Wen 4214 Review 2020 | 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press [Ultimate Guide]

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A drill press is an essential tool that you need when handling woodworking projects. If you are looking for a reliable drill press, I would recommend you to try Wen 4214. This is a powerful tool from a reputable brand that has been on the market since 1951.

This drill press is not only a drilling machine used for producing holes through thick and heavy build materials, but it also attests to the reliable quality that Wen gives throughout its products. This wen 4214 review will highlight some of this drill press's best features.

It has excellent features like the laser guiding system and table light that reveal that it was built for precision. Without a doubt, it will glide through the workpiece like a hot blade through butter. Let us have an in-depth review of this tool so that you can determine if it suits your needs.

Wen 4214 drill press review 2020 

Product Details 

This drill press is genuinely one of a kind. It comes in a beautiful yellow color. The holes are made using the cast iron drill. This automated machine gives accurate depth and width as needed. The drill is usually housed in an adjustable rotating spindle, and it is then fed into a workpiece.

It can be used on wood, plastic, and even metal effortlessly. The workpiece is held in its place by clamping it down, utilizing a vise attached to the table. This drill may be gripped in a chuck with four jaws that rotate in synchrony.

The main parts of this drill, including the head, table, and base, are constructed from cast iron, making this machine sturdy, and I found that this gives it prolonged use. The drill I also found out was very lightweight. This makes it easy to move if necessary.


It has a variable speed spindle.

It comes with a laser for added precision and centering.

This drill has a 5Amp induction motor.

It has a table roller extension.

It comes with a two-year warranty.

wen 4214 reviews


  • The Wen 4214 drill press is very accurate and stable.
  • It has an easy and smooth operation.
  • The drill press comes with adjustable speed settings.
  • The drill press is easy to assemble, allowing for enhanced ease of use.
  • Ability to allow use of 4 star bits to drill large holes.
  • It has premium alignment and provides for perfectly straight holes.
  • It has an adjustable Speed from 530-3100rpm.


  • The drive system is a bit noisy.
  • Some effort is needed to adjust speeds, but this adjustment is quite smooth.
  • The return spring on the quill is crunchy.


This is one of the best drill presses you will find at an affordable price. You don't have to break your bank to acquire this tool. With a budget of less than 300 bucks, you can be sure of getting a reliable and durable tool. For its prices, you will also be amazed at its features and performance. This is an excellent tool for both beginners and professional woodworkers.

Powerful Motor

It has an inductive motor with reliable power and speed. It comes with a 2/3hp motor with 110V/5Amps. Therefore, it offers incredible unpaired torque and a decently powerful drill that drills easily through low-density wood and metal. The excellent torque ensures that the drilled hole is clean. This is while remembering that excessive force may bring about crack and breaks.

Adjustable Speeds

 I found I could not only rely on this drill press to provide high speeds, but I could always adjust the spindle speeds if needed to suit my needs. The high speeds mentioned arise from the motor. The drill press has adjustable speeds of between 530 and 3100 rpm. The mechanical variable speeds allow for uniform power and torque throughout the drill press for consistent results.

The adjustable speeds also allow the user to adapt to the workpiece to drill through it efficiently. The variable speeds also lock in position, and you will not have to readjust them each time. It displays the manual input speeds on a small LED display panel. The LED display panel shows the current speeds on the drill press throughout the entire operation. The speeds are adjustable using a lever.


In regards to the size, the tool measures 12 inches. It has a compact design, so you will not experience issues when it comes to storage. It weighs 89 pounds, so you can easily move it around your workplace without any issues.

Adjustable Table

It has an adjustable table that bevels as well as moving up and down. It bevels at 450 to the right and left to give precision at these angles. It has a work light and laser to illuminate the workpiece. One of the most impressive features it comes with is the laser. It is important for precision and allowed me to know precisely where the drill bit would go and thus enhanced my accuracy.

This drilling process has excellent work-table. The table roller can extend up to 17" to support your workpiece, whatever the workpiece's length. The Wen 4214 drill press has a quill diameter of 2.17.

This table-top drill press is very safe to use. It is not flimsy as it is built from metal and thus will not collapse. Drill bit replacement is secure and free of injury, and this flawless design ensures that the use of this drill is hazard free and a good experience.


This drill makes use of 4-star bits to drill holes of varying sizes. It has a 5/8" chuck that gives you versatility with various bits. I found that the slowest speeds work best for the larger bits. It has a depth-stop, which allows the drill to halt at a preset interval. I was especially impressed by this as it allowed me to limit spindle travel to provide accurate and repeatable operations during drilling. The entire spindle travel is a depth of 3 1/8 inches.


The drill press is very versatile, and additional optional accessories may also be used. These include circle cutters, drum sanders, and mortising attachments. You can add an extra accessory to the spindle is a planer, and this may be used to smooth over the wooden surface.


I found that this drill press is in a lot of ways built to be user-friendly. From how easy to assemble the drill press was how conveniently the machine utilized levers rather than pulleys and belts to how long it served me without breaking down. This machine is quite impressive.

The assembly can easily be done without the manual in under an hour if you are mechanically-minded as the machine is partially pre-assembled and only a few main parts need to be fixed. It is this ease of use that makes this drill press a worthwhile investment.

It Has an Average Throat Depth

The drill press has a throat depth of about 12"; this means that from the center to the edge of the stock material is 6" past this, you will encounter the column of the drill press. The drill bit is competitively priced and offers a great deal for the price point. Also, the drill bit has a self-ejecting key, which helps it leave the chuck efficiently.

Things to Consider When Buying a Drill Press

When purchasing a drill press several factors that you need to consider. A general-purpose drill press usually has a single spindle. However, if multiple holes need to be drilled, it is more prudent to use a drill press with multiple drills. This means that the task at hand heavily influences your choice in the drill press.

In addition, custom drill presses exist, and these special-purpose drilling machines can boreholes at regular adjustable positions on the workpiece if several identical holes are required. Drill presses may also be used to enlarge existing holes, and I recommend this specific drill press for the task.

I have found that this eliminates the need for a reamer as this drill press can be used instead and is thus multipurpose. There are many kinds of drill presses, including pedestal drill, bench drill press reviews, pillar drills, and floor drills.

Other factors that you should consider when buying a drill press include the following:

  • The construction
  • Power
  • Depth stop
  • Quality table
  • Weight
  • Accessories

Benefits of the Wen 4214 Drill press

There are several benefits that you will get from this tool. First, it allows you to adjust the speed from 580 rpm to 3200 rpm depending on the nature of the projects that you are handling. Additionally, the tool features an LED screen display that shows the current sped, so you will always know the speed that it is working on at the moment.

Another thing that I love about this tool is that it is designed with work light. This means that you can do your work regardless of the lighting condition.

When you are using any power tool, accuracy is always your major concern. This tool features laser precision so you can be sure of accuracy when handling your projects. The laser light indicates the right spot that the drill bit should travel to achieve optimal precision when drilling.

Another great thing about this drill press is its stability. It features a cast iron table that provides the needed stability when working. This means that you will not experience wobbling, which can compromise the quality of your work. Moreover, it features bolt holes where you can mount the drill on a bench if you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an electric planer used for?

A: An electric planer is an incredible tool that is used to smooth wood surfaces. On top of that, the device can be used to taper wood. This tool is useful when you want to level irregular wood to suit the thickness based on your project's requirements.

Q: Does the drill press come pre-assembled?

No, the drill press did not come pre-assembled, but the assembly process was not hectic or complicated as it merely involved the major parts head, tray, motor, tube, shaft, base, and chuck. I did not require complex additional equipment other than a hammer. It takes under an hour, and it can easily be done without instructions. Instructions are available in the packing slip, however, if you require them. This unassembled state makes it easy to ship and allows you the freedom to assemble it in its final location with ease as compared to moving an entirely assembled unit.

How to assemble:

  • Place the base on the floor and attach the tube to it.
  • Tighten the bolts on the tube.
  • Add on the tray on the tube and fix that as well.
  • Put the motor on the tube.
  • Using a rubber mallet and a piece of wood, tap the chuck into its desired position.
  • The piece of wood will protect the chuck from damage.

Q: Is Wen 4214 Drill press worth buying? 

A: Absolutely! This is a tool that is worth your investment. If you are looking for a durable, accruable, affordable, and reliable drill press, this model will suit your requirement.

Q: How to Choose the Right Thickness Planer? 

A: There are several crucial things that you need to consider when choosing a thickness planner. Some of the most important things that you should check include the capacity, cutterhead type, motor power, and dust collection system, among others.

Q: Can this tool handle hardwoods, especially exotics?

A: Yes, of course. I have tried this tool on hardwood, and it works perfectly.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you are looking for a drill press that can handle most workpieces, this Wen 4214 is an epic choice. It delivers quality with each use to provide reliable results each time. Considering its price, it is quite an essential investment, especially woodwork.

This tool is packed with many great features that enhance its use. You can be sure to achieve accurate results every time you are working with this tool. I highly recommend the Wen drill press to anyone looking for a reliable woodworking tool.

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