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If you are a professional woodworker, and you have been looking for the best planer? Here we have an answer for you. Wen 6552T planer is the best solution. It is the best in the benchtop planers, having specific features that you won't get anywhere else. It was designed to suit your needs, giving you the real satisfaction you have been longing for. This tool is simple to use, providing the required skill to do better in your field of profession. With Wen 6552T planer, you don't need to look for additional training. The tool is specifically designed to serve you.

Wen 6552 review on Product Details: 

Wen 6552 review


  • It has a smooth plane.
  • The fan dust port helps to remove sawdust in the workplace.
  • It has a broad width which can handle wide materials.
  • Due to its smooth table, it makes the wood piece smooth.
  • Three-blade cut, which makes it work fast and easy to use.


  • The three blades can cost extra as they have to be replaced at a certain period.

Do you want a planer with a powerful motor? How would you feel when your planer helps you clean your place of work? Wen 6552T planer comes with a super powerful engine that can clean several pieces of wood within now. Besides, this planer can even work on the hardwood pieces.

Contrary to its previous counterparts, Wen 6552T planer comes with triple blades increasing the number of cuts per minute. The thickness of these blades makes the planer work efficiently, giving it the best finishing characteristic.

The tool has large smooth tables that support long pieces of wood. The smoothness of the tables ensures softwood products. To add, the planer has a fan in the dust port that helps collect all the dirt in one place for easy clean-up.

Wen 6552T planer has other unique features like the double roller, reversible blades, adjustable rubber handle, removable gauge, just to mention.

On top of that, it has an operational customer care service line always ready to respond to your inquiries. The planer comes with a two years warranty. WEN offers you what no other planer can offer. This is not just a planer; it is a high-class planer designed to suit any severe woodworker worldwide.


It has a width of 13 inches, which can handle materials as broad as 12.4 inches without straining. This makes wen 6552T to be one of the best planers in such an amazing thickness.

Wen 6552T planer comes with an adjustable rubber handle, which gives you the required comfort when handling the equipment. You can adjust the handle just to make sure you carry out your operations in the perfect way possible.

It has a fan ejected port, meaning it can help you in your clean-up process. With it, you can collect all the dust particles in one place, making your cleaning easier.

Wen 6552 planer review on Power & Motor

Wen 6552 planer is designed with a motor that is very powerful to suit your daily routine. Amazingly, this motor can sustain cuts at a rate of up to 25500 per minute. This motor is heavy duty and can serve the machine long without rusting.

The motor is a 15-amp motor. Actually, it is the largest motor in planers currently in the market. The motor has the required ability to cut off thin pieces of any lumber. This is because the motor has a higher cut-rate.


According to statistics, the motor can rotate the device head at a super rate of up to 10,000 per minute. At this speed, the Wen 6552 planer can shave any wood at no time. When you combine this speed with the three-blade cut design, these speeds rise to 25,500 rates per minute. This is the real speed of the Wen 6552 planer. At this rate, no other planer can be the Wen 6552 planer.

This planer's speed is determined by the feed rate, which will ensure your accuracy when performing your work.

Three-blade cutter head

Which is better in planers? Is it a planer with double blades or that with triple-knife cutterheads? Of course, the triple is far better. Wen 6552T planer has a triple knife blade, which ensures more cuts produced per rotation. These blades come with a super designed arrangement, which gives the plane a higher efficiency.

The triple knives provide a better edge than their preceding double counterparts in smooth finishes and accuracy. The triple blades can be placed upside down to ensure better cuts and increase their lasting life.

Support Tables

Remember the tables of the previous benchtop planer? They were not as smooth as you would wish them to be. The Wen has material fed tables joined to the center part of the worktable under the cutter head. The tables save storage space and make tidying an easy job. These tables can be adjusted to take more wood.

These tables allow smooth travel of the wood piece on the surface every single moment. Furthermore, these tables can accommodate wide and longer pieces of wood. With their perfect location, The Wen table can outdo the previous Wen series planners in quality servicing and efficiency.

Double roller  

The double rollers in the Wen 6552T planer are put in place to ensure the board's best position. These rollers are reliable for snipe control. This means that you will not have to worry about the snipe anymore, as the rollers can minimize it. They make sure that the board is not affected by the snipe, hence ensuring the board's perfect shape.

The duo works together to maximize the lifespan of the board and the planer in general.

Reversible blades 

Although the triple blades can increase the planer's cut-rate, they can also save your money. Basically, the blades can be reversed or inverted to increase their lifespan. This means they can give an allowance for a more extended period hence economizing your financial status.

Typically, this is a feature that cannot be found in the former benchtop planers. These blades are not only reversible but disposable as well. While reversed, these blades can work faster and more smartly. If you are looking for a planer that can save your money and time, I firmly recommend you Wen 6552T planer.

Dust port

Because planers generate sawdust in a large quantity, it is high time you purchase a planer that can you work on the dust. The Wen 6552T planer is equipped with a dust ejection port fan that works as a dust collector. This planer will help you save time for cleaning as the dust port will collect all the waste in one location, hence easing the whole process.

The port is 2 inch giving it the perfect feature to clean all the debris. So worry no more about the dust since the Wen will resolve your problem.

Benefits of Wen 6552T planer

  • To start with, the planer is a multipurpose machine as it can help you shave the wood pieces and clean your place of work. Other benefits include;
  • The wide board removable gauge can notify you about the shaving edge of every cut.
  • It has double rollers that control the spice from damaging your board.
  • The triple blades ensure more counts per rotation hence giving your planer more speed,
  • It has large and smooth tables which can take a long piece of wood. Also, the tables will make smooth your wood pieces.
  • The super powerful motor cannot be compared with any benchtop planer. It will give your planer more speed hence saving your time.
  • Interestingly, the planer has adjustable rubber handles, which will ensure your comfort while working.
  • This is what makes the Wen to be rated as a particular type of benchtop planers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can this tool do?

A: The tool can handle any type of wood piece. It has a powerful motor, so this is not a problem. In addition, it has triple knives, which will work out even the most challenging pieces of wood. The planer also has a special feature of dust port, which will help you clean up your place of work in a short period.

Q: What is an electric planer used for?

A: An electric planer is a necessary tool for any woodworker. Very few know that an electric planer has a variety of uses. Such uses include;

  • To even rough surfaces-You need an electric planer to make smooth uneven edges.
  • Used on door edges: An electric planer is the best choice if you want to remove the door's unwanted edges. A planer needs to be used in this situation to make the door shut as usual.
  • Used for making rabbets-Used for making furniture in general.

Q: How to use a wen planer?

A: You have to make sure first that your place is intact from uneven movements that may interrupt your working place and reduce the efficiency of the Wen.

  • Settle the planer in the best depth.
  • Attach the handle
  • From there, prepare the tables ready for use.
  • On switch the planer motor.
  • Now prepare to work.

Make sure you avoid snipe as much as possible. Snipe can damage your board hence reducing the efficiency of the planer. To avoid snipe, make better use of the roller by easily forcing the board while working.

Q: Is Wen 6552T planer worth buying? - YouTube

A: What surpasses the satisfaction of buying a really good machine? I would recommend Wen 6552 planer to anyone who values quality work.

The tool comes with specific features that cannot be found in any other benchtop planer, like the powerful motor that counts more than 25500 per minute.

In addition to this, the machine is highly efficient and can handle any wood. If this not enough, it saves your time for cleaning, for it has its dust port. This some of the characteristics that make Wen 6552T planer be deemed necessary.

Q: How to choose the right thickness planer?

A: Choosing the right thickness planer means much to a professional woodworker. To make the best choice, you should likely choose a planer with more than 12 inches of board width. This will ensure that your planer can handle wide materials that have more than 11.5 inches width.

It is important to consider the planner's brand so that you can get a durable tool that will serve you for many years. A tool from a top brand will assure you of high-quality performance. Another thing that you should consider is the price. Get the best product that will give you value for your money.

When buying a thickness planer, you should also consider the features included. The tool should also be safe enough so that you can use it with ease.

Q: Can this tool handle hardwoods?

A: Yes, it can. Wen 6552 planer is designed to handle all types of woods, especially the notorious exotics. It has a super motor that can enhance the power required to work on such woods.

The best thing about this planer is its ability to work on hardwood pieces without straining or slowing down. It is made in a way to offer multi-services to any woodworker. Wen 6552 planer can shave the exotics pieces in the best way you would wish and in a less period.

Final Verdict & Recommendation 

Wen 6552 benchtop planer reviews is a special kind of a planer in the benchtop planer family. It assures you the required accuracy in your daily routine in the woods. This tool will shave your wood pieces in the most efficient way possible, and trust me. You will love it. Don't worry about the price. Wen 6552 planer is designed to suit your financial ability. I strongly suggest you experience this tool's services, and believe me, and you will also recommend it to your friend. So why don't you try it out?

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