SawStop Contractor Saw Reviews 2020 [ Reviewed By Experts ]

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SawStop Contractor Saw Product Tour
Sawstop Contractor Saw and Table Saw Brake Cartridge for 8-Inch Dado Sets


  • Rigid.
  • Versatile.
  • Dust collection.
  • SawStop safety system.
  • Self-diagnosis.
  • Bypass mode.
  • Rust resistance.
  • Fences.
  • SawStop Contractor saws are made of high quality and durable materials. This plays a role in its rigidity enabling it to last for a lifetime. These table saws are very versatile. They are capable of bringing together all the aspects that you need to be configured to meet your necessities and place them all as upgrades. It also has a compact dust collection mechanism. It has two parts one at the back and another immediately below the blade to reduce the amount of sawdust spreading around your workplace.
  • Its most successful upgrade was the SawStop safety system. This table saw has been able to provide the most necessary safety with this mechanism. It has helped protect several people's fingers. A diagnostic self-check runs continuously to ensure the system is damage free. In case the system is not working well the saw will not initiate.
  • Instead, there will be a red indicator glowing. This item is made of durable powder-coated steel to resist rust and corrosion. It has a bypass mode that can be activated when there is a need to cut through wet wood or other conductive materials. It comes with T-glide fences as upgrades. These items provide the saws with the needed support when cutting wood to produce better finishes.


  • It requires very careful usage.
  • Too much user error could cause ruining.
  • In as much as it has the SawStop technology which couldn't cause harm to the skin, it is still risky. If a user mistakenly forgets to turn off the bypass mode, he could risk being cut since the safety system won't work. Depending on the number of times the braking would be used, the cartridges could wear out. Too many errors would, therefore, lead to the need to replace other parts.

Give your fingers some peace. Get rid of any fear of chopping off your fingers with the SawStop contractor saw. This table saw provides a presidential level of safety with its SawStop technology which stops the motion of the saw. This mechanism works by embedding the saw's blades into the cartridges when it senses contact with the skin.

The SawStop system is a technology from SawStop, a company based in Tualatin, Oregon, just south of Portland. Dr. Steve Gass invented this technology in 1999 and started working on it with his three other friends. The first complete SawStop was sold in 2004 and it has been all upgrades ever since. The table saw has all the combinations of safety and craftsmanship and has saved thousands of fingers. It is worth a #1 rating amongst all table saws.

Table saws come in different sizes, features, and abilities. It is, therefore, no easy investment in choosing the right table for yourself. Amongst the leading table saws are hybrid saws, cabinet saws, contractor saws, portable benchtop saws, and Jobsite saws. The right saw isn't the one you could easily afford. If money is your problem, saving would cause no harm. You'll just have to wait a little while to get the best saw there is. In this case, I would go with the contractor saw. Despite being very affordable and with the SawStop system, it also has a non-stain top rather than the usual aluminum.

With all the perks, from epic finishes to ultimate safety, the SawStop contractor is available almost everywhere. If you're looking to start wood crafting, visit Amazon, get yourself a SawStop contractor saw and enjoy your experience.

I recently got a SawStop contractor saw at my woodwork station where I finish wood projects. I ordered it online at Amazon three weeks ago and received it two weeks back then proceeded to unbox it. I must say unboxing and setting it up is very simple. It is made easier specifically by the clear set of instructions on its guide book. Everything was packaged compactly and came in different well-tied boxes. I double-checked the products and all the parts were present.

After two weeks of using the product, I surely couldn't note any cynical aspects of it. I mean, its outlook was worth all the investment I placed on it. Everything about it, from its finish to its user guide added icing to my wood crafting. I bought it with an upgrade, a fence which I didn't notice in my previous table saw.

I didn't need any tools to operate the table saw. The make has made it effortless to disassemble specific features. There's no doubt that I'm proud of taking the T-glide fence upgrade since it has made my wood cutting more accurate. The markings and magnifying lens are also very clear. They are way passed my previous experiences. I also got a push stick for extra safety.

I also tried the SawStop system. I didn't use my skin for trial. I repeated the hot dog experiment from a video I watched and saw it for myself. The saw stopped almost immediately barely scratching the hot dog. I do commend the engineering of this table saw. Even without the SawStop technology, I would still place my approval on this table saw. What else could we possibly need from it?

SawStop CNS 175-SF a30 features


The CNS 175-SF a 30 contractor saw can combine all the features needed to be configured to meet our satisfaction. It is very easy to apply any upgrades on this unmatched item. You could upgrade this saw with two cast-iron wings for a smooth finish on your woodwork.


This table saw provides the stability needed at job sites. The stamped wings, rails and 30-inch extension tables that align perfectly with this table saw, more weight is added to the item. This means that the item is more stable hence, there is reduced vibration for the most precise and accurate results.

Dust collection

Sawdust could be a possible cancer-causing agent. This SawStop table saw addresses this health threat by providing the most efficient dust collecting mechanism. It reduces the amount of scattered dust at your workplace by over 90%.


This table has a unique safety system to prevent its blade from slicing through flesh. The SawStop system in an ever-active system aimed at maintaining user safety. It is an abrupt braking mechanism where the cutting blade gets embedded in the cartridge when it senses contact with skin.

Great performance

This table saw is equipped with a powerful 1.75HP motor that offers the necessary power for incredible cutting performance. Its 10 inch sharp blades make cutting and operation much easier and quicker. This feature makes it produce high-quality cuts within home and professional environments.


This tool has a dimension of 20x27 inches and an arm extension of 12 inches. These wide dimensions provide an enlarged working space ensuring more safety. This room also provides a good solid surface for more mechanical precision and smoother cuts.

Mobility options

Easily move your saw around your work area with its semi mobility feature. The table saw can move easily with its steady wheels. This leaves you with the option to easily make room at your work area.


Another great thing is the 30-inch guide fence that holds the material surely in the right position. This fence is placed perpendicular to the table and parallel to the cutting blade. The fence has a lever that holds it into position while you work making you produce accurate cuts.

High quality

This table saw relies on cast-iron for support. It also has a surface that neither rusts nor corrodes. This makes it deliver more than any hybrid contractor. It is also accompanied by a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Customer Reviews

From all the shops and online selling platforms for the SawStop contractor saws, there have been ultimate likes on the item from the customers. This table saw managed an overall 4.8-star rating out of 5 stars from the users. Most of the credit has been given to its interesting automatic braking system which ensures user safety.

Recent feedbacks have shown customer's satisfaction. Its functionality has been approved by all of the customers. The SawStop contractor saw works efficiently and can penetrate through hardwood. Its bypass mode is activated when cutting through wet wood and other conductive materials. Its fits and finish have also been applauded by the purchasers and I can also admit that it is great.

The availability of the T-glide fence has provided the required support and accuracy in wood cutting. The clear scales and magnifying lenses have also got a thumbs up for their clarity. The only complaint was with the extra wing in the setup. The fact that it wasn't flat proved to be a major turn off to the customers.

Generally, the SawStop contractor saw is up to it with satisfying all the facets that could be at woodworking. The customers are pleased with the continuous upgrades as per their needs.

Buying Guide

Over the years, different modifications and upgrades have been made on the different table saws have happened. The upgrades have been made as attempts by various manufacturers to satisfy wood-crafting. Before buying a table saw, various aspects including the budget, time to spend on the project and the size of the working area are considered. There are different categories of tables to choose from. Amazon provides all these items.

Portable bench-top saws

These table saws are lightweight and compact. They could easily be transported or carried to different places. It has a small aluminum top which is pretty much flat. For a smaller working space, it is a pass for this saw.

Jobsite saws

These table saws have extendible ripped capacity and stands that could fold up very easily. Their portability was also quite simple, you just had to push them. This is your match for small projects with than hardwoods.

Contractor saws

Contractor saws have perfection in flatness. Its 1 ½ HP motor can finish all woodwork projects.

Cabinet saws

These have a cabinet that fully encloses the motor. Its motors are twice as powerful as those of contractor saws. This item is best to suit a lot of woodworking at higher levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a SawStop cost?

A: SawStop's come fitted on the table saw and bought affordably as a whole.

Q: What is the best table saw to buy?

A: The best table to buy depends on the projects that needed to be satisfied.

Q: Are grizzly tables any good?

A: No, they aren't. With the new upgrades on contractor saws, it would be useless to get a grizzly table saw.

Final Verdict

From my own experience with the SawStop contractor saw, I would say that there is no other table saw that could match the brilliance of this item. Not only for its safety measures but also its prevailing features. To any person investing to get a table saw, the SawStop contractor saw should be a no brainer. These items are limited online, don't miss you get one for yourself at Amazon.

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