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Triton power tools are essential for woodworkers and DIYers. These particular tools are used for various functions. The tools can be applied when shaping, rebating, molding, grooving, and planning. Whether you have a small workshop or you are a professional contractor you need the right tools. Without the best tools, it doesn't matter about your skill. The job or contracted given will end up going wrong. This, in turn, creates conflicts and bad reviews from your customers and clients. You don't want such a situation or occurrence happening to you.

Getting the right tools that serve to work on any particular wood is not easy. You have to identify the right tools that are available in the market. Various companies produce power tools for use in any workshop. In this article, I am going to discuss various Triton power tools. Stick with me and you might find the right power tool for use in your workshop or garage.

Top 10 Triton Tools Reviews in 2020

The review will cover the various features of specific Triton tools. You will learn about the beneficial aspect of each tool. There are various Triton tools and each serves a different purpose and even a particular group of people. You will also get to have some of the questions you have about specific products. From this review, you will get to know which product suits you according to your needs. When looking for a specific power tool to work with. I will highly recommend these particular Triton tools.

1. Triton TPL180 1500W Triple-Blade Planer, 7-Inch

Triton TPL180 1500W Triple-Blade Planer 7-Inch


  • It has a powerful motor for the planning of hardwoods.
  • The adjustable handle provides better control and support.
  • The 3- blade drum design has a good cutting.
  • Material is removed in a single pass.
  • The non-slip rubber ensures your safety.


  • The blades are not easy to replace.
  • It has a poor exhaust port.
  • Cheap power cord.

This power tool has a powerful motor of 1500w which is suitable for the heavy-duty planing of the hardwoods. With its 3-blade drum design, you get to have a higher cutting of the hardwood and even get a smooth finish. The 7-inch planning width provides material removal by just having a single pass on the wood on the plane.

For increased support and your safety, the tool has a non-slip rubber which has an over-molded grip. The material can also be easily removed by the 10- position depth control dial. The maximum support and control are provided by the adjustable bail handle.

Triton TRA001 3-1 4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router - Power Plunge Router


  • The tool provides precise cuts.
  • It has a powerful motor of 3.25 HP.
  • The turret provides preset precise cut depths.
  • It has a safety switch shutter.
  • Better control provided by the multi-functional fence.


  • It has only 4 collect leaves.
  • Lacks a precision external lift.
  • It doesn’t have a smooth plunge.

The TRA001 router has a patented rack and pinion height adjustment to provide precise cuts when in the fixed-release mode. You get an 8,000-21000 rpm for the perfect speed for all types of cutters and also in eliminating the kickback when starting this power tool. It has a lock-out cover that gives you protection when making precise cuts and when extracting dust.

This motor also has a powerful motor that can handle even the toughest lumber. The 3-stage turret provides the precise cut depths that are preset. The side events reduce any intake of dust when the motor- casing is mounted in an upside position on the router table.

Triton TWX7PS001 Project Saw Module

Triton TWX7PS001 Project Saw Module for Triton TWX7 Workcentre


  • Precision cuts made by the moving saw head.
  • The switch connector connects power tool.
  • Positioned wheels for easier mobility.
  • Folds compactly for convenient transportation.
  • The tool provides a good cutting depth.


  • The packaging is not good.
  • Lack of the T track slot.
  • The instructions are only drawings.

This bench tool is suitable to work within any work center. It has positioned wheels that enable easier maneuverability and making position adjustments. You get to have a fast rip cut that is hand controlled with the dual-mode, fixed saw head. The wood can be used immediately without sanding since the 14t blades provide a clean edge test.

The workpiece can be clamped easily by the multi-function protractor fence. The cast aluminum table base and double-bar mounted saw that has improved rigidity and cutting accuracy.

Triton TPT125 High Performance Benchtop Planer

Triton TPT125 High Performance Benchtop Planer with 12-1 2 Cutting Width


  • It has enhanced electrical safety.
  • Precise cut depths.
  • Dust chute provides efficient dust extraction.
  • Smooth and consistent finish.
  • Easier setting of accurate depths.


  • The performance is overstated.
  • You need to replace the riving knife.
  • Strains on rough cut cedar.

The Triton TPT125 has a large outfeed and infeed for the right support when adding the long workpieces. The setting is precise when making deep cuts by using the graduated depth crank handle. You get accurate vertical movements with the 4-post column design. It has a suitable plane cutter height of 1/8 inches to 5.9 inches for any adjustments you may have.

17.500 cuts are made per minute to give you high quality and consistent smooth work finish. The circuit breaker enhances your security when there is high voltage. The dust chute can be mounted on any side for efficient dust extraction.

Triton TSPST450 450W /3.5 Amp Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander

Triton TSPST450 450W 3 5 Amp Oscillating Spindle Belt Sander


  • It has an on-board storage facility.
  • It has a powerful motor.
  • The metal belt provides a good sanding action.
  • It has a dust extraction channel.
  • Fast-changing between a belt sander and spindle sander.


  • Poorly designed plastic knob.
  • The belt tension cannot be easily adjusted.
  • You can’t lock-out oscillating function when doing a touch-up.

The Oscillating Spindle and Belt Sander have a large aluminum table that has a 45- degree front section that is tilted to provide strength and accuracy when working with any wood pieces. The on-board storage provides access to your accessories and also storage of these accessories. The metal belt sander allows the work rate to be at an optimum level when working with straight workpieces.

A perfect balance is maintained by the rotating and oscillating sanding of the pieces of wood on the table. It has a powerful 50w motor to work on even longer workpieces. The oscillating action also reduces the static friction which may cause any burns. The professional finish is given by the oscillating spindle sander. The wear is also spread on the broad surface by the same oscillating action.

Triton T41200BS 1200W / 10 Amp 4" x 24" Belt Sander

Triton T41200BS 1200W 10 Amp 4 x 24 Belt Sander Home Improvement


  • Powerful motor for rapid material removal.
  • Provides versatility when working with different workpieces.
  • It has an improved work rate.
  • Rear dust port for a cleaner working environment.
  • Accurate alignment of the sanding belt.


  • Sanding belt moves to the right and left.
  • Poor dust collection.
  • The ergonomics are not good.

The Triton T41200BS has a powerful motor so that the material can be removed rapidly. It has a rubber molded grip to provide control, increased safety, and support. The rear-facing dust port can be connected to the dust bag to make the workplace clean. When used for a long time the lock-button provides the needed convenience.

The perfect alignment of the sanding belt is provided by the belt tracking adjustment. You get to work on different pieces of wood with the variable speed control feature. It is a versatile power tool due to the variable speed control when the woodworker is working on different workpieces. The sander is transformed to be an efficient tool by the inversion clamps and mounting mat.

Triton TSPS450 450W / 3.5 Amp Oscillating Spindle Sander

Triton TSPS450 3 5Amp Cast Iron Top Oscillating Spindle Sander - Power Sander Accessories


  • Provides flexibility with its 6 sanding sleeves.
  • Accessories stored in the on-board storage facility.
  • It is suitable for sanding contours and arcs.
  • The precision finish provided by oscillating action.
  • Chances of burning are reduced by rotating drums.


  • The washers don’t fit the arbor.
  • No storage for the washers.
  • It comes with deep recess for inserts.

This particular sanding tool is essential when sanding arcs, irregular shapes, contours, and curves. It has six different sleeve size to provide flexibility to the woodworkers when they need precision in any project. Support and stability are provided by the cast iron table.

The static friction is reduced by the drum’s oscillating action when it moves the drum upward and downward. The wear is also spread across the surface to make the sander to last for long. It also has an on-board storage facility for all your accessories.

Triton TCMBS Palm Sander

Triton TCMBS Palm Sander Home Improvement


  • The sanding belt is re-centered by belt tracking adjustment.
  • Smooth sanding to the edge provided by the flush side.
  • Cleaner and safe environment with dust extraction.
  • Powerful power to remove material.
  • It provides better control and performance.


  • It is under-powered.
  • The belt doesn’t keep on the track.
  • Switch fails after various attempts.

The Triton TCMBS has a belt tracking adjustment to enable the belt to remain at the center when sanding. For improved safety and control the sanding tool has a rubber over-mold grip. It also has a compact lightweight design for easier mobility and use.

This sanding tool also has a flush side that enables smooth sanding up to edge on any workpiece. The dust extraction provides a good and clean working environment for the woodworker. The tool provides better control, value, and performance.

Triton SuperJaws SJA100E Portable Clamping System

Triton SuperJaws SJA100E Portable Clamping System


  • It can be folded and set up in seconds.
  • Better stability provided by improved leg design.
  • Hand-free clamping of the material.
  • It can be moved both indoors and outdoors.
  • It has the lock-release switch.


  • Modification needed to work with extra-large jaws.
  • Holes drilled to fit jaws.
  • Mounting holes don’t match.

The Triton Superjaws has an improved leg design to provide the woodworker with better stability and control. It also gives access to the workpiece on 360- degree angle. Massive clamping of the workpiece is done by the foot-operated clamping design.

It has a lock release switch to allow the workpiece to be released. The clamping capacity is enhanced by the reversible jaws. The tough coated steel can hold any workpiece you want to work within your workshop.

Triton TTS1400 6-1/2- Inch Plunge Track Saw 1400W

Triton TTS1400 6-1 2-Inch Plunge Track Saw 1400W - Power Circular Saws


  • The plunge saw provides precise cuts.
  • The dust extraction system is very efficient.
  • For improved safety the tool has anti-kickback.
  • It is suitable for cutting hardwood flooring and trimming doors.
  • It is stable when performing bevel cuts.


  • The scale is not accurate.
  • It doesn't have a heavy-duty canvas.
  • There is no angle guide in instructions.

The TTS1400 has a plunge saw which provides accurate straight cuts and bevel cutting. With its mode selector, you get to change between the free plunge and blade changes mode. The dust extraction system is highly efficient since it has a universal vacuum system adapter and also a 360- degree outlet.

It has a powerful 1400w speed motor that has no-load speed that ranges between 2000-5300rpm. The cutting conditions for any material you want to cut are optimized by the constant speed electronics, variable speed, and a soft start. Stability is created when the guide rail track is locked.


Q: Where are Triton power tools made?

A: The Triton power tools are mainly made in Cheltenham Victoria. The Triton firm is the one responsible for making these tools aimed to be used by woodworkers. The firm provides innovative designs year after year since it was established in 1976. Most of these products have been made in China due to the demand for these products.

Q: Are Triton Tools Made in China?

A: Just like other power tools. The Triton products are manufactured in China and marketed in a different country like Italy and Switzerland. This is due to their capacity for manufacturing products in large quantities. Some of the Triton products are also made in Taiwan. Most tools are mainly manufactured in China and marketed by the parent company. Most of the parts are also made in China and products assembled in Cheltenham Victoria.

Q: Who invented the Triton Workcentre?

A: The Triton Workcentre was invented by George Lewin who was an ABC journalist. The Triton workbench was featured on his show at ABC. From there it received massive a massive demand. The main customers were DIYers and hobbyists. The Triton work centers were sold all over for the next 25 years. He later sold the Triton work center to the Hill industries in 1999.

Q: Is Ryobi or DeWalt better? 

A: Dewalt is an old company known for its high quality and strong tools. Ryobi, on the other hand, is a new company in the market that produces professional tools. Both companies are tight competitors.  They have built a reputation based on the price range and reliability of their products. They have various similarities and differences in terms of the tools they produce and making an unbiased decision is easy. The parameters to be used when making a decision are the warranty, technology used and price.

Q:Are Ryobi Tools good quality?

A:  Yes. They are tools that are of high quality and consumer-oriented. They have a lot of advantages in terms of reliability and convenience they provide.  The product selection is wide and most of the tools are used by hobbyists and DIYers. The brand also provides value to consumers of its products. The outdoor products and pro-featured tools are affordable. They continue to add various innovations using current technology to enhance their brand.

Final Verdict & Recommendation 

Power tools help both the professional and enthusiasts to work on their projects. Knowing that there are various tools available in the market. Getting the right tools for the desired project is not easy. Each company claims to provide the best tools when it comes to woodwork's. The main determinant is based on the needs of the user. The Triton tools are some of the best tools that most DIYers and professionals need. In this review, the product features are discussed. I highly recommend that you check on this review when you want to purchase any Triton tool.

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