WEN 6550 vs 6552 Comparision & Review 2020

Do you know the difference between the WEN 6550 vs 6552? If no, then this review has all that you need. Also, if you intend to purchase any planer, then you need essential information due to the over crowed products. For you to come up with the best machine, you need to consider some factors. Which are these factors? You have to worry any more as the review has all the essential features. Also, the discussion has fully differentiated the best WEN in the current market.

WEN Thickness Planer

Wen 6550 and 6552 Comparison 2020

Product Name





Wen 6552

WEN 6552T 13 in. 15 Amp 3-Blade Benchtop Corded Thickness Planer

wen 6550

Wen 6550

WEN 6550T 15 Amp 12.5 in. Corded Benchtop Thickness Planer

wen 6552

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You might think that 6550 and 6552 are the same, but they differ in the same features, which are these features; the number of blades, power, and speed of the motor, weight, material used in construction. For more information, keep on reading the article, and you will never regret such kind of a decision.

The critical difference between Wen 6550 vs 6552

The wen 6550 features dual blades located at the middle roller.  The double blades are suitable for ensuring sharp cuts and elongating their life cycle. The Wen 6552 has three edges in the middles roller. The three-edged feeding system is essential for reducing snipe.

Wen 6550 features a high-quality rubber adjustment handle. The handle is suitable for adjusting the height.  The wen 6550 adjusts the grip to a height up to 1/16inc, therefore promoting a precise measurement. When it comes to the wen 6552, each quarter rotation is capable of adjusting the height of the cutter up to 1/64inch.

The wen 6550 has a powerful motor with a power of 15-amp. The high power works together with the dual blades to provide 18000 cuts within minutes. Also, it gives a rate of 26 feet within a single minute. Also, the wen 6552 features a high 15 amp motor but is more potent than the wen 6550. The wen 6552 motor generates 25 500 cuts within minutes at a 26ft rate.

Another main difference between the wen 6550 and 6552 is the plane board size. The 6550 has a plane board with 6 inches thick and 12.5-inch width with ease. The dimensions are a bit different from the wen 6552. Wen 6552 features a broader plane board with a 13-inch diameter and 6 inches in thickness.

Another critical difference between the wen 6552 and 6550 is the material. The wen 6550 features a heavy-duty granite construction. The graphite construction makes the wen heavier as compared to the wen 6552. While the wen 6552 features a metal construction that makes the wen lighter than the wen 6550. However, you need to note the material does not determine the performance of the machine.

Features of wen 6550

wen 6552

1. Adjustable rubber handle:- 

The machine has a high-quality and comfortable rubber handle. The rubber grip handle promotes easy height adjustment of the planer. Besides, the handle is easy to handle and makes it easy to adjust the measurements.

2. Dust connection port:-

This appliance has a dust hose collection hole with a dimension of 2 inches. You can attach a dry/wet or dust extraction device to the fan dust port. Dust port connection makes cleaning up easy and faster. Also, it helps to keep all the dirt in one place rather than all over the room.

3. Roller feeding machine:-

The appliance features a tri- roller feeding device that helps to reduce snipe. In addition to that, the machine has a dual blade located at the middle roller. The dual blades feature a reversible ability to encourage a sharp cutting and elongate the life cycle.

4. Out-feed and infeed table:-

This fantastic machine features a foldable out-feed and in-feed table. The tables provide plenty of support to the work pieces moving through the planer. These tables are adjustable to fit the best angle for smoothly and bright feeding boards.

5. Non-marrying granite table:-

Wen 6550 features high quality and durable granite table. This granite table is essential in promoting a flat and smooth surface to accommodate your boards. Also, the granite table is well known for maintaining its integrity as it does not warp or distort. Besides that, the granite tables provide a non-marrying and smooth surface.

6. Mounting holes:-

The wen 6550 features pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.  The mounting holes ensure enough stability when working with your machine. The pre-drilled holes feature sturdy and robust construction for durability.

Features of Wen 6552

wen 6550

1. Fan-assisted dust port:-

The machine features a designed dust collection port. You can decide to attach a dust extraction device or a dry/wet vac to the port.  The fan-assisted can suit a 2inch, 2-1/2 inch, or 4-inch collector device or vac. The collector helps to keep the workshop clean and free from sawdust.

2. Depth adjustment:-

This incredible machine has a fine tune adjustment for the level of the depth.  You can easily adjust the height to suits the perfect size of your planer.  The rubber grip handle also helps to promote comfort will make the adjustments.  Every quarter of rotation changes the cutter head up to 1/64inch. The high change rate provides high precision while performing operations.

3. Reversible blades:-

wen 6552 features tri-edged blades located on the middle roller. The three modules can be reversed easily to promote sharp cut and assist to elongate the life cycle. Not just that, but the machine has a three-roller feeding system. The tri-feeding system helps to reduce snipe.'

4. Foldable table:-

Unlike most of the devices, this wen 6552 features foldable out-feed and in-feed tables. The foldable table adds plenty of support to big workpieces moving through the planer. Also, the schedules can be adjusted to fit the best angle for a smooth feeding board.

5. Carrying handle:-

The device has a sturdy carrying handle located on both sides. The stylish handles encourage easy mobility; therefore, the machine is suitable for any workshop. Besides, the handles provide comfort while carrying the system from one place to another. Mounting holes are also present that ensures easy installation. The holes offer extra stability than when compared to the other types of mounting holes.

Pros & cons of wen 6550


  • The machine comes with a dust collection port thus keeping your workshop clean.
  • Designed with a heavy-duty and robust granite material for durability.
  • The device has handles for easy portability.
  • Designed with adjustable out-feed and in-feed tables to provide a smooth surface.
  • Equipped with a high boasts snipe resistance.
  • Designed with pre-drilled active mounting holes.


  • Wen 6550 is a bit noisy that the wen 6552.
  • Due to the heavy-duty granite construction material, the machine is a bit heavy than the 6552 machine.
  • This device does not come with a stand.

Pros & cons of wen 6552


  • It’s easy to change the blades as compared to the 6550 machine.
  • The device features a powerful 15-amp motor.
  • Designed with sides carrying handles for easy mobility.
  • The tool is safe and easy to use in your workshop.
  • Designed with debris, sawdust and a wood chips connection port for easy cleaning of the room.
  • The device is affordable and durable.
  • Equipped with a fine-tune depth and rubber grip handle.
  • It has adjustable infeed and outfeed table to provide smooth feeding board.


  • Designed with a metal construction that is a bit lightweight.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty industrial purpose.

Feature comparison of the wen 6650 vs 6552

However, both the machine features all most the same features. But we have some features and other specifications that differ from each other.  The 6552 has powerful and great features as compared to the 6550 machines. 6552 features metal construction, which is not the case with the wen 6550. The 6550 device has a high-duty granite construction making it more substantial than the 6552 machines. The second 6552 have three blades, which are a presence in the 6550 tools. The tri-blades in 6552 helps to promote the finishing capability on the wood.

Similarities between 6550 vs 6552

First, both of them feature a foldable in-feed and out-feed table. Also, the table can be adjusted to suit the perfect angle, thus promoting a smooth feeding board.

Both 6552 and 6550 features a dust connection port. The sawdust connection port helps to minimize the amount of dust spreading in the workshop.

6552 and 6550 has a rubber adjustment handle. The handle makes it easy to adjust to suit the best height.

Both the 6550 and 6552 machine features a side handles for easy mobility. In addition to that, a roller bar is present in both devices.

Both the two devices have a 15 amp motor. However, the engine in each machine provides different cuts per minute.

Difference between 6552 and 6550

WEN 6550 uses have two blades system used in level-ling and smoothing the boards. While the 6552 features up to three blades, thus providing effective and effectively cutting.

WEN 6552 machine is capable of handling boards of 13inchs width while the WEN 6550 suits only boards of 12.5 the difference in diameter, makes the 6552 machines the best as compared to the 6550 WEN.

Despite that, both have 15-amp motor, but they generate different cutting per minute. The 6550 is slower than the 6552 WEN. The 6552 is faster with a cut-rate of 25500 cuts within a minute, while the 6550 has 17000 cuts per minute.

Which one is the best?

Different people have different options. This makes it challenging to provide a straight forward answer. However, from the review, we can identify the best WEN. Anyway, without a doubt, both 6552 and 6550 are great for workshops. If you need a smooth finish to your boards, then the WEN 6552 is the best choice.

The reason is that it features up to three high quality blades instead of two. Besides that, the 6552 is lightweight as compared to the WEN 6550 machine. The less weight makes the tool portable thus might be the best choice for great work. But if you don't have a plan of relocating the planer, then 6550 is the best for you.  The reason is that the tool is sturdier as it features a heavy-duty granite construction.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is the difference between WEN 6550 and 6552?

The main difference comes to the power of the motors despite that both have a 15-amp motor. The 6550 features 17000 cuts per minute, unlike the 6552 with 25500 cuts per minute. WEN 6552 device is capable of handling boards of 13inchs width, thus suitable for high materials.  While the WEN 6550 suits only boards of 12.5 the difference in width.  The 6552 machines the best as compared to the 6550 WEN machine. WEN 6550 machines have two blades system used for leveling and smoothing the boards. While the 6552 features up to three blades, thus providing effective and effectively cutting.

2. How to choose the best thickness planner?

We have several factors that determine the quality of a thickness planer. Some of the factors include:

Thickness capacity:- 

For you to get the best thickness [planer, you need to put into consideration the thickness capability. Make sure that you get a machine with a depth that will suit you wood you wish to cut


The size of the device is also another factor for you to get the best thickness planer. It’s always ideal for getting a planer that will suit your workshop.


The power of the machine can determine the depth and width that the device can cut. A powerful WEN might be the best choice if you need a faster tool.

Other factors that you can consider are blades, amount of noise produced, gauges as well as dust extraction.

3. Do you need a thickness planer?

Yes, for you to have quality work, you need a thickness planer. A planer will make your wok effective and secure. Also, most of the thickness planer is easy to use as compared to other machines. Besides that, a thickness planner requires less power to function. Also, thickness planners are suitable for cutting different materials.

Final Verdict

Are you wondering about the best type of thickness planer to purchase? If yes, then you have to options to make. The 6550 and the 6552 WEN machines are the only options that you can make. But most of the people do not know the main difference between 6550 and 6552. WEN 6552 is the best machine to make. However, to some extent, WEN 6550 might be the best choice to make. Lastly, the final decision is on your side. But if you have gone through the article, you will be able to differentiate the two products.

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