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Waterlox Countertop Finishing Guide

You might be thinking of building your new house or renovating your old home and decided to develop wood floors. Well, Waterlox is the wood finish that you should look for, be it for your floors or even your bathroom and kitchen tops. This Original Waterlox will penetrate fully into your floor and waterproof it. Not even the spill from your cup of coffee nor the high number of people stepping on your floor will spoil this wood floor finish. It is just superb!

If you are designing for an area prone to dampness and high water flow, probably your kitchen tops, do not go for any other stuff, waterlox got you! You will need no expertise to apply this wood finish, just read and follow the instructions on your manual, and you are ready to go. This paint will give you a stunningly beautiful look on your floor. Unlike other wood finishes, it will not be too shiny to project unwanted glare to your eyes. So, let us delve deeper into this great product!

Waterlox has been proven to be a great wood finish. Users have praised its high quality and durability. This is mainly because Waterlox is a company that has passed the test of time; it has been producing great products ever since 1910; thus, its products are quality assured. Not only does this wood finish penetrate your wood, but also it strengthens it. The finish, therefore, not only looks great, but your floor is also strengthened.

Users have also upheld its ease of application and maintenance. Unlike other wood finishes, wear on the part of your wood floor does not call for the whole of it to be refinished. You just have to refinish your worn-out piece, and the new finish bonds fully with the existing one leaving your floor without blemish.

Product Name




Waterlox TB 6044 Original Satin Finish, Quart

Waterlox TB 6044 Original Satin Finish Quart - Wood Floor Coverings

Waterlox 5284 sealant, Clear

Waterlox 5284 sealant Clear

Waterlox Gloss Original Finish, Quart

Waterlox Gloss Original Finish Quart - Floor Polish

Waterlox 6044 sealants, clear

Waterlox 6044 sealants clear - Household Varnishes

Waterlox TB 3809 25F Original Marine Sealer Qt, Clear

Waterlox TB 3809 25F Original Marine Sealer Qt Clear - Oil Based Household Varnishes

Waterlox Reviews 2020

Waterlox TB 6044 Original Satin Finish Quart - Wood Floor Coverings

Waterlox Original Satin Finish Pros

Aesthetic properties

This floor finish will be very beautiful on your hardwood floor. It is a product of Tung oil that has been used quite long, and its aesthetic properties are known. When you apply it on your floor for the first time, it has an amber color. With time these amber color deepens and looks very attractive on any wood floor.

Durability properties

This is one of its key advantages over other wood finishes. In the formula used in the proprietary mix of the finish, hardeners are applied. This makes this finish long-lasting and long-wearing.

High penetration properties

This product of Tung oil has very high penetrating capabilities. It gets deep down into your wood the first time you apply it. This first coat will sink into your wood, and the second coat will partly soak into your wood too. You, therefore, need a third coat so that your finish becomes even. This penetration ensures that your finish lasts longer and resists wear.

Ease of application and maintenance

To apply your floor finish, you do not necessarily require skilled labor. You can do it yourself by clearly following the given instructions. The maintenance is quite easy. If only a part of your floor has been worn out or scratched, you can refinish it alone without having to redo it for the whole floor.

Touch upon it chemically bonds with the layer beneath it making your floor look new again.

After your Waterlox floor finish has cured, it becomes a safe surface. It is non-toxic and food-safe.


Waterlox Original Satin Finish Cons

It takes longer to dry.

This is its main drawback. For your finish to be complete, you need at least three coats. Each one of these coats takes 24 hours to dry. After the floor finish has been successfully applied, you need to be gentle on it for at least seven days. This means before these seven days are over, you cannot place your furniture; it is best only to allow light foot traffic.

It may turn out unattractive for lighter wood.

Waterlox looks perfect for floors for wood, such as mahogany. However, if your wood floor's color is lighter, like a red oak floor, the amber color of this finish will look quite out of place.

Waterlox Features

This waterlox floor finish is very flexible. In cases of extremely high or low temperatures, this finish can put up with the contraction and expansion of your wood floor. This floor finish is made of Tung oil, which offers enough deep penetration into your wood, thus increasing its durability. This Tung oil is known for its beauty, and therefore your floor finish will be very stunning.

This original waterlox floor finish is completely waterproof. Water flowing on your floor or other household spills will not affect your finish at all.

Also, you do not have to worry whenever your floor is scratched. You just have to refinish that scratched part, and the new coat chemically bonds with the existing coat giving you a perfect finish. This ease of maintenance is very key.

Waterlox Specifications

  • It is a Tung oil floor finish that penetrates through your wood
  • Over 90% of its resin portion is made from natural and renewable resources
  • Appearance when applied;
  • It has an amber color. With time, it becomes more amber
  • Waterproof floor finish
  • This total water resistance is best produced when it is used together with the Waterlox Original Sealer
  • Durable, protective yet elastic wood finish
  • Offers enough protection from wear caused by people walking on your floor or from spills.
  • It contains hardeners added in the proprietary mix to enhance its durability. It is, therefore, able to protect the floor and resist scratches and wear.

Buying Guide

When you are constructing your new house or renovating the existing one, how to finish your wood floors remains one of the greatest concerns. It would be best if you had a wood finish to penetrate your wood and survive for the longest time possible. Waterlox fully penetrates your floor and has to be applied in three coats. Not only will it penetrate your wood, but it also strengthens it. Hardeners added in its proprietary mix makes it quite durable and wear-resistant.

Any floor finish should be water-resistant. Waterlox is waterproof; not only can you use it on your floors but also on the wood tops in the damp-prone areas; kitchen and bathroom. Many people experience headaches once their floors are scratched, maybe, unfortunately, at the very entrance of their lounges. However, with waterlox, this should not give you a headache. The touch you apply on this scratched part completely bonds with the rest of the floor, making it look new again! You do not have to refinish the whole floor, just the scratched part!

Overall Impression

The waterlox Original Satin finish has many upsides, and just very few drawbacks making it a very outstanding floor finish. Though it may take longer to cure, the results will be worthwhile. Unlike other wood floor finishes that dry and cure in just a few hours, one coat of this wood finish takes a whole 24 hours.

You have to consider that a minimum of three coats must be applied, then allow for curing for a minimum of 7 days. The result is a finish that has fully penetrated the wood, strengthening it too. Its water resistance will also come out to be great. Besides, this floor finish is stronger than other clear floor finishes, considering that hardeners were added into the proprietary mix. Your finish will, therefore, be very durable and able to resist scratches and wear.

Lastly, you will be amazed by how attractive your floor comes out, with a beautiful amber floor finish!

Frequently asked questions

Q: How Long Does It Take For Waterlox to Cure?

A: This has been the greatest concern raised by the users of this wood finish. Waterlox floor finish has a high rate of penetration; thus, it soaks into your wood. Therefore, your floor finish will require about three coats for it to be even and complete. One coat requires approximately 24 hours to cure fully. Thus, for the three coats, you need about 72 hours. After you have completed applying your floor finish, it will not have fully cured.

You have to give it about seven days, whereby only light foot traffic should pass on your floor. I recommend that you allow a few people into space and be in a pair of socks when walking over them. You should also not add nor replace the furniture in this space until the seven days are over. After these seven days, your waterlox floor finish will have cured.

Q: What Is Waterlox

A: Waterlox is a company in Ohio that is family-owned and was started in 1910.it has a variety of wood products.

Waterlox is a wood finish used mainly on wood floors. This floor finish is a product of Tung oil. It is a finish that penetrates deep into your wood. The Tung oil not only protects your wood but also strengthens it. It offers great water resistance; therefore, spills on your floor do not affect the wood. Also, it is a finish that makes your bed very attractive. The Tung oil used is famous for its beauty, giving your floor a beautiful amber floor finish. It is used in conjunction with the waterlox wood sealant to make your floor waterproof.

Q: Is Waterlox Waterproof?

A: Its waterproofing capabilities mark one of its best advantages over other wood finishes. When you apply your first coat, it is fully soaked into the wood. Part of the second coat is also absorbed into the wood. You, therefore, have to apply a third coat to even your finish. Waterlox, therefore, has three coats that fully maximize its waterproofing capabilities. To further increase the water resistance, use it together with the original waterlox wood sealant, and you will enjoy the results.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Hopefully, you are now fully on board with waterlox. It is an excellent wood finish. Once you apply it on your wood floor, I recommend giving it seven days to cure fully. This ensures that you get the best. It will last longer, and it will be able to resist wear. This is because when you overload your floor during the period before the seven days are over, it will likely start to get scratches.

I highly recommend this wood finish to institutions where high levels of cleanliness have to be maintained, for example, hospitals, mosques, and restaurants. If the finish on these floors is waterlox, then hygiene is maintained. This is because this finish is food safe, odorless, and completely non-toxic.

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