworker or a homeowner as the priority, the table is fitted with an excellent sturdy fence that guarantees any excellent user safety while using.

When it comes to the matter with the prices of the saws, the Ryobi RTS22 is incredibly pocket-friendly. It is the cheapest saw in the market today. Most importantly, the saw is fitted with the most current table saw appliances. It might not be your taste to buy equipment from Ryobi, but once you experience its work, you will be astonished.

Ryobi 10 in Portable Table Saw

You wonder how the Ryobi RTS22 10 inch table saw is going to benefit you. The following are the advantages of the table saw to the homeowner or a woodworker who uses it.

Anything with advantages should always have the wrong side of it, just like the coin has its two sides. The Ryobi RTS22 10 inch portable table saw is no exception. It comes along with several drawbacks, such as the following.


  • Good pricing point.
  • Power switch lockout mechanism.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • Strong motor with a functional cutting capacity.
  • Heavy gauge steel support.
  • Firm fence for users’ safety.


  • Sloppy fence adjustment.
  • No clearance insert availability.
  • Shoddy miter gauge.
  • Poor assembly instructions.

Despite having challenges, the benefits of the table saw takes the upper hand.

Ryobi RTS22 10 inch portable table saw with quick stand

With a Ryobi RTS22, 10-inch portable table saw, you will not have to stress yourself when it comes to a stand. This is, therefore, a perfect product for any do yourself individually as well as you as a cost-sensitive individual. The saw is fitted with safety measures, the feature that is provided with a secure fence. Unlike any other table saw, the Ryobi RTS22 10 Inch portable table saw, is the first to have a solid fence in the history of table saws. This guarantees your safety.

Apart from all that, there are modern saw appliances that are fitted to ensure that your needs are well taken care of. The Ryobi RTS22 10 inch portable table saw happens to be equipped with more features to your advantage. First, it is fitted with wheels that make it easy for you to move around the workshop or for storage purposes. Secondly, the saw has a quick stand that can be folded when the table saw is not in use.

The advantage of having the quick stand is for raising the working platform, making the work the homeowner easy. The saw is as well proven to be powerful following the fitting of a 15-amp motor. This enables the table saw to have a capacity of cutting through almost every item you can throw at it.

For homeowners who are interested in a cheap, high-quality tool for great results, I would strongly insist that you get a Ryobi RTS22 10 inch portable table saw.

Features of A Ryobi RTS22 10 Inch Portable Table Saw.

Quick Folding Tools

To make it easy for any set up regardless of where you are working from, the table saw comes with quick folding stands, therefore, can save you time while getting it ready for work.

It Has Powerful Motors 

For any equipment to handle large tasks, then it must be robust enough. According to the buyers' reviews, the table saw can get any of your cumbersome task well accomplished and you will love the quality of the work it does. Thanks to the 15-amp motor fitted to the Ryobi RTS22 10 inch portable saw.

It Is Suitable For Any Project

With a Ryobi table saw, you don't have to be worried about tools to handle other tasks. The table saw is designed to suit your full range of products, whether repair, renovation, or any multiple projects.

Lightweight and Safety Features Of The Table

The tabletop of the saw is made using aluminum as well as a stand. Therefore, it is easy to set it up. The fence is also firm and adjustable to ensure the safety of the user. It also has an interior on-off switch that makes it possible to change from one blade to another to achieve maximum cutting.

Accessories included with onboard storage

The quick stand, the rip fence, the push stick, and a miter gauge makes it possible for portability.

Good for

Ryobi RTS22 10 inch portable table saw is designed to suit your needs. It is fitted with modern equipment to perform a wide range of projects naturally.

The miter gauge is fitted to ensure that the blade cuts the wood in any shape that you desire. The push stick keeps the motion of the workspace so that the length of the working material can be in perfect form.

The saw has an additional feature fitted to it. It is called a Dedo. A Dedo does not come together with the table saw, but it is instead bought separately. The function of this device is to ensure that the blade functions safely. 

In terms of accuracy, the table saw provides exact and neat cuts with no doubt. The accuracy and neatness of the blade's work are already proven.

Poor At This Point

Even though the Ryobi table saw review provides high-quality work than its price, it is still not good enough as compared to the highly-priced table saws. As usual, every buyer expects to get the ultimate value for their money, which is not the case here.

The tabletop is not a good idea with it having steel, and it gives the woodworker a rough time when it comes to the cut alignment. They do not always produce straight cuts as well as precise ones. In case they do not have any know-how about the operation of the table saw.

Bottom Line

At a lower price, you get the quality more than what you pay for; according to the consumers of this product, it is not any worse for any woodworker as long as you have the skills necessary for its operation. It is also a great deal when it comes to the features and tools fitted to the Ryobi RT22S 10 inch portable table saw. So far, so good, as per the consumers' experience, you have a pretty cool product in the market for you as a woodworker. It is suitable for any home repair or renovation project that you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you use a Ryobi table saw?

A: Using a Ryobi table saw is something you need to understand before you start using the saw. This is how to go about it, and you need to set up the table stand, and follow the general usage guidelines of the saw whose primary purpose is rip cuts and crosscuts as well and finally understand how to adjust the table saw's fence for troubleshooting.

Q: What is the best table saw?

A: The best table saw would be described as an ideal or perfect table saw for any craft man. To arrive at the best table saw, several factors can be taken into consideration. Some of the factors include ease of use, the safety that the table saw guarantees to the user, reliability, and efficiency as well as the design of the table saw.

According to research currently, the best-ranked table saw is the SawStop PCS175 Table Saw

Q: Is Ryobi a good brand?

A: The Ryobi brand has made several tools that are in the market today. According to the customers' review, we cannot argue any further Ryobi is a good brand. In as much as it is cheap, it also ensures that its work is neat and perfect. No disappointment from any consumer has been made concerning the product produced by Ryobi.

Ryobi is also a customer preferred brand due to its good deals on prices. Even though the Ryobi products are cheap, they are not of low quality since even pros can still use them.

Q: What is a good table saw for beginners?

A: For beginners in the woodwork, they need simple and best table saws that are not complex to handle. Having a wide range of table saws in the market to choose from, it is difficult to tell as a beginner which table saw would be best for you. According to research, the table that could favor any beginner woodworker would be the DEWALT TABLE saw. Therefore, as a beginner in the woodworking industry, I would strongly insist that you go for DEWALT due to its design and ease of handling. This will make your beginning experience enjoyable.

 Q: Is Ryobi Or DEWALT Better?

A: According to research, it can be deduced that DEWALT is way better as compared to Ryobi. Among several table saws that have been ranked the best today, DEWALT table saw can be seen being more efficient and durable, unlike Ryobi RTTS22 10 inch portable table saw. There are several factors taken into consideration here. 

First, the DEWALT table saw can be used by both beginners as well as experts, unlike the Ryobi, which needs experts to operate it. Secondly, design matters the most. DEWALT table saw has a great and elegant design of the saw, which is much preferred to the Ryobi RTTS22 10 inch table saw.

Final Verdict 

It is every homeowner's happiness to have his home looking good, and every woodworker would desire precise and perfect results of their work. With this report has served the purpose, I believe that you have learned what you need to know about the Ryobi RTTS22 10 inch portable table saw. Having known what the table entails and how it works alongside the benefits, you can now, as a homeowner, make a decision whether to acquire the table saw or not. It is time to get your work neat and have your home damages fixed.

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