Woodworking Vise Reviews 2020 [ Reviewed By Experts]

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Woodworking Vise Reviews

What is a woodworking Vise?

By definition, a woodworking vise consists of two jaws for holding work and a mechanism, usually a screw device, that opens and closes those jaws. That’s a rather broad definition, but then vises are a rather diverse lot. How much do you know about woodworking vises? Well, at times, choosing just any tool won’t do the work effectively. Therefore, you will need to select the best woodworking vise suited for your projects. How can you choose the best one? What are the features to consider? Well in this article, we have a whole bunch of vises for you to choose from! Considering the hassle people go through when finding the right tool, we decided to help make your life easier.

The products below are some of the best woodworking vises you can purchase in the market. Since the market is very competitive with different types of brands and tools, getting the right vise might be confusing. However, with the product features and reviews I will present, you will have a good idea of what to consider before purchasing one. As they say, "information is power", so knowing your options will give you the most quality out of your money. With enough information, one can confidently select the perfect tool without any trouble.

A woodworking vise is a great tool, but you need to keep in mind that there are some considerations you need to consider for you get the most of its function. This article helps you choose the right tool for your woodwork projects. If you purchase the right tool today, you will never need to buy another one. But what makes the right tool? Well, this article will answer this question and give you insights on what to consider before you get yourself any woodworking vise. So let’s get started!

Woodworking Vise Reviews 2020 - [comparison table]

Product Name




IRWIN Woodworking Vise, 6-1/2-Inch (226361)

IRWIN Woodworking Vise 6-1 2-Inch 226361 - Bar Clamps

Shop Fox D4026 Cabinet Maker's Vise

Shop Fox D4026 Cabinet Maker s Vise Home Improvement

Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise, Gray Cast Iron, 7" Size

Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise Gray Cast Iron 7 Size

Yost M7WW Rapid Acting Wood Working Vise, 7", Blue

Yost M7WW Rapid Acting Wood Working Vise 7 Blue

TEKTON 6-1/2-Inch Woodworking Vise

TEKTON 6-1 2-Inch Woodworking Vise 53986 Home Improvement

Pony 27091 9-Inch by 7-Inch Medium Duty Woodworker's Vise

Pony 27091 9-Inch by 7-Inch Medium Duty Woodworker s Vise - Pin Vises

Woodworking Vise Reviews 2020

When it comes to buying a woodworking vise, note that you don't always have to spend a large amount of money to get quality results. There are a variety of these tools that come at different prices and different features. In selecting a woodworking vise, there are a few measurements that you have to get familiar with. First and most important of these measurements is the jaw width. This is the measurement that usually comes along with the product name. This considered as the most essential measurement since it defines the area of the vise in contact with your wood pieces. A bigger jaw width lets you hold longer pieces and secures your pieces better.

Vise Measurements

Secondly, the throat depth is defined as the measurement from the top of the jaw plate up to the lowest point of the jaw. This measurement gives you the width of the wood pieces that you can work on. This is a crucial measurement as well since it is also directly proportional to how secure the wood pieces are held. Lastly, the jaw opening dictates the thickness of the wood pieces you can work on. It can also be interpreted as the capacity of a vise to hold multiple pieces.

top 5 Woodworking Vise Reviews 2020

IRWIN Woodworking Vise 6-1 2-Inch 226361 - Bar Clamps


  • Affordable
  • Small compact design that is easy to install
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Versatile and features with a solid construction
  • Durable to last longer than an average vise


  • Tends to focus on entry-level projects majorly
  • Does not come with instructions to enhance installation

The tool is one of the most outstanding woodworking vise in the market, and with its unique features, it will help you accomplish all your woodwork projects at the highest quality in the shortest amount of time. It is versatile, thus can be ideal for general functionality when it comes to the various tasks involved in woodworking. It will secure your wood pieces whether you are cutting, drilling, planing, sanding, or just holding materials in place.

Furthermore, it is the perfect vise for hobbyists and woodworkers alike. It can hold the material firmly and can be installed with wood cheeks to prevent the tight grip from damaging the working piece. This feature allows you to work with soft woods that require a delicate but firm grip when held in place. In addition, it comes in a small beautiful square body for easy under-bench mounting. This helps you gain more space in the working area. The toe-in toward top jaws ensure that you get a sturdy grip when working with this tool.

Moreover, it is made of durable forged iron that makes the device solid and sturdy. With this kind of material, the vise can withstand harsh working conditions and thus lasts longer. Ultimately, the most fantastic feature of this tool is that it comes at an affordable price. You won’t compromise on quality in order to get a quality tool; therefore, it is definitely worth your investment.

Shop Fox D4026 Cabinet Maker s Vise Home Improvement


  • Allows you to build your own wooden jaws, handles, and mounting hardware
  • Heavy-duty to enhance durability
  • Offers maximum customizability
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Portable and easy to handle


  • Time-consuming building the jaws
  • Comes at a higher price compared to other vises

As the name itself suggests, this woodworking vise is one of the necessary tools to have when it comes to establishing your own perfect workshop. It consists of a durable material that is the combination of a heavy-duty steel and cast iron. It is an excellent tool for people who intend to build their cabinet maker’s bench from scratch. With not much technical experience needed; it can be a perfect tool for beginners.

Moreover, this tool is well-known to be handy when it comes to making your own vise. With this kind of device, it helps customize according to your needs since you are the one in charge of the project from the beginning to the end. It is a fun project building your jaws, and in return, the vise helps you match the wooden jaws to the shaped wooden bench, which can give you an excellent finish.

Additionally, the tool can extend up to about 9.5 inches long and about 10.5 inches wide, which is a perfect size for all the wood pieces a cabinet maker will use. It offers smooth performance and features large screws that are adjustable for efficiency.

Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise, Gray Cast Iron, 7" Size

Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise Gray Cast Iron 7 Size


  • Perfect size for more comfortable functionality
  • Has a quick trigger that allows quick repositioning
  • Multi-functional
  • Comes with safety features to prevent injuries
  • Features high quality and durable material


  • Does not feature mounting instructions

The Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise comes with amazing features that help to maximize its functionalities. It features a steel jaw made of precision cast iron with steel that makes up the body and the side jaw. It perfectly absorbs shock due to its quality build to maximize the strength and durability of the tool. Another feature is the simple release mechanism which disengages the vise screw for quick closing and opening of the machine without using the main screw.

The quick release mechanism allows for quicker adjustments to the wood piece you are working on. It makes it easy for you to interchange the workpieces as well, thus saving on precious time. Its design allows the sliding jaw be adjusted with the highest precision on a high tolerance mill, which allows for smooth operation. To increase safety, the fused tommy bar will bend before the vise can become over-stressed.

If you intend to work with two vises on a workbench, then this vise is the perfect tool for you. This vise comes with an adjustable front stop that can extend up to 1-1/4” for a more secure hold when used with a bench stop. It serves both as a normal vise and a tail vise. This helps save space since you are essentially mounting the two tools on to your working space easily for less space.

It features a 7” wide x 3” deep jaw which gives a large clamping area and a maximum opening of around 7.87” that lets you secure even the thickest wood pieces. The jaw is also predrilled to accommodate the mounting of wood jaw cheeks and another set of predrilled holes and 2 cast tabs for mounting screws. For a very lightweight vise at around 22 pounds, it can generate more than 1,000 lbs of clamping force. 

Yost M7WW Rapid Acting Wood Working Vise  7" Blue

Yost M7WW Rapid Acting Wood Working Vise 7 Blue


  • Affordable
  • The quick-release trigger allows easy adjustments
  • Has a buttress thread for increased clamping pressure
  • Has a bench dog for gripping oversized parts
  • The drill holes provide quick, sturdy mounting


  • Tends to feature less quality control

It has similar features as the other vises, but the main difference is that the Yost M7WW comes at a lower price compared to other models. It is a multi-function type of vise that can be used both as a regular vise and tail vise. The bench dog can easily be lifted that helps the tool to switch between the two modes seamlessly.

The quick release nut on this vise allows you to quickly open and close the vise. Simply pull up on the handle and hold and the vise nut will already be disengaged. Adjust the jaws to the desired opening and release the handle. Turn the main handle lightly to engage the screw and tighten the vise on the product and you're good to go.

Installation of this tool is very straight forward; you wouldn’t even need to use the instructions. You can easily install in from the comfort of your home. You don't need expertise or professional help to easily install the tool. The jaws are positioned sideways to ensure smooth and effective cuts on the material. In conclusion, this is a great model if you are working with less budget, but still want to retain quality.

TEKTON 6-1/2-Inch Woodworking Vise 53986

TEKTON 6-1 2-Inch Woodworking Vise 53986 Home Improvement


  • Offers a sturdy mounting of the assembly projects
  • Durable and reliable build
  • Acme-threaded glides provide smooth operation without binding
  • Easy to install and operate


  • Does not include pre-drilled jaws for custom inclusion

It is one of the best woodworking vises that feature a cast iron construction of about 30,000 PSI tensile strength to ensure durability. Its design features a jaw opening of about 4.5 inches that perfectly accommodates assembly projects and securely holds the pieces.

Mounts on the face of your bench for a secure grip on the furniture or any woodworking project you are working on. Additionally, it features an option that allows you to attach your custom jaws made from any type of wood material. Using a custom jaw made from wood helps prevent damages that might arise when working with a delicate wood piece. When it comes to its adjustments, it takes ample time to work on them.

The chrome-plated sliding T-bar and the jaw moves seamlessly along the Acme-threaded main screw without binding or chattering, even as clamping pressure increases, this feature helps to maximize the pressure without worrying about damages. Moreover, it is also guided by a steel rail that works to maximize the grip and prevent damage to the surfaces. Lastly, it also ensures that contact is evenly distributed between the jaw and workpiece.

How to Find the Best Bench Vise for Me

Jaw Width & Throat Depth

These measurements are essential factors that you should consider before you buy any woodworking vise. The jaw width is simply the length of the jaw while the throat depth features the space from the jaw up to the top of the slide below it. It comes in different lengths, and you need to choose one that suits you. Ultimately, having larger dimensions will allow you to secure larger pieces.


Several woodworking vises come at different weights. Additionally, different users prefer various weights, and it all depends on what suits you well. However, a more massive clamp comes with better support, but it can also affect your workbench. Nevertheless, you first need to have an idea of your setup and workbench and select the perfect vise.


With the models above, you don’t have to worry about quality. However, some models in the market compromise on quality, and you have to be keen on what you purchase so that you end up being a victim. Quality is an essential factor to consider before you bring a woodworking vise home from the shop. Additionally, when going for the quality choice, there are critical things to keep in mind before you make your decision.

How long is it going to last? Can it handle work without wear and tear? Is the tool made of good material? These are some of the questions you should keep in mind when shopping for quality. Moreover, an excellent quality tool works efficiently and effectively. It saves you a lot of money in the long run that you will probably spend on multiple purchases if you invest in a poor-quality tool. In general, you should get machines that feature high quality materials along with a high-quality build.

What will it cost me to buy the Best Bench Vises?

It comes in different prices as there are various manufacturers. Each brand has a different price tag depending on the quality and features of the tool. Additionally, you will find out that there are different best bench vises at different price ranges. There are cheap, medium, and expensive vises and your needs will dictate the price range you will be in. Therefore, before you settle on any price tag, ensure that you have done significant research.

Due diligence will help you make a significant investment in the tool you intend to purchase. Even though most of the cheap bench vises are easily affordable, you should consider what is in the package. It is good to buy a device that will serve you well for the long term and not just a few uses. Therefore, the cost is an essential factor that will significantly determine what type of woodworking vise you will end up buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best woodworking vise?

A: There are a variety of woodworking vises in the market and choosing the best might be a confusing task. The best depends on your preference and what suits you well. Additionally, it is good to consider that the tool that you are choosing is suited to the type of work you have to maximize its effectiveness. Furthermore, you should do excellent research so that you can weight your options and pick which is best for you. Consider comparing the features of the product, quality, and effectiveness to help you make a great decision.

Q:Who makes the best bench vise?

A: All the brands in the market have their advantages and features that make their tools great. If you intend to find out who makes the bench vise, then you need to top up your game when it comes to research. Ensure that you have detailed information about most of the popular brands with excellent woodworking vise so that you can easily compare and come up with a complete answer. However, with the competitive market full of excellent brands, you should also be careful of the shady ones. Don’t be a victim of fake tools!

Q: How does a wood vise work?

A: It is a type of tool that has two jaws that moves along a plane to hold wood pieces. It firmly clamps the work pieces so that they do not move when working. The jaws are smooth and flat to ensure a tight grip without damaging the material. Its jaws are more extensive as compared to other vises to accommodate larger wood pieces and to exert more clamping force. When the area is larger, it gives the tool a larger working space; thus, it helps prevent denting the material when working with it. Additionally, it is an excellent tool in the woodworking industry.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

All the tools are great in all aspects, and you just have to decide on what suits your needs. Even though all the tools are great, there is always one that outweighs the other options. I recommend the Shop Fox D4026 Cabinet vise, which allows you to make your own jaws quickly. Additionally, it is easy to handle and comes with amazing unique features that enhance functionality.

Moreover, the tips above will help you choose the right tool that will serve you well. I hope you find this review helpful. Stay informed and use the right tools.

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